About the artists hired by Choices of games

I’m really sorry to bother anyone here but does anyone know the artists who make the COG, Hosted games, and Heart games covers and maybe link their social media in the comments below. I love the utterly stunning covers this company has put out for the game and I want to see what their social media are so I can look at their pretty pictures more and maybe considering commissioning them once I have enough money :smile: :blush:! Sorry for the sudden new post. :sweat_smile:

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Hi –

If you go to the menu button in each game, there is an option called: “Credits” … click on this option and in the credits you will find the artist.

Here is an example from “Choice of Rebels: Uprising” by Havenstone:

Good luck in your endeavor


Ah… Thank you ^^ so would this thread be closed ?

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