A Witch's Path (WIP)



Can we bully and beat others?

The author is working tirelessly to post it out (presumably by Halloween)


I would ask you why you would want to but but because of past interactions with you i have somewhat of a understanding about how you play as your mcs though i could be wrong and you might just be curious if so i apologize for making assumptions.

Ps. I dont know what the point of my comment is but i wanted to voice my thoughts


I feel like it will add some extra drama to the story but I have to first see if it works with the other 3 parts because so far it works for part 1 so if it does I might add it.

Not before you become a witch but after you awaken your power you will get some the chance to bulie some humans with the Night Coven.


If they bully me I should also have a chance to bully them! That’s what Karma is right! :triumph:

dang seems like I’ve made quite a bad impression on your psyche I was just curious :rofl:

Okay…btw I have a question would there be a change in attire after being a witch like
Or will we be wearing casual clothes like jeans and shirt etc…and how familiar are humans with us witches?


it’s obvious that I am not reading the others’ comment in the forum and this is against the rules and guidelines of the forum
Am I missing out the demo link??? Because everyone’s talking about the NPC’s name change then twins then the aunt and so on. I feel I am missing out almost everything.

And to the admins, I am very sorry for breaking the rules ^^".


the demo is not out yet maybe it will be at the end of October but thats just a guess


Lol umm no you look like a regular human still? The only difference is when you use magic/powers your irises glow the color of your aura.
The only way your appearance will drastically change like that is if your a Secret Coven Witch then your butt ugly but hide it with magic.

No demo people are just helping me out with the story and such when I ask for it. I also have talked about certain things in the story when asked.


ooohh I live this, can’t wait


Just added a jealousy scene with Claudia and female MC where a group of jocks pass her to get to the MC to talk to her/flirt. lol Claudia will get even more pissed if you decide to listen to their compliments and stuff lol.


And thus begins the history lesson for future witches on the jealousy wars that spanned 50 years which is believed to have started by a few jocks picking one witch unknowingly over the other…


Lol and we mourn the losses of those jocks who mysteriously went missing after that careless choice.


Wouldn’t the MC question the fact that their dad aparrently doesn’t need sustenance to survive before they learn that their a witch


Your aunt will have him be connected to a bunch of fake hospital machines and will tell you a nurse comes to check on him every day while your at school.


Will every ro get a jealousy scene ?


Not like what I described. Only Claudia, Jasper, and Nate will be jealous of the MC in situations like that.
The others and those 3 will only get jealous if you spend time with their rivals.


Does Claudia get jealous of a male MC too?


What will Jasper jealousy be like?


Hm, sounds good to me. xD


that would be cool, are you gonna do the same but with a male MC?


jocks pass Claudia to flirt with MC

MC passes jocks to flirt with Claudia