A Witch's Path (WIP)



nah i do not think so that it was that hardcore especially when you compare it to some horror movies but i can see how some people would not like it as long as you don’t shove it down people’s throats i don’t see a problem with it


Now I’m worried about my other ritual spells like for example one spell requires you to cut your rist vertically and have your blood run into the fire.
Hmmmmm so are these appropriate?


It’s just going to be one option for a locator spell. The other options are more child friendly magic compared to that spell just less powerful.


well there is always cutting the palm with a knife pouring it into a bowl with other chemicals and imbuing it with magic and pouring it into a Special compass or onto a map or scroll to make a Magical Gps


If it has a Warning about Graphic nature you should be fine just ask a mod about it in a tg
if it would fly on the censorship and advice.


Um, you know actually cutting your wrist vertically will kill you right? Since you are in essence slicing directly down your vein. As opposed to horizontally, where you just slice it open and have a higher chance of survival if help arrives, etc. But if vertically, your time is shortened immensely. So, they would have to use magic to cast the spell, then even more magic to heal themselves so they won’t bleed out.

As the saying goes, its down the road, not across the street. However in most movies they cut across, not sure why. Maybe they don’t want to give those contemplating suicide the actual way?


Yah I know that’s why it’s that way. The more powerful spells have high risk factors and this spell can cost your life even if it’s successful.
But don’t worry if the spell is going as planned then the cut will manifest a blood flower from the cut and once it blooms the wound will be gone. The only downside is probably dizzyness from the blood loss.


That’s typical magic requirements tho with certain spells. Wanted a hardcore tuff spell option with high risk but high rewards.


Gotcha. Also the blood flower sounds cool.


Well once it blooms the aroma is the scent of blood, rotting flesh, and burning hair.
Great for attracting demons tho.


Whoa, if I was casting the spell, I’d be like oooh cool, shortly followed by me heaving my guts out. If it was just the scent of blood, I’d be ok. But the burning hair and rotting flesh, that would be murder on my nose with its keen sense of smell lol.


Lol yah but it is a powerful demon lure spell and that’s what demons are attracted too because that’s what a evil person soul smells like to them.


Attracts demons eh?
Hehe, I can finish them all in one fell swoop!
How many demons are there anyway?


Im bad with numbers but I can tell you is enough that you and all the witch RO will fight 10-18 at a time


Have you decided to add the father yet?


No not yet still doing a back and forth in my mind.
But if I do add it I think I’ll add a special scene where Katie can hear your fathers thoughts and tells you what he’s thinking.
So maybe lol.


If you think it will improve the story i think you should add it. You can do some cool stuff with this idea


All for the father idea :smiley:


Maybe he could be hidden somewhere in the game and to find him you could need to have a certain amount of a magic or/and explore the place? Just a suggestion


So…where’s the demo? Is it hiding away somewhere.


It will be out by the end of october maybe