A Witch's Path (WIP)



What if there are pictures of him and your mother with you as a baby in a photo album or around the house would that effect what your mc thinks or will they just assume that their photoshoped or that the baby isnt even you?


All shall be clear eventually. Well? I guess only slightly in this book and the rest in future parts.

You got all that right. Got to keep up appearances while you were a kid.

He will be your father. No trick he’s 100% your father just asleep.
Your aunt might find love though when you guys go back to her hometown, a old boy friend maybe :hugs:

There are pictures around the house of them. Your aunt put them up so you can see what they were like. But I mean? It wouldn’t be that hard to fake them I guess? Your aunt is your mothers twin sister? And if your father is alive your aunt can just open his eyes with magic and make him smile as she poses him for pictures?
But noooo the pictures are real lol.


I didnt know that they were twins. And since they are cant the mc be suspicious that the woman in the picture is their aunt and not their mother?


Yup identical twins. But your mom had long hair while your aunt had short hair so she tells you that the pictures with the long hair are your mom while the short hair is her.


How do we know that she is actually our aunt or not?

oh wait


Another way you know is because your moms aura was silver while your aunts is turquoise. And you can’t change your aura so there’s your twin test lol.


Wait so does that mean the mc has to believe the aunt? Because (no offence) that seems like a weak reason since the aunt could just grow out her hair which is what the mc might think if they dont believe the aunt

But in the beginning we dont know about magic so that doesnt seem like something the mc would know for awhile before we manifest our abilities.


Well I mean? I don’t think your Aunt would lie about being your aunt? Your mom wouldn’t take her sisters identity either.
There the theory of your aunt being your mom is dead now. So you all can sleep comfortably knowing that it’s your aunt.


It just doesnt seem like something the more untrusting mcs would believe.


So guys was rewatching American Horror Story Coven… god love that show(season) I wish I can use Supreme and the Seven Wonders in my story! But nooooo lol jk.
Moving on! One of the scenes gave me a idea for a ritual spell. But wanted to know if it’s… appropriate?
This is some hardcore delicate magic guys! Do the spell even slightly wrong and you risk blinding yourself! Here’s the scene it’s not a spell but still? And remember spoilers for the show.

So let me know if it’s ok to add this? Wanted to give a hardcore option for some of the hardcore witch readers.


That may all be true but…

Considering we live in the age of photoshop my mc will have increasing troubles believing he’s even related to the guy considering his own ever deteriorating health and appearance that he could be related to the “models” in the picture at all.

Yep, in the beginning our hideous looks would speak louder than anything else to fuel our doubts, at least in my mc’s case.


Are they going to be demon-controlled witches, witches from the secret coven or just plain demons.
If the latter what will they actually look like?

Also good to hear that the release date won`t be prolonged.


@OracleD3 If dad still alive , in a coma and spent a lot of time alone in his house, why the Secret Coven didn’t kill him to take his power?


Maybe his magical arua kept him either hidden or protected, or the aunt kept him safe.


But the Aunt moved with the MC to another city, she couldn’t protect him all the time.


Is there a demo out for this WIP, I’m kind of confused.


There isn’t any demo yet, it might be released at the end of October IIRC.


Just demons that want to devour your soul to gain its power!!! And demons all look like monsters like giant balls of meat covered with faces, giant mantises. Those kind of monsters.

Some powers demons can’t gain so neither can there witch servants. The power of resurgence is classified as a holy power so demons can’t gain it. So they probably assumed he was dead but didn’t count that he was Witch enough to use his power to bring himself back.


So do anyone have opinions on this? You think this is too hardcore of a spell or think it’s ok to add this?


not sure how apple or android would take it but, i’m neither for or against it.