A Witch's Path (WIP)



Won’t really affect my mc cause…

My mc would simply choose to avoid that room, or likely increasingly avoided it more and more as he got more and more hideous and bullied himself and would have stopped at least some years ago by the present-day.
Since he’s apparently got to live with the Night-Coven later on the possibility that he’d even think of visiting again would be slim to none too.

Yeah, this could be more of a case of “nice to have” but I don’t really see it deeply affecting the story unless the plan is for dear old dad to wake up again in one of the later chapters or installments of the series.

Still since our aunt didn’t tell us about the witch-thing ever my mc would also increasingly begin to doubt the pretty-boy she keeps “on ice” really is his dad, instead of just her comatose lover.
Like I said my mc would probably have stopped visiting the guy by the time he was 11-12 at the latest.
If my mc ever felt better around the guy at all he’s likely attributing it to more scientific measures as he starts to get older.
For example if his aunt literally keeps the guy on ice or at least in a fairly cold and carefully temperature controlled environment it should be a fairly logical conclusion to make that it is cold instead of magic that helps him, particularly since in the real world forms of cryo-therapy are being researched to help deal with alleviating the pain and symptoms of migraines, cluster-headaches and certain forms of cancer, including the bone-affecting leukemia.

At least for the uninitiated yet fairly intelligent, like my mc hopefully used to be, “magic” is not an obvious conclusion to draw, nor is the comforting effect of “divine intervention” for someone like my mc who probably doesn’t believe in a god or religion either.


I only have seen the first episode, may I ask what happened.


It got crazy. Really crazy.


Aw I don’t have VR but I want to see it.

Aw you wouldn’t even visit him on the weekends or something? Just leave him in that room to sleep with his own thoughts wondering if your ok.

Lol if your aunt tried anything I’m pretty sure your mom would come to her in her sleep and beat her up. No he’s not on ice the room is the same temperature as the rest of the house because he’s not dead. He’s just asleep and can’t wake up. Good news is that he doesn’t need food or water cuz his power of resurgence heals those problems away.


I can (somewhat) understand your mcs reasons for this but damn man thats cold.
My mc would visit as much as possible then again he does lean more towards the white coven.

Edit: i just realized i (kinda) made a pun accidentally I’m sorry


You don’t need it. You just look it up on your browser, search Bee and Puppycat, and ta-da.
P.S. - It’s VRV.


Oooooooooooohhhh I thought you meant those goggles you play games with.


If I do add your Father sleeping in the story I’m going to add that this was your daily life as a kid. after coming home from school from a long day of bullying and beatings you take the plate of snacks your aunt made and go visit your dad.

Also will give you the option of what you call him: Dad, Father, Papa, Daddy.
You know if I add it.


You are very good at making people feel sad, aren’t you? :frowning:


lol I guess I’m just good at influencing emotions. I can cheer people up easily too and also feed the flames of their anger lol.


Please add it i personally found this idea really interesting and this will make mc life so much sadder (in a good way)


lol I am thinking it would be pretty cool in the story. And I’ll even add parts where you can spend time with him… which would just be you talking to him about recent events but I bet he’ll appreciate it still.


Nope, like I said not for years at least by the beginning of that story. My mc would have likely stopped by the time he was anywhere between 9-12 at the latest.

Hmm…well then it is obvious. auntie must have bought or somehow made a creepy (sex) doll that is somewhere in the uncanny valley of robotics, or at least that will be what my mc will likely choose to believe himself at the beginning of the story since they’ve purposefully been keeping him ignorant of “magic”.

Those were just examples, a mind made up can rationalize just about anything away. Creepy doll she must have gotten of some eccentric and likely Japanese “inventor” would be the next most plausible thing, discounting magic of course, with the new info you’ve just given.

Please don’t make that a pre-determined thing. Like I said before my mc would probably only have visited reluctantly even when he was younger and only to please his aunt or because she demanded it and again would likely have gotten more and more resistant to it the worse his own condition became over the years to the point where he’d likely have stopped years ago by the beginning of the story proper.
Point is give us a choice about our relationship with what our aunt claims is our “father”. After all this is a choice game and if the relationship doesn’t affect the story much there shouldn’t be much harm in having it optionally be a non-existent or even negative one either.

Aren’t we going to be living with whatever Coven we choose? Still I suppose we could visit our aunt during the holidays, unless witch-school really is 365 days a year.


As long as it doesn’t hurt the story of course


Nice idea, but would it delay the release date? I don’t know zip about coding so I generally don’t know.


Add it for the ANGST!! :laughing:


That’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw his question. I’m like, if added, how much longer will this be delayed? If it will take a long time, he could always release the demo as is now. Then update the link after this new twist is added and if any corrections are needed.


Hello Parental unit #2


Actually if I do add the Father is asleep to the story I’m going to change that your Mom was the one that didn’t want you to discover you where a witch and since your father was asleep he couldn’t tell your aunt not to do what your mother wished.

Oh don’t worry I’ll have different choices on what your relationship with your dad is. I know some people will want to have a close relationship with their coma father, while others might not have feelings for the guy that’s been asleep your whole life.

Lol you forgot that the choosing ceremony isn’t until the near end of the story. So you will be in the house where your father is for a while.

I don’t think it will hurt the story. It might even help the story.

Hmmm I think only slightly? Because I will have to add scenes of spending time with your dad, edit parts of the story saying your dad is dead, and edit the scene where your attacked by demons for the first time and have the option for the MC to run to their fathers room to save him or leave him to save yourself.
Only if I decide to add this of course.


Still baffled by that decision, since it doesn’t seem to keep the mc out of danger at all and has been and probably is harming their health both physical and mental.

Of course who did what to and for whom and when still doesn’t matter much in the opening acts of the story since my mc still won’t believe in either the divine or “magic” and consequently given his own frankly hideous appearance really doubts if the comatose guy his aunt insists on keeping around really is his “father”.

Also to keep up the non-magical charade our aunt probably needs to have the guy hooked up to a (fake) IV and heart-lung machine in any case.

Or by now doubt he even really is their “father”.

Well even if my mc no longer believes the guy to be his father he might not abandon someone or something his aunt obviously cares a great deal for. He just wouldn’t be doing it for the guy he’d be doing it for his aunt and possibly his own conscience.