A Witch's Path (WIP)



Soooo was doing some writing today and decided to listen to some music to help make the words flow better. Sound this really nice song by Rebecca Sugar which gave me a little idea. Then I found this video with the song and was like "Woah? I just thought about maybe doing this?"
So I was thinking if I should have it where only your mother died in the fire that was supposed to kill both of them and your Father died too with you in his arms protecting you with his magic. He died but with his power of Resurgence he brought himself back but now he’s in a deep sleep that he can’t wake up from. So all through your life he’s been in the next room just asleep.
What do you guys think??? If I add this it won’t affect the story drastically. So if you guys like it I can add it with out any problems.
Oh and here’s the video that stole my idea! Lol jk but it did help me flesh out the idea:


I don’t know what you just show me but now I’m feeling sad.


Don’t know, kind of torn about that being changed. Is the MC aware he’s down the hall in a coma, or is it like Star Wars with a Sith Lord down the hall and everyone was just too dense to notice lol. If the former, it kinda takes the edge off of their past and kind of a cop out IMO. If the latter, the MC is supposed to be all powerful and couldn’t feel their father next door? Kind of makes them seem weak and ignorant.

I’m for keeping it the way it is. Sort of like; If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Personally i like the idea and I’m kinda interested in maybe awakening the father in a later book if possible


i think that it would be interesting knowing that the mc’s dad is still alive would create some interesting story opportunities plus it would be nice to know that the mc has not lost both of there parents


It 'add me sad too lol.

No the MC would know that he’s down the hall. Will also give the option to decide if your MC spends time with him through the years, daily, or if you just avoid the room.

I was thinking that too. Or have it be a dramatic moment where he wakes up on his own in a later book.

Yah I was thinking that too and also just liked the idea in general. Like the MC through the years would tell their father everything they can’t tell their aunt, and the father hears it all and wants to give comfort to you but can’t.


I would suggest you ask yourself: will this help the story, or is it just cool? If it will help the story, then add it in. If it will actively hinder the story, don’t. If it’s just cool, but won’t either help or hinder the story, well, then it’s up to you.


BEE AND PUPPYCAT! Also, If you haven’t seen the rest of the episode, the video isn’t as good.


wow thats sad as hell man but kind of sweet too i like it


Wait so you want him to be aware of his surroundings but he’s unable to do anything am i getting that right? Because if i am then thats even more sad because not only does the mc see his father everyday in a comatose state but the dad hears about all the mcs problems but cant do jackshit to help


Locked-in syndrome, I think is what it’s called.


Okay, I feel even more sad than ever.


Tried to find that episode but it’s not on it?

I was also going to have it where during the years when there magic build up was causing the MC pain your father would use all his strength to use his magic to heal you. So through out the years when you were with your father was the only time you didn’t have mind pulsing migraines or bone pain.


This is making me sadder but I’m also really hoping you add this idea in (as long as it doesnt hurt the story)


No I don’t think it will hurt the story in fact I was thinking when the father wakes up that’s when you have your cursed Locket taken off.


So not only does it not hurt the story but it also progresses it sounds like a win-win to me


Yah I’m strongly considering add this as part of the story. But I’ll wait to see more options too.


Yeah its always good to keep your options open.


MC’s sob story, check.


It’s on VRV. The first half is on Youtube and the second half (this episode included, being that it’s the season finale) is on VRV and is completely free to watch. I recommend watching the entire series. It’s only five episodes and shouldn’t take too long.