A Witch's Path (WIP)



Thanks a lot! That helps! Claudia’s skill is scary though lol.
Btw, I think post 1547 is missing the female ro?


Sorry, Sasha in post 1640
Here are some posts with info about important characters and coven:
There is also a post about our parent but i don’t remember sorry. Our mom is a night coven witch named Diana, she can destroy anything she toched and hate everyone except her sister/our aunt and a white coven boy who keep bothering her
Our dad is a white coven witch named John, he can resurrect the dead and very kind


Awesome! So I assume the parents died? How did that happened? If it’s not too spoilers to ask.


Yes the parent died but the detail should be in the story when it come out. If you have any questions feel free to ask
I think the author said our mom body was never found


Aw Rest In Peace :sob::sob::sob: #neverforgotten


Just wanted to know what will Nate`s outfit be?


comic book rule#10: if there is not a body then the MF is alive.


And possibly a villain.


What about the father’s body?


The author didn’t say anything about the father body


When did he say the mom’s body was never found? And when did he say the parents are dead?


He said that in post 201


Found it, thank you for the help.


No problem😊 (20 characters)


lol nope nothing to worry about. Your MC is basically that guy/girl people experiment with in college lol but you know… in this high school and if played right will start a relationship.

Not in the witches community. Wanted to get rid of the pain of being in the closet scenarios I hear about so I made it where witches are 100% ok with same sex relationships no matter who they are. So Jasper wouldn’t have that problem other than being joked at by Nate lol.

Well most of the time your MC didn’t tell her about the. bullying and as to why she didn’t help when she did know, well that’s spoiler territory so you’ll have to read and see. No you won’t be able to live with your aunt or participate in Night Coven activities if you are a White Witch and vice verse.

lol sorry witches don’t need wands or staffs to cast spells or use magic.

Lol it is too late but maybe I’ll add that in the second book.

Oh wow I actually like that a lot! That would be great for the 3 body types and eventually the father type once I figured that out.

Yes they Died in a fire you were the only survivor. Bum bum buuuuuummmm!

Found cradling you in his arms… burnt to a crisp.


But we can still meet and talk to her right? I don’t want to seperate with my last family member😢


Since there are plenty of people who doesn’t want to scroll through over 3000 posts i will post some posts that i think is helpful if i miss some thing please don’t hestitate to ask
540(about the parents)
1605, 1607, 1610, 1616, 1622, 1627(grimoires)
Sorry this is too long but i hope this help a bit


I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused. I get that these are choices on how the MC looks but I don’t get what it has to do with Nate’s RO. Is it because he has shapeshifting powers or something?


How he will act perverted toward you.


Oh, okay. That makes sense. Thank you