A Witch's Path (WIP)



Claudia doesn’t have a foot fetish??? What made you think she would? And can’t Amelia be friends with Claudia? Claudia is always real with Amelia and so is Jane.


Yeah, anyone who wants a foot massage from their partner despite having servants and magic is a little suspect…

She can, but I don’t like Claudia, so it’s something I have to fix…


What kind of fetish has she?


If being evil means I can discover people’s fetishes then I want to be evil right now lol

That would actually be interesting. Maybe a Night Coven game?


MC: "Hey Amelia, what’s your fetish?"
Amelia: slaps herself and transfers pain to MC
MC: “Perfect” :smirk:


lol some people just want to know that their friend/person they are dating cares enough to message their feet. That’s why I ask my co author if he can message my feet sometimes… he doesn’t but I would like it if he did.

Ummmmmm I guess her fetish is she likes to be in charge? Does that count?

I don’t think you have to be evil to learn that? You just have to ask nicely.

“Slap herself” lol you don’t know Amelia at all. She doesn’t resort to small pain. In fact when you first ask what her power is she grabs a knife stabs herself in the side and twist the blade which transfers to you. And this is her reply:
claps gleefully in chair “Oh my gosh your yelp was so cute, and oooooooooo your blood is so pretty.”


I guess that’d be another flaw, though not one for you. Looks like I need to wait until that stupid locket is off. Though at least we’d have an activity to do together.:blush:

Would that make you a sadist, masochist or a sadomasochist in that situation? :thinking:

So that explains her fetish, she shares an author’s!

The closest to perfection, that’s exactly how I’d react, wait no, there’d need to be an “h” at the end of “oooooooooo”


It took me 6 years to my boyfriend tell me his fetishes and he didn’t even told me all of them. He swears he’ll die before I know them lol


It does, I just hope it doesn’t include strap… Forget about it.

I guess this music represent her well:

My guess at his fetishes

Bdsm, feet, armpit, incest, navel, outer course, cbt, urethra insertion, and pegging? Just judging by the embarrassment. :blush:

Oh with her power she can make you like it. Besides it could be worse… it could be the other end.


As long I’m not into the receiving end it’s OK.


I still don’t see the problem…

Hmm…:thinking: I’d say I’m a sadomasochist but I enjoy pain more than I enjoy making people feel pain.


You guessed at least 4 right lol maybe all of them since I don’t know all of them…

Omg what did this innocent wip topic has become


Masochist leaning sadomasochist…


With this line of talk another worry for Amelia, she could transfer everything to me… I can’t help but think about how everyone’s powers acting up during sex…

Abel- Crushes you.
Oliver-Repulses you.
Thomas-Brain dead
Aziza- Drained of bodily fluids.
Katie-Hears all the dirty thoughts.
Vella- You go right through.

Dante-… messes up your insides and outsides (unless your an exhibitionist, then just your insides)

Nate- Anything and everything.
Jasper- Rogue, you die or are powerless.
Claudia- Will make you ok with anything
Jane- Uncomfortably cold, like a corpse.
Amelia- You feel everything you do to her.

So we sticking with Jasper instead of Zack? @Ylva we saved him!


Lol that does match her perfectly. And no she would probably beat you for thinking that?

No? Just no to all of that? Claudia would most likely plan revenge on you for thinking this lol.

And here is basically how Claudia kinda is, if you watched this movie then you got an idea:


And also guys can we not talk guess characters fetishes and stuff like that? This is a pg-13 story and frankly it’s making me a bit uncomfortable. Please respect my wishes.
Wow sorry I had to act all serious there for a minute lol.


You call it serious? It was the cutest “serious” I’ve ever seen :blush:
I’ll be quiet. lol


I was joking about @Nael’s boyfriend not Claudia…

It’s why I put it in the hide details.
K, don’t have much choice anyway,

Now about Oliver Soloman, is there a person who could disable his forcefield?


Your mom would be the only person who could get through his barriers. Her power can literally destroy anything.


But isn’t that the persona Claudia projects instead of the two Claudia, like the one she is with her friends?