A Witch's Curse (W.I.P) (Updated 3/2/2019)


I imagine my MC can pass in age anywhere from 16 to 20, regardless of actual age and I would imagine with 200 years worth of experience she is practiced enough to pull it off using clothing and make-up and by changing her speech patterns…

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That experience is hidden away from our mc’s active personality/consciousness though so we can’t really rely on it. Which is why I suppose should it ever come up in the story and should we have done it in the past my mc would be surprised he even knows how to drive a car despite having no license and never having taken any lessons in the life he remembers.
Point is the mc can probably do a lot of things by “muscle memory” after all this time but their ability to really draw on the vast wealth of past experiences they ought to have is starkly limited.
That said, yeah the mc could probably pass as being between 16 and 20, though for a 16 year old I suppose mine would be a bit broad-shouldered.

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So the updates coming along nicely. I’m hoping to get it out by the 29th. Key word: hoping. If I can’t though I should have it out by the end of the weekend.

Also, I finally joined Discord and I was wondering: Should I make a server for AWC?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not right now, but maybe in the future

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Just a note, if I do make a discord server it’s going to be after the latest update is put out.

EDIT: Bumping this because the poll has basically been 50/50 this whole time. Which doesn 't help my indecisive self.

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Update Today!
Link: https://dashingdon.com/play/rosemaryandsage/a-witchs-curse/mygame/

Some changes in the game:

  • Chapter 2 is out in its entirety

  • Part of Chapter 3 has been posted as well

  • Added a couple of extra mirror options in the prologue

  • Went back into previous chapters and either elaborated or fixed the arrangement of different scenes




Huzza, a new update!!!



hey! found a typo in chapter 1




@Formuga Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed now!

Also, for anyone that doesn’t follow the Witch’s Curse tumblr, I thought I’d share these short scenarios with you:

The Cat


Evenings were always the best time to tell secrets. Laying on a soft mattress, blanketed by the anonymity of night, she could speak her mind with the comfort that no one but the walls and her cat would hear her.

Midnight was her favorite confidant. Mostly because he couldn’t talk, couldn’t judge, and was probably already asleep anyway. ‘I should be as well’ she thinks as she glances up at the clock,. It’s a quarter past 2 and she’s been tossing and turning all night. The sheets of the bed are bunched up and on the floor after she deemed them too constricting earlier in the night and tossed them off. She has been praying for sleep ever since, but to no avail.

Anya lets out an exasperated sigh and shifts her weight so that she’s laying on her side. Her eyes wander and settle on a sleeping form on the ground. She’s not sure when, but Midnight at some point cocooned himself in her discarded sheets. A black spot against the faded yellow comforter. She pulls a little closer and watches his chest rise and fall in steady rhythm. He looks so peaceful, far more than he ever does while awake, and she almost feels bad that she’s about to wake him. Almost.

Careful not to scare him too much, she places the palm of her hand lightly on his back. The sudden pressure cases Midnight to squirm under her touch and she pulls away. “Midnight?” she asks, and is greeted by a raspy meow. She closes her eyes, the comfort of darkness giving her courage to speak her mind. “Midnight, can I tell you something?” another meow, and a flurry of movement from below, spurs her on. “I met someone the other day.” she says and the movement below her stops. She opens her eyes, concerned that Midnight has left, but he’s still burrowed in the folds of the comforter, staring up at her intensely.

“He’s nice, I swear!”

She doesn’t know why she explaining herself to a cat, but she feels like he’s judging her and for some reason she really wants his approval. “He’s funny… and sweet… and kind of jumpy, but like, in an endearing way.” Anya shifts again, and sighs happily “And he’s cute too.”

She’s laying on her back now, staring up at the ceiling. Her eyes are getting harder and harder to keep open, but she’s doing her best to stay awake. “It’s funny- when we talked it was so natural. Like I’ve known him forever or something…” she trails, her voice having taken on a dreamy quality as she recalls the memory of the moment they met. “Landon.” she says, feeling how the name rolls off her tongue. Easily. Like it’s meant to be. She closes her eyes. “I like his name… What do you think Midnight, could he be the one?” she asks before finally drifting off into dreamland.

She hadn’t picked up on Midnight’s discomfort. Didn’t see the way he looked up in surprise at the sound of his own name- his real name- or notice how the room suddenly felt ten degrees warmer. She’s already fast asleep when he leaves the room and quickly makes a break for the front door.

He can’t be here right now. Can’t feel these feelings again. She doesn’t know that this is the beginning of a cycle that has always ended in tragedy, and he’s no longer naive enough to hope that it won’t.

The Witch


The Witch had a name once. She doesn’t remember what it was anymore, she hasn’t gone by it in a long time, but she knows she had one. Once. She had a family too. They were large and noisy and she saw her siblings more than she saw her parents, but they had loved her. She thinks. She had a childhood and she had friends. They would run through the banks of the river with bare feet playing games of war and make believe. It had been short, and too soon she remembers being being forced into the household of a stranger to earn her keep, but it had happened. She had even loved someone. Once. Their face has long since been lost to time, and the details about them have grown hazy, but she remembers more about them than she does anything else. Their voice so warm and inviting. Their lips against hers and their laughter in her ear. She remembers the long summer nights spent on top of them and the scandal it caused when the scratch marks she left were discovered.

She remembers an old book and the taste of blood. She remembers concerned glances and sleepless nights. She remembers the thrill of magic on her finger tips.

She remembers losing them, but she doesn’t remember how.

She can’t remember her own name, but she remembers theirs, and sometimes she wakes in the middle of the night with their name on her tounge and the unshakable feeling that she’s being watched. It’s those nights that she has troubled dreams and wakes with the unshakable feeling that they know. They’re returned from the grave and they know. They know what she is. What she’s done. Would they be proud of her? Disappointed? Disgusted? Does it even matter? Does she even care? She knows the answer, but she won’t admit it to herself.

Once, she had a soul, but that was so long ago, and she’s long since forgotten what that was like.

The Party


The evening of Lorelie’s 6th birthday was a strange affair. A large party was thrown. Which Lorelie liked. She got to wear her favorite blue dress and mother braided her hair to make her look like a grown up. She watched in awe as tens of hundreds of people she had never seen before filtered in and out of the dining room. It was more people than she’d ever seen before and they all looked so pretty. Although, she noticed that there weren’t any other children around, she didn’t mind very much. The cook had made sweet rolls and she got to eat as many as she wanted because she was the birthday girl.

Right now she sits in a chair and watches the people move around. Everyone is dressed in pretty colors and smiles at her when she catches their eye. Some of them pet her hair or shake her hand. Others give her gifts. Most of them don’t talk to her though, instead choosing to crowd around her father. He hasn’t talked to her yet tonight, but if she stays here maybe he’ll see her and make those other people go away.

Lorelie can’t help but to think he looks like royalty as he stands proudly, straight backed, dressed in shades of green and black. Green because he likes it. Black because he’s in ‘mourning’. Mother says it means he’s sad. But he doesn’t look sad right now. He’s smiling, and Lorelie can’t help but smile as well. Mother said once that she’s inherited her father’s smile.

She watches him talk to the other grown ups for what feels like forever before a maid ushers her off to bed. Lorelie cries the whole way. Father never even wished her a happy birthday.

Later that night she gets a stomach ache. The back of her throat tastes sweet but its stings when it comes back up. She decides she doesn’t like father’s parties very much.



Am I the only one for which the load option doesn’t work? I have to play from the beginning every single time, not that I mind it since it’s only 2 chapters, but I think it would be useful to know if it’s only me or not.



@Meira_Litch First off, I am so sorry, that has happened. Second, I’m not sure about the load option. That’s a problem that is more in the domain of dashingdon, but I’ve been messing around with the code quite a bit these past few updates, streamlining things so that it’s easier and faster in the future, so that might have something to do with it?



Can’t wait to see what happens next. Trying to escape should be fun.



I’ve the same problem but it’s not just this thread there are others were my save files load 4ever so I’ve to restart everything as well



But if you try to reach out a second time


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@ApplePi should be fixed now!



Found something:

The Davees House is large and airy. On the outside it’s the very model of an old settle home. But the inside has been gutted. It’s decorated in a very modern style, all black and white and neutrals. The style is slick and fashionable and not at all Landon/Lorelie’s taste. Maybe heshe’d like it more if it weren’t for the two bodies on the floor.



@lo6otia Agh, how long has that error been there?! Thanks for finding it!

EDIT: Okay, it should be fixed now. :slight_smile: Please enjoy the rest of the story!



I found two errors with C.'s pronoun variables whilst doing a male C. playthrough


i’m reaally captivated by the vivid gloominess of the story. every time the setting is described the images in my head always appear as a faded and grey lucid dream. It’s like time is nonexistent to the MC which is something really well delivered considering the MC has been under the witch’s spell for so long.

looking forward to seeing where things are heading next !



@pachinko, thanks for the catch! Should be fixed now. Man, fixing bugs goes by so much faster know that I know there’s a “find and replace” option in textedit…

Also, it warms my heart to know that the atmosphere I was trying to create came through! This actually reminds me of a conversation I was having last night about the town of Winthrop. If anyone is interested in that:

The town of Winthrop is nestled right up against the edge of a forest with a creek running through it, and a small lake at the edge of town (that is known to be haunted). The location I’ve left purposefully vague, but I take a lot of inspiration from the American South (if the name of the town is any indicator). American gothic literature, especially short stories, has always been one of my favorites to read. The home where the witch and the MC live is not the same house from the prologue, but it is built on on/near the same spot. While the MC’s house is generally falling apart the neighborhood they live in is actually quite nice.

The creek runs through the forrest and now splits the town down the middle. It used to be a mile outside of town but the place has grown quite a bit and now is considered the marker between old town and new town. MC and the witch live in old town. During especially hot summers the creek bed dries up and strange objects have been known to be found. Local children do not go near it.

There’s a park, not far from the center of town which the creek cuts right through. Well, park might be strong word, it’s more like a small patch of cleared land that no developer ever bothered to mess with. As the town grew and carved a place among the forrest trees and highway road, the people grew fond of the empty patch and adopted it as their own.

It is generally accepted that you don’t go into the forest unless you have a death wish, or are so fond of nature that you don’t mind disappearing and never coming back. There are a few well trod paths but even they tend to get overgrown and aren’t always the safest place to be. Lots of different strange sightings have happened there.



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I made a discord server! https://discord.gg/NUyY38q
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So small thing, but flirting at the first two chances you get with Maria/Miguel seems to reset their relationship description to the default. Unsure if it resets the value, or if it’s just a description bug.

Also, kinda disappointed that the second flirt scenes are so direct. It feels really out of character if you’re playing a shy or less outgoing character to have only those options as ways of showing interest.



@Gwenstn hm, I’ll have to check that out. Must be a coding issue

I completely understand and I plan on going back soon and reworking some of the flirt scenes/adding more options. My next update of the game is going to be less of a new content update and more of an improvement of what’s already there kind of update. (Although I do plan to have new content too, just not an entire chapter’s worth)