A Witch's Curse (W.I.P) (Update: 8/27/2018)



Ooh, more RO stuff. It’s what I live for xD Although I’m sure L is my fave, I’m pretty intrigued by M. C, well, I idk how to feel just yet, but also a little curiosity there


So, there is now 80’s hair… I hope y’all are happy

@BoisterousBumblebee Thank you, that means so much to me! I’m sorry for giving you second hand anxiety but I’m glad my writing affected you.

@DancingInTheRain279 I’m glad so many people are liking L, but I want everyone to like the other RO’s too. I love them just as much!

Do any of y’all mind telling me about your MC’s? First off, I’m just plain curious. Second, It’d really help me with writing out choices and fake choices in the game if I have different points of view to keep in mind. :slight_smile:


80s hair, oh, gyod. I can’t tell if this is great or terrible xD
As for my MC…I made a guy MC so I can ship him with Lorelie lol. And I see him as (being obviously clueless about everything) a pretty naive and sweet guy. He loves animals (which was good for L I guess xD.) Before being mind f…I mean, memory wiped by the witch, he was your typical troublemaker from the other side of town, a little cynical and sarcastic, but a secret idealist deep down. He loved his siblings and disliked rich people, so I can imagine him not getting along with L when they first met xD


Hopfully, it’s great. (But let’s face it, it’ll probably be terrible)

I just wanted to let everyone know that today I went back into the files and cleaned up a lot of the coding. Since this is my first time ever doing it, there’s been a bit of learning curve so I needed to fix some stuff up. This is good for future coding! Makes it easier for me. But, unfortunately, it probably corrupted most of your save files. :frowning: Sorry about that.

Also, going back, I realized that y’all should probably get just a little bit more time getting to know M before chapter 2, so I added in a small interrogation scene when they confront you in the rain. Enjoy.


:heart: Yessss. Thank you! :blush:

I need to play the latest update, but am still flailing from the last one (it was so good). Midnight…>.> is not really Midnight, but ohmygosh L is so loyal. I know they are probably best friends with our MC, but I got unrequited feelings vibe from their perspective??? Maybe I need to replay though. It’s just such a massive outlay on their part to remain with their friend. It’s sweet. M is probably still my RO of choice but my MC has a special place in her heart for L.

I feel guilty about the house I chose to visit…My MC unwittingly killing those she comes into contact with…yikes (I personally love the angst of it though, especially since I picked my favored option so felt more attached to the victims. Nice touch!).

May post some about my MC later on! Same with playing the demo, it’s been a long day, lol.

Best wishes to you! :heart_eyes_cat:


RIGHT?! Maybe it’s just because I knew I was going to romance L before I went in, but it feels a little like there are or were feelings there (they do say something about this time which makes me think that maybe something happened between them in one those periods in between mind wipes). Idk, but regardless of romance, you just gotta love L. They’re amazing and man’s best friend and the best friend the MC could want.


Could be worse. It could be the 90’s.
80’s fashion can get a little ridiculous, sure, but a lot of 90’s fashion is an absolute disaster. Kinda glad I missed most of it, lol


Let’s be real here though, the worst decade of fashion belongs to the early 2000s. Hands down. No contest. It was awful. I’m so glad I was too young to choose my own outfits.

I mean like...

WHat is this outfit

What are these colors?

Wh- Why?

What the HELL are these?!?!


…I rest my case

EDIT: I can never leave good enough alone. I ended up going back and recoding a lot of sections today. It’s small stuff, I just changed the stats screen and fixed stat effects to reflect that, but let me know if you like the new design or think it’s too complicated.

(Also, I ended up writing quite a few words for chapter 2 today. I wrote a very sweet scene with C, I’m so happy to finally be giving them some of the spotlight.)


Oh my… You got me with this. My heart shattered with our best friend and how he stays with us, and still supports what the witch does because of us. And the option I choose when seeing the wish on the mirror, about family… Damn… So well written T_T And when it revelaed the thing about the pies on the home we went… I just… Oh, God, it was trully heartwrenching.

I can’t wait to see if and how we will fight the Witch. My bloodthirsty side wants to decaptate her for what she did with that people using her pies :smiley:

Edit: Thanks for the heads up. I tend to not notice when I make spoilers since I’m pretty okay with it :sweat_smile:


There are some who would consider what you just wrote about the friend as a spoiler, it is recommended to blur it out


Small Update Today!
It’s not very big, but I went ahead and put it out so that y’all have something to read while I work through the next scene.




Claudia is female

This sounds cut off

This sentence sounds weird, I suggest either “you look around (you) at the shelves” or “you look at the shelves (all) around you”


@Noah Thank you for pointing these out, I’ll get to work on fixing those!

EDIT: Sorry that took so long, it should all be fixed now!


Encountered an error here so I couldn’t progress:


@BoisterousBumblebee Should be fixed now!


Can’t progress because of this error. Let me know if you need any details!


@Leialie so sorry it took me so long, but I fixed the error! let me know if you have any more problems.


Thank you! Works like a charm now. I have to say I love it so far but found a few mistakes that you might want to look at. Hope I’m not seen as annoying but I thought it might help!

I get the feeling the apostrophe was supposed to be after “minutes”.




@Leialie you’re not annoying at all! Thank you so much for pointing these out, I’ll get to work on fixing them :slight_smile:

EDIT: Okay, that should all be fixed now!


Update Today!

Hey everyone, I’m still working on finishing up Chapter 2, but I thought I’d release another part of it. I’ve elaborated and reworked a little here and there as well. I hope y’all enjoy :slight_smile: