A Witch's Curse (W.I.P) (Rewrite In Progress)



Thank you that is fixed now the show stats button doesn’t work.


@Oceana_47 FIXED! Thanks for all of the help y’all, I really appreciate it


Hey y’all,

So if you’re on the discord, you’ve heard me mention this, but I am planning a rewrite of A Witch’s Curse. This story is something I love a lot, but many elements of it have changed since I put out that super-buggy demo back in the summer. I’ve gained coding skills for one! But also, elements and plots that I had planned originally no longer fit, character’s personalities have become more complex, and I’m no longer happy with continuing the story without doing a major Rewrite first.

I’m so happy for all the amazing people who have helped me develop the story to where it is now. I don’t know when I’ll get out the new demo. I’m going to need to rewrite and rearrange a lot of scenes! But i wanted to let y’all know what I was up to and that I am not abandoning this story. Also, I will still be active on the Tumblr if you have any questions, Thanks again everyone!


wish you luck on rewrite