A Wise Use of Time Help

How do you become the manager of the Silvio account? I’m looking to get the Manager Material achievement.

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Just need to impress the representatives. I’ll check the code and send you the specifics in a bit.


Damn, that was fast. You’re my hero.


A’ight Voldy, looks like you need to have a relationship with the Silvio representatives bigger than 50. The easiest way to do that is:

  1. Select Charm them with my social skills and have (charm > 60), otherwise select _I explain that I’m the newest member yadda yadda…

After time stops

  1. Head to Benjamin’s office to read what he’s got on 'em
  2. Read their company profile
  3. Take over the meeting
  4. If you have (charm > 50) you get a +10 increase at the beginning; if (wits >50) you get +5
  5. Take over the meeting
  6. Either select I offer a quick turnaround in setting all the policies they need or I suggest non-traditional yadda yadda…

If I’m not mistaken that should be enough.

Also, forgive the lateness and the badly formatted post; I’m using my phone.


Nice! Thank you so much!