A weird question (adding a hyperlinked sound effect to a CoG)

This probably sounds strange… but is it possible (and acceptable) to put a URL into the middle of a story?

Basically there’s this part in the story where MC might hear a loon call… and a lot of people don’t know what that sounds like, but it’s a very distinctive sound and helps add to the mood of the story. I was wondering if I could somehow put a link into the game a player could follow if they want, to find out what a loon sounds like… or if it would be a bad idea to even put an author’s note at all)?

Hmm… Wouldn’t that break the immersion?

I wouldn’t like to find an url in the middle of a story, but that is just me :grimacing:


I don’t know whether you can do this or not, but I would resist the temptation. Unless it is important, for narrative or gameplay purposes, for the reader to know exactly what a loon call sounds like, a link to a sound file will probably take the reader out of the story and come across as gimmicky.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, and wondering. It would be nice if curious readers would be moved to find out for themselves, but I expect most probably would not. Still, it is a very nice mood-setter for those who understand it.

'Sok. This thread can be closed. - Even if it would be possible to add a URL, I am too worried about it breaking immersion to do so.

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed Before it is…allow me to note it is instead possible to put audio in your game. The sound will automatically play and mix in with the game. You can feel free to warn the player about three volume that audio does appear.

Just because there is quite a couple paragraphs to describe it I’ll just link the instructions rather then re-type or summarize. Don’t wanna miss anything important.

This way the sound plays in the background, no pop up, and not exactly breaking immersion since the sound is apart of what’s occurring. (Don’t worry once the page change unless you re-add the audio it won’t keep going.)


To answer the actual question: it is indeed possible to add an URL, using the *link command.

FWIW, I would however tend to share your opinion on the immersion-breaking aspect of using this in the middle of a story, except perhaps in exceptional circumstances.

@Arcania. Thank you so much- if I can figure that out, it will be perfect. :slight_smile:

Maybe have a codex under stats where they could play the sound of the loon. Sound is easy to use and may not break the immersion.

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@Lordirish That’s a really good idea, too. I think that… the whole thing of it is too complicated for me to put in before CScomp, but over the entirety of the game… we’ll see; maybe. It might be a nice touch for a complete game.

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Hey Shawn – if you don’t mind, I tweaked the thread title to catch the eye of other people who might have a similar question…

That’s fine- thanks. nods