A Warmth in the cold, volume1

The issue is that we get an infinite loading indicator. This means that none of the choices can track where to go. They are disconnected from the next scenes.

Should be fixed now. Forgot to upload the highest_calc file so when it found a gosub_scene, it didn’t know what to do.

Body type choice is bugged, not sure if all options are but I got errors for both athletic and stocky choices. That being said, I’m finding the concept interesting


Hi , l love the demo and the ros and can’t wait for more moments with them :heart_eyes:
I find this error :
waken line 2987 invalid expression at char 64 expected no more tokens found closed parentheses.

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saving doesn’t work
Uncaught Error: SaveMod: Unable to *sm_save before *sm_init

waken line 2987: Invalid expression at char 64, expected no more tokens, founda: CLOSE_PARENTHESIS [)]

they should be fixed now, thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

phonecall line 1233: invalid indent, expected at least one line in 'if true block

Should be fixed now, thanks for the catch.

If possible, would you be able to describe those? I do not really benefit from screenshots. Thanks.

I would love to, but I kind of forgot where these errors came from. The only thing I can say is that each of them were taken from different routes. Let me try to remember :thinking:

The first screenshot was from Rose’s route when I chose to smile and shake hands with Euan.
The second one was from Rose’s route too I think, the shower scene.
The third one was from the team leader’s route (Asnasl(?) I forgot their name), chocolate scene.

Also, there is another issue: I don’t understand why Hanna becomes sad even though I chose the second and the third options - that I don’t really mind headpats or I am indifferent to them) ? She gets sad in all routes if I remember correctly.

P.S. In this aforementioned playthrough all of them were female.

I will take a look, thought I fixed that stuff. As for why Hannah gets sad, for her, head pats are a bit more than just head pats, though I’ll take another look and try to clarify between indifference, and out right refusal to make stuff a bit easier.