A vote for which WIP to work on first? (Monsters vs Quill & Sword)


Because I would like to know what you all think, and because I really only can handle working on one project at a time… I would like to ask you which you would prefer:

Should I work on ‘Monsters’ first, or ‘Quill & Sword’? The one that I don’t work on will be on hiatus while I work on the one that gets the popular vote. Please chime in with your choice. : ) Thank you!


Hey, I know I didn’t end up finishing the whole judging thing, but I did read them all. I thought Monsters was the best by far. I’d definitely like to see it continue


I read through Monsters a little and it’s pretty good. But I’m much more excited for Quill & Sword, personally. :smile:


I’d say Monsters first. It was really good.


I really liked both games tbh, but I’m more excited about Quill & Sword. :grin:


I’d say you should work on the one which you think you can finish faster,so maybe the one that is shorter and that you’ve planned the whole story for.


Both are great games, but Monsters catches my fancy more.


If I had to choose, I’d say Monsters. I love the game so far.


Whichever one you like writing the best. Personally I prefer Quill & Sword but it’s honestly your call.


Quill and Sword for me, unless Monsters is more fun for you to write.


So far, it’s a tie vote. 4 and 4. If it remains this evenly split, I may rotate bi-monthly.


It would have to be Monsters for me


Monsters. I beta’d it and it’s awesome.seriously awesome.


Quill and Sword. Why? I just like its story potential better.


If this tie keeps up, we might have a forum civil war…


@Doctor Great unreleased movie reference, there. :wink:

I always feel a warm tingle when someone pulls out a meme/graphic in a forum post. Like ‘Awwr yeah, ya feel meh!’ XD




XD Props for the pic, but you’ve already voted.

Yes, sorry, but I’m only counting each person’s vote once. ^_^’


What if I type
wuth ny eighr hamf?


Only counts if there’s another personality involved. I suppose I could also acquiesce to another gender or another account name…