A Thousand Miles of Sky (WIP)(demo updated March 10th, 2019)

Well, I crossed almost 2,000 miles of wilderness and made it to my new place of residence, but I consequently didn’t get much writing done this month. The good news is that I get to spend a little time unemployed, so I plan to plow through as much writing as possible before my powerful need to eat sometime this month forces me to look for gainful employment. Oh to be a space trucker, taking only the most interesting of jobs and exploring far distant space shores.

Current word count: 95,000


“What in the actual hell is going on in here?” You narrowly avoid placing your hand on a fresh splotch on the doorway to $!{starship}’s only bathroom. “Is this… hair dye?” You poke at the stain with a finger that comes away bright blue.

Rani looks over their shoulder at you from where they are leaning over the tiny sink, carefully applying blue to the freshly bleached locks. A matching hand-print rests just inside the room over the light switch. “Yeah, sorry. Bita toothpaste should get that right out.”


Hey there friends! It’s been a hot minute since I updated this thread, but I didn’t want to come back without having made some nice progress. Chapter 4 is well under way, and I finally hit 100,000 words, woo! I’ve also started work on the cover and chapter headers, and some fun splash art I hope folks will enjoy. Gotta stay busy to keep myself out of trouble.

Current word count: 100,500 (!)


You’re forced to bank hard and the additional g-force causes you to slam your head against an instrument panel hard enough to make your ears ring. The sharp turn is not enough to move $!{starship} completely out of the way, and the whole ship shudders as a piece clips one of the stabilizers on the port side of the ship. A glance at your monitoring system tells you the damage is not debilitating, but the part will need to be replaced. You shake your head to clean it, and pass through the other side of the minefield.

(Wounds +1)


I really, truly love this. I like when a MC is actually competent and resourceful and even in reacting to events not just a bystander.
Can I make a request? I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement this, but well-loved ships or ships with long names tend to have nicknames or “common” names. Like the NCC-1701, called the Enterprise, or in my case The Bear of Thalia, called the Bear by her Captain and friends.


I’m so glad you’re enjoying the game so far! I enjoy a scrappy MC myself, so I’m trying to live up to that ideal.

I haven’t implemented a nickname system for the starships themselves, but I like the idea. I’m not aware of code that could dynamically shorten a name like “The Bear of Thalia” to just “The Bear,” I would have to look into that/write it in manually. I’ll think about how to handle this and maybe you’ll see it as a future feature :grin:.

(I do have a little easter egg where if you name your ship Enterprise or The Enterprise, the ship’s VIN get set to NCC-1701-Z(random number), haha. Some other famous ships might have amusing VINs as well.)


found: Should be she instead of He .


“‘Other duties as assigned,’ right?” You grin.

“Obviously I was kidding,” he says, tossing his pillow at you.

You catch it before it can hit you in the face. “Obviously.”

She gives you a thoughtful look. “Just so we’re clear,” she says,


Whoops! Thanks for the catch, I will get that fixed up!

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Yay! I get incredibly attached to ships of all kinds and builds, to me they are characters in their own rights. So I thought of more of a nickname system akin to the one for actual characters like the MC. You know, “What’s your name and what do your friends call you?” only it’s a ship, so “What’s her name and what do her friends/ people who previously shipped in her/ are acquainted with her owner call her?” Another famous example would be the Andromeda Ascendant. An awesome name, sure, but nobody ever called her by it.
Ooookay, enough rambling from me, sorry. I just really really love spaceships.


I really love spaceships, too! Letting the player pick the ship’s nickname would certainly be easier than the convoluted system I had in mind. :sweat_smile:


This is probably one of my favorite WIPS ever. Seriously, it’s got such a distinct personality (including characters and world). I also love all the inclusivity and diversity (ex: the option to play as explicitly trans). Thank you for making the sci-fi game of my dreams.


Wow, thank you so much, that means a lot to me! Inclusivity and diversity are very important to me, I want everyone to feel welcome and represented. And for folks to feel like they can point out to me when I get things wrong, because I am certainly not the authority on any experience outside of my own.


@SirEdmund One of the best WIP titles I’ve seen on here.

(I promise to read at some point soon … Yeah, I know :wink: )

Did you ever read any Iain M Banks? A few of the things you do/plan-to-do are similar to things Iain M wrote about (he’s my fav author).

(If your WIP’s as good as some of the stuff you’ve posted on this thread … Well then it will be good. Stick at it :slight_smile: :+1: )

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Thank you so much! I have not read any Iain M Banks, sadly I’m completely unfamiliar with his work, but I’m always looking for new sci fi to read.

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Hey there spoopy friends! It’s my favorite time of year, NaNoWriMo Eve! (and also Halloween I GUESS :jack_o_lantern::lollipop::mushroom:) As such, I figured it’s also about time I updated this thread. I’ve been working on a pretty big update to the code in the first three chapters, as well as chapter 4 as a whole, so things are moving along. ATMoS will be my focus again for NaNo, but word count goals stress me out, so instead I’m just going to focus on putting a consistent amount of time into the game every day. Hopefully it goes better than last year :sweat_smile:

Current word count: 103,000

Instead of a snippet have some potential chapter header designs


Oh I like the log.004 one, font looks very spacey for me!:heart:


I agree, I love the log.004 as well!

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I’m fond of that one too, it’s called Nasalization, lol

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Log.004 is my vote for chapter headers!

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Happy December space truckers! We’re deep into that time of year where I try to leave my house as little as possible, though this time it’s not due to inclement weather. It’s that retail season I’m avoiding now, like a mole-person hiding from the sun or an introvert returning back to their home state for the holidays, dodging former schoolmates at the grocery store because there are only so many times you can have the same catch-up conversation over and over again.

I managed to get stuff done during November, despite hosting American Thanksgiving and spending like a week scrubbing my house from floor to ceiling. The cover is basically done, and Chapter 4 is now over 20,000 words and still going strong. At this rate it might beat Chapter 3 (39,000).

Current word count: 111,000


You dive into the unmapped zone, which is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. The void is aptly named, and you encounter nothing of note for several hours. It’s a chore to stay focused and alert for extended lengths of time, but you’re used to long-haul voyages by now.

To help stay awake, you queue up a list of your favorite tunes:

  • A list of loud neo-metal screamcore folk ballads.
  • An upbeat selection of acoustic hip-trap instrumentals.
  • The soundtrack from my favorite hyper-noir satire dramedy.
  • My collection of cheerful house-prog dub/truck-driving-jams.
  • Some classic retro-punk R&B hits.
  • An eclectic mix of genres.

Hey friends! I’m ashamed to say that I did not get much done in December, but to make up for that I wanted to share this rad as heck piece of art that I commissioned of everyone’s favorite space gremlin! I’ve also updated the first post with some of the art you brilliant folks have blessed me with, so check that out! If there’s something I missed or if you are interested in having your work appear up there please let me know!

Rani by quibbs! (quibbs.tumblr.com)


Wow, wow, wow! I haven’t been this engrossed in a wip in a while.

You have a lovely narrative that is balanced with describing the environment and the reader experiencing what is happening instead of just reading it. I love your use of humour, it is very refreshing, clever and you use it just enough to add to the characters.

You gave good choices to develop the MC and balanced the narrative and choices nicely. I was engaged just long enough and as soon as my mind wandered a choice came along.

I can see you put a lot of thought into your work and your dedication is paying off so far. Don’t rush yourself but keep writing! :heart: