A Tale of Heroes (WIP) Updated 22/2/2021

one thing I wanted to say is President Stratton is the second biggest A-Hole. First one is President Victon from hero rise trilogy


On one hand, I thank you for the compliments above, I’m glad you enjoy my story!

On the other…

This sounds like a challenge.


Just found this and Wow! This is great, I’m a huge super hero fan so as soon as I saw superpowers mentioned you had me. :kissing_heart: Love the the story pacing and characters! And just wow Aki is my personal love bunny from now on shy but full of life. And damn feel kind of bad for Ignis definitely gonna have to got for as a ro in my second play through just to save here. But was most certainly tempted to take Latooni as my first ro, but like and love her as a friend but I’m definitely gonna give her a try who knows? :smirk:
Character wise love Forlorn as overprotective stubborn father figure he plays. Nova damn he’s such a chum. Seeker well, well mystery games is it definitely want to open that box :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Mars not much to go on yet but promising.
Anyway love the premises, can’t wait to see what the next future update holds in store for us :heart_eyes:

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Oi @Jjcb would Forlorn or MC ever get to kick President Stratton’ ass or at least teach him a lesson?!?


I dunno, the image of a superpowered person beating up the head of the entire United States of America doesn’t, uh, sound like something most governments in the world would allow to go unanswered.

Roasting him, though, that’ll be fair game! :grin:


Aww, Seeker would be a better help with that.


it is :innocent:

I very much appreciate both the worldbuilding of the game (and how superpowers actually affect society, instead of being in this weird gray space like a lot of superhero media) and the fact that this is a superhero WIP where you really do feel powerful. I appreciate you as a friend and I definitely appreciate you as an author, Juan.

Also stan Latooni ksksks


Speaking of Latooni…

(Done by the insanely talented Nadia, over on TW.)

Think you guys can tell me who these two are supposed to be? :thinking: For the life of me, I cannot figure it out… :face_with_monocle:


I think that blue eyed one is Lat.

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I just played this again and just like my first play through it was great fun. Though i do have a problem… I can’t choose between the ROs :heart_eyes: someone help.


Here’s a question for Juan:

What is widely considered the first modern superhero group? As in, the first one that we would recognize as being an organization in the vein of the League of Heroes? And before that organization, what kind of grpups did they form?

Ironically, it would be the League of Heroes. It wasn’t very common for most superpowered beings to work together, at least past a case or two, before the League was founded.

There are, of course, exceptions. The Broken King and The Blitz Queen were inseparable, for example, and it wasn’t entirely uncommon for powered people to be deployed together during either of the World Wars, but there wasn’t an actual effort for these people to stick together after they completed an objective. Although, Forlorn seems very used to working as part of a team… The relatively small amount of powered beings meant that it was entirely possible for heroes to “stick to their turf” without meeting each other.

This changed, of course, once Forlorn, Ignis and Seeker decided to get together (not like that), and the US government chose to ‘endorse’ them as an actual superhero group.

After that happened, more than a few nations have tried to get themselves their own government-sponsored groups. China, for example, has their own team, though they are slightly more subservient than… looks at Seeker having to physically hold Forlorn back from hurling expletives at Stratton.

The EU also has their own group, though it doesn’t really respond to any specific government (or so they claim, at least), and more to the Union in general.

There are a dozen more small groups, though they tend to be more regional powerhouses than global names.

Still, the League of Heroes is the #1 group of the planet, both power-wise and popularity wise.

So… you know. No pressure, rookie.


That actually gave me a doubt.

Is forlorn REALLY the strongest guy in the world?

You’re gonna pull the old swicheroo with the main villain aren’t you?:joy::joy::sob:

Also, do ignis and lat have fisical powers, even if they aren’t homelander level like the rest of the gang?

Well, in-game, there’s not really any way to test this past your perception. There are no standardized tests, and it’s not like Forlorn would be willing to take them anyway.

But, I can confirm to you, Forlorn is indeed the strongest living being on the planet, and Seeker is more or less his equal.

Ignis does, but not in the way you’d think. In this setting, superpowered beings are naturally more resilient than a normal person, by virtue of their body having to “cope” with the side effects of their powers.

That also means that they have a higher room for growth than a normal human, so if you train yourself enough… You could gain strength beyond humans, even if it’s not your main power (of course, nothing on Forlorn’s level. You’d need a few centuries of non-stop fighting and training to get there).

Lat hasn’t had enough physical training for her own body to develop enough to slug it out, but in the future, that might change.


Love how we spanked that wannabe Dabi and I love it so far just to await the next update.


I suppose I’ll ask some more worldbuilding questions.

How similarly has history developed on this world compared to earth? Any major divergence points, especially concerning the development of powers?


Some things, like, say, the colonization of America, were different. It took Spain a lot more work to beat down the Incas or the Mayans or even the Arawaks when the so-called “indians” had people that could summon a flood with a chant, even if the end-result is more or less the same as that of our world.

However, most major events are still somewhat alike. The World Wars still happened, for example, just like the ACW, the Hundred Years Wars, and other major global events.

Things inside these events are different, of course. Seeker ran into Japan in the eve of the Atomic Bombings to evacuate civilians (which tipped off the Japanese Government for the second blast), while generals like, say, Rommel (who had powers in this universe), died in battle instead of committing suicide, and some countries ended up being ruled by a couple of 20 somethings with too many principles and powers, and not enough foresight.

A distinction I’m trying to make, though, is that, while some of the historical figures that we know of (like Hannibal, or Oda Nobunaga) had powers in the AToH universe, not everyone who mattered in history did. Powers are not a requirement to be great, to be important, to be a trailblazer. George Washington was a normal man, as were MLK, Juan Bosch and even “evil” people, like Columbus or Hitler.

I’d say two of the biggest “100% impossible IRL” changes in this world would be:

A) The island of Crete was never recovered by the Byzantine Empire, it instead became an independent nation after the Andalusians were beaten, and even today, when it shares a lot of similarities with Greece, and could technically be considered “a vassal”, it still remains its own, independent, country.

B) Most of the Aegean Islands don’t exist anymore in this universe. Note I said “anymore”, because pre-10th century, they were there. But something happened to them, and while no one can agree on what it was, it wiped them off the map.


Darkstar’s backstory mentioned that he was a part of an experimental attempt at creating a supersoldier, was this an attempt at the possibility of militarising superpowers that would be forcibly awakened or was this one of those standard “Bigger, Stronger, and Faster” supersoldier types?

On top of this, has there been any plans on using them for military purposes? Alternatively, has any superhero org. in the world been used for it?

The latter. Think Captain America or Bucky, it was an attempt to create an “apex human” that can compete with the natural born powered beings, and bring the USA’s military might to a whole new level.

That was the idea, yeah. Dark Star was meant to be part of a special “supersoldier” unit that would serve under the army, but the… lackluster, so to speak, results (1 success out of 500 is eesh), the plan was scrapped, and a debate was had on whether to make Dark Star part of the Secret Service or punt him off to the League.

Not really, no. The superhero groups all have natural powered people, and superpowers are still kind of a mystery, so people haven’t tried experimenting on them (also, good luck finding a needle that can puncture the guys that fly through buildings), plus, the idea of possibly hampering your country’s first line of defense for marginal gains isn’t one with much political support.

That is why the US selected people that were already adults, since powers normally show up at around 15-16 at the latest, to try and not jeopardize possible powered people.