A Tale of Heroes (WIP) Updated 22/2/2021

Oi @Jjcb still no luck with the save option?!?
Save system will actually make people play this in a much much detailed way without making this an irritating mess… Multiple playthroughs to go through all the possible routes makes it very much irritating without the save…

Lol that said and done, are there any changes done to the stats?!?

Ouch thats a damn illegal cliffhanger…

Another Update, Another excuse to not do yoga for PE (spelling and other errors.)

My MC was female.

ahead of you?

there are 2 apostrophes.



All those should be fixed now! If you find anything else, please don’t hesitate to bring them up!

I have actually just finished adding CJW’s save system. It was giving me a bit of trouble last night, but I think I just managed to get it working. You’ll have six saveslots to work with. Hope you have fun! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There was! I slightly lowered some of the boosts early on, but I don’t think I’ll do it again. My intent was never to make this a story with heavy number crunching or where stats were the end-all be-all point, and more of a slight guide, something the MC can consider himself to be an expert.

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Really enjoyed this update and the game in general, was nice to have some time with and insight into my chosen RO (Aki if you’re curious). But man…that last bit was a real one-two punch, without spoiling anything that happened.


I like Mars, he is definitely the RO I like the most right now.

Well, AFTER Seeker of course ! Seeker is THE RO we all want :smile:

It was pretty fun to see him all over his sword. It’s a little strange that we don’t ask him what he did outside.

Still : about the bomb do we have to intervene ? I mean we were insulted just before. Mars and Seeker are the only one who can make me move. And maybe thinking about the media, like nobody wants a video where you do nothing ah, ah.

And yeap I totally loved the madman ! It was a nice fight and I actually like him. A little like let’s be crazy all together.

In definitive : Mars Is awesome & Seeker must be our RO :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Come oooooooon :heart_eyes:

I’m glad to hear that! Mars enters the story a bit later than the rest of the cast, so I was a bit worried he might clash with the others. Good to know that isn’t the case.

Do you mean while he was on his trip? If so, I had thought the convo earlier with Ignis and co might have shed some light on it. He’s not exactly forthcoming with details about it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t (or won’t) try to find out anyway, though you probably won’t make much headway just by talking to him.

It’s an interesting debacle, and I’m glad you brought it up. Stratton has just burned and pissed on most, if not all, the remaining bridges he had with your team, but… he’s still the president of the United States. He’s the man.

And not only that, but he isn’t the only one in attendance. Are you really willing to let dozens get injured because of your wounded pride?

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I mean if we were lex luther personality? Then let it all burn and claim yo didn’t notice it in time…
or just dive on it and shape the blast to clip him… :shushing_face:

just discovered the game btw. excellent storyline and gradual rise in power and control at a above average pace instead of instant.


My take on the matter is that if someone insulted my pride and I saved them from death after, that would be the ultimate thing to hold over their head and it’d make em look like a moron too for doing it in the first place, so yeah I’d probably still save the guy.


same- I wouldn’t let them hear the end of it :sweat_smile:

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Man, poor League. It’s full of spiteful little rookies… :sweat_smile:


Why do I feel like our friend is slowly being groomed to be a future villain later on in the story?

It’s a bomb? I mean…can I just chuck it at the jerk?

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yea, your right there are a lot of us like that it seems

I wish. How does someone like him become president when he can’t behave in public

:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: really?!? I’ve seen a few politicians irl in different countries with very much of a nasty mouth (and personality) come to power…
This idiot sounds like and particular and though

lol can’t name that one in here though :yum::smiling_imp::roll_eyes:


ummmm…how does one comment on this without starting a politics war among the us citizens

Oh, I can assure you all that Stratton is not at all meant to represent any real world political figure. He’s a creation of my imagination.

Now, that he doesn’t represent anyone doesn’t mean he isn’t based on… certain people, though you should look at smaller figures than the Big T man himself. :wink:


Oi @Jjcb

There might be some text missing in here…
Lol it feels like that at least, that guy haven’t said anything except exclaiming ‘Hey!’,but the next guy says that he’s right…


Oi @Jjcb

I don’t know if it’s just a general (neutral) text or not but lol my character is a female…
Please explain this…:roll_eyes::thinking::smile_cat:

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Thanks for bringing those up! I sometimes slip while writing, normally when I’ve been at it for more than a few hours, so these kind of things manage to crop up.

They should be fixed now! If you find anymore, please do let me know!

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