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I noticed that with MC that uses they/them pronouns, the others still use “has” and conjugate like with third person pronouns, but it still should be like how you usually conjugate they (so, for example: they have/they eat instead of they has/they eats). The only time I’ve seen that it changes to singular is that one should use themself, instead of themselves and, obviously, when using their actual name.
I think something that could help the text walls is if we could choose how the MC reacts and feels during certain scenes.
For example, when introduced to the characters, we could choose if we’re extroverted, shy, rude, etc. or how is the relationship between MC and characters they already know, because that was a little bit confusing (like, Lat didn’t wake MC up for their class, but she went back for her when the earthquake started?). Another example, there was this other scene where Lat says MC never holds grudges and I think that doesn’t live much room to customize their personality.
I think it is important how MC approaches people, especially the ROs, but the story seems very interesting so far!


You’re absolutely right in regards to the they/them thing, it’s something I didn’t exactly know how to solve when I first began working on the story, and I agokized quite a bit on how to make it work. But a quick look through the wiki led me to the Multireplace function, which I’ve begun to implement as I work on Chapter 4. When the update drops (for reference, I’m more or less 30k~ words in by now on it), there should be zero cases of “they speaks/they eats/etc” spread around.

On your second point, you’re generally right, and I’ve been working on adding a couple choices for the MC to say how they feel (especially in regards to a certain Ignis scene, which had me pulling my hair out for a couple days :sweat_smile:), allowing for the MC to feel less like a passenger and more like an actual actor of the story. But…

This bit, specifically, is on purpose. Lat has a… rather loose definition of boundaries, and she tends to make a lot of assumptions regarding the MC, which aren’t always right, and just generally believes you’ll be okay with anything she does or says. Notice, if you will, how she tends to just pop herself into your mind and read what you’re thinking without asking for any sort of permission.

Reminding Latooni that even the closest of pals (or couples, if she has anything to say about it you decide to go that route) deserve/need their own space, or have their own opinions on things, is more or less one of the main issues that I want the player to deal with in regards to her, much like Ignis’s… not quite depression, but definitely dark thoughts/relationship with Seeker and Aki’s crippling shyness/inability to stand up to Forlorn in regards to your budding romance are meant to be the issues you’ll have to deal with if you decide to go with them.


I just reread the demo and I came to the conclusion that the mc doesn’t have superpowers and is just a Saiyan; it just makes sense, we have flight, super strength, energy projection, what seems to be combat adaptation/constant growth, and a thirst for combat and growing stronger. All traits of the strongest warrior race.


Why, that’s certainly a wild idea haha, can you imagine? I certainly couldn’t! That’s not what I’m going for, no sir, haha. Next you’ll tell me Forlorn is a made you click >;) stand in!

More seriously, DB used to be one of my favoriye childhood shows, so I’m honored by the comparison.


Can we be bad?

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I’m afraid not. The League, and the MC, as part of it, is undoubtably on the side of good. Your reasons for being “good” can vary, of course (going from just being an out and out blood knight to not wanting a centuries-dead legend to kill you), but the player will always end up fighting to protect himself and others.

The most “evil” thing that will be allowed is how, ah, extreme, the player can be while fighting others, as you can already begin to see in Chapter 3, but, as some people can rightly argue, “good” is not always “gentle”.


TBH I don’t mean no disrespect but I don’t see a reason of Lat being apart of this story because she doesn’t feel as important as the other characters.

Well, I definitely don’t want any characters to feel as if they’re irrelevant or unnecessary to the plot at large, so if Lat’s presence is indeed something that you guys feel is unneeded or over-the-top, I’m open to a possible re-write/addition of scenes with her, but Lat’s definitely a character that I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on and weaving into the plot.

She may seem less interesting than Forlorn or Seeker, but that’s partly on purpose. Lat’s importance to the plot is directly on the same level’s as the MC, and I can’t exactly explain why without spoiling some of the late-game reveals, but I assure you Latooni Kitamura is definitely someone meant to be in the story, and her contributions are going to be huge, not only in terms of character interactions and the like, but also on other, more… survival centric areas.

After all, that *lat_ready variable in the code will have to come up eventually…


I do find her to be quite annoying, but then you know me and I never was a big fan of the whole bubbly girl thing, makes my teeth ache.

I do think you’re doing a really solid job in your first writing outing around here jjcb.

Now about the fictional US politics, yes, the current president is a mean spirited buffoon who clearly has it out for the mc and yet I cannot help but be more weary of Senator Maxwell as this sounds really ominous to me:

Maxwell went even further and stated that, in the case he wins the presidency, he will strive to create a more tight-knit relationship between the government and the League!" :worried:

So, insofar as it remains relevant to the story I hope governor Maia wins, but if not I think my mc might actually prefer to learn to suffer through another term of the incumbent rather than being turned into Maxwell’s personal lackey.

Oh, also on the sad that Seeker isn’t an RO bandwagon myself, but then I suppose his overly complicated code would prevent it.


Thank you for the compliments, Idont, I really appreciate them! :grin:

I’m glad someone noticed the small comment on Maxwell’s “collaboration”, as that’s something that’ll get expanded on as the story progresses forward. By most countries’ standards, the League is a very independent force, and not everyone is content with leaving things like that.

The player will actually get to meet a member of Stratton’s cabinet in Chapter 4, and I’m looking forward quite a lot to what people will think of them.

Well, his code, among other things. :sweat_smile: This hasn’t been mentioned in-story, but a couple of characters have caught onto the fact that Seeker is (or at least presents himself as) grey-ace.

There will actually be a segment in Chapter 4 (I’m actually writing it right now, it’s near the end of the chapter) where you get to have an actual conversation with Seeker, which will have lots of hints, not all of them verbal, on what exactly his whole deal is.