A Tale of Heroes (WIP) - 72k words. Updated 27/04/2021

Maybe Stratton’s done with Mars after yelling at him or Mars could be our double agent.

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The Somewhat Detailed and overdue Report I promised:
(Sorry for the info dump in advance)

Although Forlorn came off as an asshat with Seeker seeming like the better of the 2; I always knew Forlorn would eventually come around when we started ‘hero duty’ but to me, Seeker always had a deeper purpose and character arc playing simultaneously to the ongoing plot. His profile, states “No 2 Seekers are ever-present at 1 time,” yet he reveals he takes an oath from assumingly a previous Seeker or an inheritor of the previous Seeker’s teachings. Perhaps similar to how in End Game Red Skull guides others to the Soul Stone but he himself cannot obtain it.

Theories regarding Seeker

My theory consists of Seeker seeking (hilarious ik) for the origins of the “Seeker” hence the mention of professional historical or archaeological backgrounds being useful to his so far vague quest. He has been doing this for a decade so I’m also starting to believe he is perhaps looking for a successor or secretly training one. Another theory albeit an unlikely one is a high rel (about +80) can inherit his ‘will’ and/or sword along with his hero name.

I unironically liked Forlorn from the get-go. He responds well with helping innocents, his stance on the press is excellent and I like his relationship with Aki (Even if it’s mostly a mystery for now). I’m wondering if she’s a distant relative or someone he is mentoring because he saw potential in her powers. Or maybe she pulls an MC and goes “Fuck you but I’m going to save civilians.”

His Patriotism

His patriotism really ‘spoke out’ during the conversation in which I found a little surprising. I did enjoy how he reflects on Stratton’s uses of presidential powers; although not stated nor implied I feel like he was driving a connection with how Stratton would rather let his ego get the best of him and wouldn’t use it for anyone but himself while Forlorn is out there battling villains with the power he has for the benefit of others, while not capitalizing on all the fame that comes with it.

I feel like their reveal is enough. Their feat of destroying 80,000 soldiers and forcing an empire to yield is enough hype for future appearances or incarnations of BK & BQ. With the way, Mirror MC stresses how urgent it is to match Seeker’s and Forlorn’s power, BK arrival is likely the event taking place in 6 months’ time. A minor theory of mine but I believe there is a direct connection between Lat & MC vs BK & BQ. Whether or not it means we’ll be all-powerful or Lat and the MC’s powers are linked to the same or similar sources I’m not sure.

League of Legends Lore (I swear its relevant)

Also a little on the LoL lore side of things but there is a similar theme where a King named Viego lost his wife and travelled to a place to perform an ancient ritual that was said to bring her back to life; however it destroyed a part of the realm and transformed inhabitants into undead-like creatures. I believe the Mirror MC was warning that the cost of failure was the end of the world.

I see him somehow twisting this on the heroes. He might be able to use this entire ordeal to further his agenda because hypothetically, “If the heroes were a government-administered force/agency”, they could’ve better coordinated with regular security and the president, to negate any contact the cult leader would’ve had with him. MC relatively had no idea what to do, pondering 4 different options. In addition to that, if the MC chooses to not pull any punches, Stratton would likely exploit this and twist it to the media; especially since they had prior knowledge of their controlled state.

Less about this chapter but my thoughts on Stratton thus far

Furthermore, I believe his strong dislike of heroes is not because they are unruly but because their influence and power directly rival his own. He means to undermine their influence and possibly hamstring the team’s ability to help out wherever but it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to accept if it keeps his influence and power intact.

Some Questions
How do the collars work? And I can’t seem to raise Seeker’s rel higher than 40, is this intentional? Lastly, I wasn’t able to locate the files of the BK & BQ any news with that?


Yo, this was a treat to read :grin: And don’t worry about info dumps, I love reading whatever y’all can come up with, feel free to throw whatever pops into your heads at me :sweat_smile:

True! I’m glad it’s being noticeable since now, as Forlorn and Seeker will both play massive roles in the story, their importance may even be on the same level as that of the MC’s.

It could be the first thing you mentioned… Or the last… Or all three? :thinking:

I’m glad to hear that the BK and BQ introduction was sufficient, they’re two characters I’ve spent a very long time working on, so I agonized a lot about their reveal.

As foe your thoughts on Stratton in general… Well, they’re not bad at all, is all I can say. Power is a commodity that everyone (including you, apparently :stuck_out_tongue:) is looking for, and there’s only so much to go around…

On your theories, I obviously can’t confirm or deny anything, but I’ll admit it is pretty great to see how you’ve tried putting the puzzle together from what has been shown so far, really good effort.


It’s a very complicated piece of technology that Nova and Seeker came up with. Its purpose is twofold, as is mentioned at the start of Chapter 2: It both translates languages to allow communication between people who do not share one, and it cloaks your appearance as to avoid being recognized by the people.

The former is done by the work of a small-ish AI that Nova designed, being able to instantly pick up on sounds and the like to recognize the languages being spoken and translate them as needed. Imagine it’s like your own personal translator. For the dead languages like Latin and the others, Seeker helped program it, basically having conversations with the AI at Nova’s urging.

The cloaking is done via holograms, another invention of Nova’s. The collar does an invisible scan on your face/body, and then sets up a small hologram over your face that, while it doesn’t mess with the user’s eyesight, basically turns you into the most average of John/Jane Does.

TL;DR: nova be doing weird shit yo

I don’t know what the exact max value is (I need to do the math), but yes. Seeker’s relationship stat will be the hardest to raise, there’s a reason for that.

Yeah, that was my bad haha. I forgot to set the variable that makes the profiles visible in Chapter 3. It should be fixed now, so you should be able to see them without issue, apologies :sweat_smile:


They will be fine just few broken bones…okay maybe alot of broken bones XD. And while you’re right about everything being his fault the thing is the public doesn’t know that and given what went down the bomb’s design I don’t there is way for my MC and his friends to spin this… atleast as far as I can see.

On a side note that second gif gave me what I am looking for, hopefully I read into correctly.

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it was a great read but sometimes the story have Strong Cuts for example you think its a weird cult who is doing all this later on “Its not a cult Its Mindcontrol” they never thought about this before and then … Its mind Control ( i thinkit was A Harsh drift maybe they should think about this before like its either a Cult or We Have a Puppet master who is behind all this ?" something like that would be good i guess

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Hmm, could you be a bit more specific? I intended the ‘Mind Control’ revelation to come out of left field, so I tried to not have it be too obvious. Was it too sudden? Too fast?

If anyone else also feels this way, please feel free to speak up, I’d love to hear all opinions on this :grin:

I understand that you want the Suprise effect (I didn’t know)
I suspected Mind control but wasn’t Enterly sure because mental abilitys are a rare thing in this universe (so good job here)
I think it was a drastic Cut (only my opinion)
I can only suggest That you take a bit more time About revialing the whole mind control thing.

Maybe you can win something when you create some more dialog

I mean I Like the characters They crack jokes Und Sometimes I have to Laugh or smirk a bit so Pls keep that up.

(I apologize for my Bad English it’s not my mother tounge and I have problems with writing it in English talking is way easier for me)

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I like how this world has a less charming Jay Jonah Jameson as president. I swear, in all of his complaining I was waiting for him to say “I want pictures of spiderman!”


First of all, about finally releasing: THERE IS A GOD AFTERALL!!! Second: awesome chapter. And third: As I was playing again through chapter two in order to reach the new third chapter because my save was wonky I tought:”wow, how cool would it be if we were the kings reencarnation and lat the queens. Afterall our savior from boredom the great Juan ( maybe a bit to much but true) did say that only lat and us got the mind message. Maybe its related?” And then: BANG. The king will reencarnate. The king is coming! What. the. hell. Could it be? COULD IT?

P.S: I didnt get the civilian fight scene. Couldnt we just fly through them with only enough speed to throw them away with only broken bones, and like that open (or carve) a way to the mind controller?

P.P.S: Sorry for any spelling mistakes even though I consider myself good at english, it’s still not my first language. (Im Portuguese ) (And as a portuguese patriot I want to ask why did you call Columbus a bad guy?( No he was not spanish, he was portuguese, he was simply working for the spanish kings ( as far as I know)))

Sorry for the rant
Youre an awesome writer


I dunno, man, could it? :face_with_monocle: It does sound like a pretty cool plot twist, I’ll admit. :grin:

I will mention one thing: The Controller never mentions The King reincarnating, she believes he is perfectly alive, just in hiding or searching for his Queen’s cure. She wants to draw his attention.

Not necessarily. Remember, Mars cannot fly, which means he’s reliant on you or Nova to carry him when you’re on the air. In the case that you try to fly through, any slight bump or hit could end up sending Mars off of Nova’s back, in which case he’d be left alone in the entire crowd of people.

And, also, when I say the mob/crowd was huge, I mean huge crowd. It’d be too hard to properly tackle through the huge crowd, then shift directions, or speed up or slow down when swarmed by that many people.

And, lastly, there’s the issue of physics. The amount of force the MC and Mars would generate when flying through these crowds would be massive, and whoever you crashed with is likely to be sent flying. And, considering you’re on a rooftop, hundreds of feet above the streets… Well, it wouldn’t be pretty for whoever did fly off.

No problemo, it’s the same with me. You never really stop learning a language. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My problem with Columbus doesn’t come from the fact he’s Portuguese, or Spanish, or any nationality (Though I’m pretty sure he was Italian, not Portuguese, do correct me if I’m wrong).

I’m Dominican, meaning, from the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic exists in the eastern half of an island known as Hispaniola. That name should already tip you off, but in the case it doesn’t: Hispaniola is the island where the first European settlement in the American continent was built.

This island, of course, was inhabited. According to several sources, the population of Tainos here numbered anywhere from 60,000 to over 1,000,000.

With Columbus’ arrival, and the subsequent wars, diseases brought from Europe, and the horrendously brutal establishment of slavery set upon these natives, their population decreased by over 80% in a matter of 30 years. The number of abuses commited by Columbus himself, including raping, slaving, torturing, are all well-documented today. It got to the point that the Spanish, a power that by absolutely no means was merciful ended up taking the governance of the island away from him.

So, yes, I do consider Columbus to be an evil man. His actions were the first in a long, long number of injustices and crimes against the Native population of not only Hispaniola, but a large number of Caribbean islands, to the point that most of them do not have any trace of natives still existing. He was the first to enslave the Tainos, the first to torture them, the first to brutalize them, and… Well, again, there are no natives in Hispaniola.

Thank you! I really appreciate the compliment, I hope you continue to enjoy what is to come. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


With all due respect. I think you are confusing things, Columbus wasn’t the one who conquered, those were the people sent by the kings of Spain. As you said yourself, that ocurred over the course of thirty years, he wasn’t there during all that time. He was a discoverer, he simply discovered and brought the news back to the kings of spain, to whom he was working. I’ll admit, during the time he WAS there, he might have committed crimes, murdered, raped, does that make him an evil man? Sure, of course it does. But he wasn’t a genocide level evil man. Columbus is no Cortez, he wasn’t there to conquer, he was there to discover the sea path to India, wich he failed to do. But he still had found a land, even if it was almost in the other side of the world, and as such, he went back to spain in order to comunicate gis findings. What happens next is not on him. So I was surprised that you put him ne t to hitler thats all.

Of course, if there is anything I said that you disagree with, or that doesn’t add up to what you have learned please do say so. When teaching the discoveries my history teachers always focused more on the portuguese discoveries and as such, I might be mistaken on something about Columbus.

By the way, I checked with my stepfather, and I made a mistake, Columbus’s nationality is not known exactly, but some say ge was portuguese others spanish and others italian.

I hope I haven’t ofended in any way, I do not intend this to be an angry rant or anything of the sort, this is, for me, simply a very interesting and enjoyable discussion.

On the contrary, they finished what Columbus had started. It was under Columbus’ directives that La Navidad, La Isabela, and the first construction of Santo Domingo settlements were built. In both La Navidad and La Isabela, massacres and affronts were commited towards the natives. It was in La Isabela that the first Influenza epidemic of the Americas happened, which cost the lives of nearly a third of the native population.

If that had been all that he had done, then yes, you’d be correct. As far as I am aware, Columbus’ first trip to Hispaniola had no conflict happen in the island. But then, in his second voyage, he marched on Caonabo, one of the 5 Chiefs of the island, with over a hundred men, putting him in chains for defending the women of the island and then exiling him from his homeland.

True. I never said Columbus was genocidal, however, so I’m not entirely sure why this is something you brought up.

You’ll find, I believe, that intentions matter much less than the actions taken for them. ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’, as they say.

Some part of it definitely is. Again, had his travels continued in the same manner as the first one, you’d be right. The most Columbus did at that point was write some insulting things about the natives. What followed, however, was an attack on Taino women committed by his men and a brutal reprisal on Columbus’ part when the Tainos fought back against the abuses, leading to the first Native American uprising against the Spanish, who had already begun to consider Hispaniola – a territory full of minerals, including one of the top ten largest gold mines in the planet– as theirs.

It definitely wasn’t meant as a comparison, or a equalization of the two. While the death toll for the colonization of the Americas is far above that of most other genocidal acts, it would definitely be unfair, and untrue, to put it all on Columbus. Columbus was a prelude for what was to come, but definitely not the sole person responsible for all of it.

Of course, there’s no problem. The… glossing over, let’s say, of the worst aspects of colonization, and many other events in history is a common ocurrence all over the world. Even here, in the Dominican Republic, much is glossed over from those days, preferring to teach about more recent events (which are also white-washed, funny that). In fact, and this speaking from personal experience, several schools insist on considering these events a “good thing”, because these Great Powers brought “civilization” and “progress” to these “wild and untamed lands”.

Not at all, there’s no need to worry. My own knowledge of history isn’t perfect, even in events so close to home, so I’m always willing to engage in discussions regarding it.


This is one badass update right here. I never thought a cult would try to bring back a dead guy. But the lore behind it is epic. Great job.


Thank you! And yeah, the cult has some… interesting ideas about some… interesting people. One can only hope they won’t do something even crazier now or anything… Haha…


Still in love with Seeker and with a lot of interests for Mars.

I liked the new demo.

I’m wondering when we’ll meet the big ennemy or if we have already met him without knowing it.

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Aha, I’m sure Seeker would like hearing this. He’s not the most… beloved man at the moment. :sweat_smile:

I’m glad to hear! Chapter 3 had some Mars interactions, but Chapter 4 will allow you to have a more in-depth scene with him.

Thank you so much! Part of the next update, besides Chapter 4, will actually be polishing up some things from the previous chapters (like clothing choices for the Dinner, some slight foreshadowing of things, and a sparkling new profanity filter).

And, actually speaking of Chapter 4, here’s a post I made on Tumblr late last night about the development of the game:

I’m sorry about the lack of updates first of all, I started a new semester in late May and it’s been sucking almost all of my free time.

But, even accounting for that, it’s been almost two months since Chapter 3, so I truly am sorry that I haven’t finished with Chapter 4. My intent was really to stick to the monthly updates, but I haven’t… exactly stuck to that.

And while part of that is definitely due to my lack of time, Chapter 4 itself still remains a pretty hefty beast on its own. In comparison with the last two chapters, which were more or less consisting of action, followed by weird midnight ghost visits, followed by more action, Chapter 4 will actually be something of a breather. The player will find themselves with one of the most coveted things in the world of heroes: free time, and a city to explore. With those two things, you will have the option to hang out with a… preferred character, in order to do… things! Maybe friend things! Maybe kissy things! Who knows!

More seriously though, the game consists of 5 Romanceable Characters. While some of those may hang out together, each one does require a particular scene where you can get some “quality bonding” time alone, and going through all of them has taken a bit more time than I thought.

However, I assure you, I’m hard at work on it, and intend to present it as soon as possible for you all to enjoy (preferably by early next month at the latest).

Meanwhile, please have this short teaser of… something (in Chapter 4, I swear!):

Short Teaser

“Okay, so you’re pals, I get that. But what are they like? You’ve made it clear you think the world of them.”

“… I hate the heat. The sweat, the feeling of my clothes sticking to me, the feeling of my hair just crashing down on my face as the temperature rises, the feeling of the hot dirt under me as it moves past my shoes and directly hurts my feet- And yes, I know it’s ironic, considering what I always wear, but it’s the truth. If I could, I’d live in perpetual rain.”

“… That’s, uh, not quite what I ask-”

“And even so, saying ‘as if the sun itself embraced you’ is the only way I can describe them. It’s like, they have this kind of radiance within that just comes out in waves, that just makes you want to not give up. To try harder. To demand yourself to be more. Even when the odds seem abysmal, and most have already written you off as dead, you’ll somehow come out the other side alright. It’s, like, they have this… warmth that just overwhelms you, and it turns that belief of ‘we’ll find a way’ into a knowledge that we absolutely will. They taught me that you can, in fact, jump before you leap. Because it’ll be okay, and if it isn’t, then, hey, we just have to make it so!”

“Why does it feel like this is the first honest answer you’ve ever given me?”

“Because it totally is. But seriously, if someone looked at my life story, xxxx, I assure you, they’d find a lot of hardships. But if you asked me? My hardships ended when I met them.”

  • Excerpts of a particular conversation between two certain individuals on an irrelevant rooftop (May 20, 2020).

(Now look at this cool drawing I commissioned of a character you won’t meet until at least 4-5 chapters from now.)

(No connection to the teaser above.)



this is sooooo cool. I like this story a lot.

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(post deleted by author)

Out of curiosity what made you decide to write this story

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Heya, sorry it’s taken me a bit to answer, I seem to have missed the notification for your post. :sweat_smile:

First off, thank you so much for checking out my story! :smiley:

Second, for your question, I don’t think I can point to any deep, long-held reason, past the fact that this setting, these characters, they all came to me immediately. This was a story that I immediately knew how I wanted it to play out, so I think of it less that I chose to write this story, and more that the story chose me.

I think I’ve mentioned it a bit above, but the first time I thought about AToH, I was walking home from the dentist, when I just had the thought of “Huh, what if I made [spoiler superhero inspiration] this way…?”, and it all snowballed from there.

But I don’t really have a… message, I guess, that I want to lay down in front of people. There may be some comments spread around, or characters that ascribe to something specific, but that’s more a result of my biases than any pre-held notions.

My goal, or objective, with this story is just to create a world where people can have fun. You’re a superhero, and your job is to save the world! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had that particular dream before.

The deepest comment I suppose I am making here is that even if you have chosen to forget your past, that doesn’t mean your past has chosen to forget you. But how you react to that, and how much you let it define you, is still up to choice, as… certain people are wont to show, eventually.