A Tale of Heroes (WIP) - 218k words. Updated 12/17/2023 with Chapter 6: Part One!

You could add a small section for the ROs in your post if you want. I’ve just seen many authors do that in their posts and it looks pretty neat.


Are there any ROs? How many?:thinking::roll_eyes::smirk_cat: Is Aki an RO?

And @Jjcb that Relationship section in stats could be great in main section instead as a tab imo


Nice thank-you @No_This_Is_Patrick
I like Nova and Aki characters already, a good one but Latooni a bit Looney :joy_cat::smile_cat::thinking:

will there only be 2 female and one male RO?..seems to be a loss of choices to pick

anyways- moving on- Will there be a save option?


Fixed! Should be changed with the next update.

Should be done when I post the next update, I’m working on the second half of Chapter 1 as we speak. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll change it along with the next update.

I’m… not entirely sure of how the plugin works, and I add more variables to the startup file as I keep writing, which means that saves might be useless if I do sufficiently big updates, but yes, I’ll eventually add one. As soon as I figure out how it works.

Another thing I’d like to add, regarding romanceable characters, is that I don’t really like mentioning them before they appear on the story, since I believe that sets up (sometimes) innacurate expectations of the characters. I have some plans for at least two other romance options, but I’d prefer to keep mum about them until they appear.


Considering how many games there are with majority male and no one says anything, I don’t see a problem. Pretty sure there’s a game with like 6 male and 2 female ROs.


oof really? then I must be blind :expressionless:

Lol your words are dripping with high quality sarcasm :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:

He’s right though, if there’s no gender customizable RO, then mostly it’s male.


Can there be cheats? Also I’m pretty sure @No_This_Is_Patrick is right.

o.o ok this is a fascinating game so i gonna keep a eye on it.

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¿Cuál es tu idioma nativo ? El mío es el español y soy mexicano

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I don’t think there will be a need for them, the game isn’t meant to be super-hard or anything. Maybe eventually, when the story is a bit more advanced.

Hey, qué tal? Es español también, aunque yo soy Dominicano. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Que curioso. Escuché que la isla es bellísimo. También mi padre conoció a un dominicano que vivía en Nueva Jersey y nos acompañó en una visita guiada por el centro de México.

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I enjoy it. Wonder what powers we will receive. I’ll def read this.

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uh i dont supouse you be adding a save function to your game will you?,that way we can save were its up to currently and resume it from were you left of when the game progresses further on each update to the game.

Heya everyone! Just wanted to let you know, I have uploaded the rest of Chapter 1, alongside a bit of Chapter 2, letting it end at a… well, interesting part. :grin:

It’s not too big an update, only about seven thousand words, but still. More content. I count that as a win! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What to expect (patch notes? whatever, not important):

  • Lat can do what?
  • The Three Amigos!
  • “What do some dumb mountains have that I don’t?” >~>
  • Are those butterflies I’m starting to feel???
  • The wonders of being a prodigy!
  • The pains of not being a prodigy!

As an aside, I recently got a commission done by the incredibly talented Mmeizn over on Instagram for one of the characters. It’s not official or anything, but this is more or less how I envision him.

And on that note, since I’m so happy with how it came out, I’ll even add a slight quote of his, which should get the theory-crafters going on his motivations. :nerd_face:


"I am Seeker. My search started long before I picked up the sword, and it will go on long after I am expected to put it down. That is the oath I have made."

The update can be played through the link it the OP. Once again, have fun! :cat:


Just to let you know the stats button is broken everytime you click it says no selectable option available and won’t let you continue

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Oh, sorry about that! I messed up some indentation by mistake there, it should be fixed now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yep it’s working and I like the addition I’m torn between my feelings of aki or lat :weary::weary:

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