A Tale of Heroes (WIP) - 218k words. Updated 12/17/2023 with Chapter 6: Part One!

I’m kinda confused on that because there are so many better and closer places in Europe to smuggle to America in the west and there’s a lot of land between Crete and American in the east

NA is North AFRICA, not America.

Not that the geography is accurate, though, unless Heracles moved those pillars a whole lot more in the AToH universe.

Now, do I admit the King is vaporizing most of Western Europe soon, or do I admit I’m bad at geography…


Really? I’ve never seen that abbreviation but, live and learn

Why would you be good at geography? It’s not like you have to look at a map whenever your nation does a police action.


Maybe he does, it’s just that nobody ever had the opportunity to find out.

Will we be able to implement the I don’t particularly care about this job and want to resign/retire asap philosophy of statecraft too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just because my mc suddenly has alien superpowers that make him almost the classic stereotype of a superhero doesn’t mean he suddenly knows anything about statecraft or world politics. He would generally vote vaguely progressive socdem he might even endorse and/or donate to a few politicians, if he thought that would help, but for this mc of mine that is about as far as his interest in politics goes.
Lat used to be an activist, he was not, except when Lat almost literally dragged him along.

Is that “chuck your rivals into a black hole” emblematic of how most energy aliens approach those sorts of things or just an idiosyncratic, “charming”, quirk of our little passenger?


Sure, that’ll be possible too. Not everyone wants to deal with politics and general statecraft, the BQ certainly didn’t.


Nice try. :stuck_out_tongue:


never in my life has NA been North Africa and not North America

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I’m just here for the corundum eyes at this point. After Naruto and JJK, cool-looking eyes are my favorite feature.

Does Seeker have those yet or is that only Victoria and above level?

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Not as far as the MC or the rest of the team knows. It’s a distinctive enough feature that it’d have been brought up if he had them.

But some content does seem to mention that Seeker’s eyes are strange in some way- Ignis thinks they ‘pull you in deep enough to forget your surroundings’ and that’s not some weird ‘crush’ talk happening, as she comments on that way before any feelings crop up.


Separate from the discussion above, work on Chapter 6 continues. I put down a good 1.4k words on it today.

Here is a small snippet of a choice in a Latooni scene:

#The March of the Doomed: A short recollection of the Byzantine invasion of Crete and the involvement of the King and Queen.
#An Empire’s Terror: Look into the Byzantine reaction to the Cretan Kingdom’s foundation and the popular view of its rulers.
#Monarchy Leading the People: An explanation for why, a thousand years on, Crete still reveres its King and Queen.
#Old Crete: Observations on the infrastructure of Chandax’s still-standing Old City, the long-ago home of the King and Queen, and one built only in their image.

Documentaries! Which one sounds the most interesting to you?


Monarchy Leading the People


Old Crete is something I’d put on while folded laundry or something lol. Fun background noise about a historical site.


Definitely March of the Doomed for myself. I just wanna see how absurdly strong BK really is and then fight him later.


Old Cretan architecture is such a fun mix, honestly.

You have old Roman Empire stuff, which is then surrounded a lot by Moorish architecture from the Andalusian settlers of the Emirate, and then you have very minor Byzantine influences through the Queen, who tended to ‘pick and choose’ whatever plan from the engineers/architects looked better.

You see this most directly with the contrast between the National Palace and the Hero-Monarch’s Palace, honestly.

The former is heavily Moorish, being a consistently remodeled and upgraded ‘city hall’ from the times of the Emirate, while the HM place isn’t Byzantine, it’s inspired by Old Rome, most notably Diocletian’s Palace in Croatia (the HM’s Palace is similarly gigantic. Though Chandax was a larger city than Split, the HM’s palace still makes up a good fifth of the Old City).


This one. My mc likes architecture more than politics.


Hello. I’m sick. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

But sickness is no impediment, I’ve tried to keep writing as much as I have been able to. Assuming there is no catastrophic situation (such as, I dunno, the DR going to war), I’m feeling confident enough to promise the Chapter 6 update will be released in October! :tada:

In the meantime, though, because you guys have all been so good, I thought it’d be fun to share two actually worthwhile portions from Chapter 6, and to serve as an apology for the slow down due to my illness.

But either way, here they are, two of the very lore-important documentaries that your MC and Lat can choose to watch in Chapter 6, explaining the truth and power of the world’s only Hero-Monarchs:

If you’d like, please feel free to share your thoughts on either! I’m giving the MC such a chance, and I definitely am open to hearing how your own characters would react to this information to include the options!


Do you think there is any risk of spillover from whatever special operations Kenya is going to carry out that is potentially severe enough to drag your country into it?


I don’t think Kenya is likely to drag the DR into the conflict, but there are a lot of simmering tensions between Haitians and Dominicans currently running high and our government atm is taking a pretty harsh stance against Haiti.

I don’t think Kenya wants to drag us into it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the now-desperate criminal gangs end up fucking with the DR’s border territories and the government gets involved in the quagmire due to that.