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I don’t see how her trying to get with MC (even if it’s a fling) while being in a relationship with seeker is, not gross. And I am pretty sure that the MCs who flirt with her looking for something serious will be hurt and angry if she reveals that she was in a way with seeker all along(though just to confirm is she kinda, with seeker?). A big reason for that will be the question that MC can ask in the pool scene about her & seeker being, ya know. And this is IF, and people expect the romantic options to be only romanceable by players, not other characters, unless the story asks the story for some sorta permission (like, Leon & Astrid in the Keeper Series). So if Ignis is an RO,and even if we may not get a happy ending with her, if I am romancing her, I would seriously be creeped out to find her even sleeping (not that kinda) with Seeker. If I am not romancing her, idgaf about who she is with.


no, she isn’t, it’s a weird relationship but Juan has already said that there will be no NTR, no cheating/going behind MCs back by ignis to be with seeker. its just that she will always end up with seeker (break up with MC, get with seek)


To be clear, Ignis and Seeker are not together. She’s not messing with him on the side or anything like that. They have feelings for each other, and they like spending time together and all, but that’s where the relationship ends, at least for now.

I don’t want to spoil anything beyond what I have already said regarding the romance, but you can trust me on that.

Also, to the questions of why Ignis is listed as a RO, this:

is pretty much my view in the matter.


Well if anything the author did write a really realistic “rich girl” character as RO, but I agree with the others, atleast give us an option to be angry with the situation Ignis saddled us with.


seeker is a self insert character so this is not really a surprise in the end…


I ended up writing my personal thoughts about the whole ignis thing. I didn’t really mean to but I got caught up typing while doing it so here it is. TLDR version is Ignis is best girl for emotionally driving my character towards working harder and there is no cheating of any sort within the story currently as stated by the author and characters.

I think the Ignis RO is great, here's why

I understand some people want their characters and romance options to fit into their ideal. However this is also a story (One that is choice driven true) in this and any other story, drama/heartbreak/loss is always a wonderful motivation for characters to work from. Having ignis as an Ro that ends the potential relationship with the MC works well in this mold. Personally I like using the ignis romance as a basis for my MC to want to get stronger because they’ll feel inadequate. Is it a healthy feeling? No. But it is a good character motivation provided through the story because of the options i’ve made. In essence isn’t that what we all are playing for? A good story that can work and progress because of the individual decisions we’ve made that shape both our own character and the entire story at large.

Why do people think this?

For the continuation of the argument of if she is or is not in a relationship with seeker when she sort of enters one with the MC. It is clearly stated within the story that the two are at the moment of the story good friends and nothing more or less. In fact it’s one of the questions you are able to ask Ignis during the vacation in Japan. She says that she doesn’t really know what or how she is ultimately feeling towards Seeker nor does she really know how he feels about her, but at the moment that her and the MC are together seeker is not an issue nor a problem that needs concerning as she’s not secretly two timing with the MC and seeker. TLDR; it’s not an argument both the author and the character have both clearly stated that there is no cheating being done.


One of the portraits in the “Art Commission” tab shows a 'Victoria Daimon". Who’s that? I haven’t gotten to the end of the demo yet so if she’s a spoiler character, can someone let me know? When I first saw her I was hoping that she was a RO cause she looks interesting but then I saw that she wasn’t included in it sooo…

If you’ve seen Seeker talking about V in the story already, that’s Victoria. Also was the Seeker before the current one but for whatever reason, she dumped it onto him and did her own thing. But we’re probably gonna meet her at some point in B1.


So, just to be clear, Aki/Lat poly is not in the demo but the author is considering it at least?

Please refer to this post from three days ago;

See, this is why you need to put some distance between yourself and MCs.

Honestly, I am a fan of the author taking on the challenge of messy, complicated relationships. It takes great skill to convey the motivations and human frailties of the characters beyond “X is bad.”

I already plan on rolling two variations of the same MC.

One where he pretty much realizes he has feelings for Lat when she chooses to stick by him when everything started going crazy.

And one who is dazzled by his beautiful idol being interested in him and going through the sweet angst and character development of a failed relationship before the Childhood Friend Wins.


Will Mc have the option to breakup with Ignis? either because they realize that they have feelings for someone else or because they see how Ignis and Seeker behave with each other, thus giving a chance to breakup before things go south or wait till Ignis break things off and be like “I’ve seen how you and Seeker are with each other and I understand where you are coming from”. Sorry for my bad english.


I don’t recall where exactly I think it was tumblr but yeah if I am remembering correctly the author said there will be a couple opportunities to break things off with Ignis before they decide to end things.

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While y’all distracted with Ignis, I’m stealing this man.


You. You get it.


Goddamn it Apple!


Switch out “stupid sexy Seeker” for “ridiculously sexy Lat” and you got me right there.

Same thing for Aki and @JBento


Finally, someone else out here representing Lat! I thought I was the only one!


Oh please, I’ve been team Lat for a loooooong time now lol


Lol you were here this entire time and I didn’t even notice you. We’ve been buried in Ignis diehards for far too long, but you existence brings me great peace of mind. You are my bruda :joy: