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That’s called divine author’s intervention. Still not gonna happen


If I can’t romance her after that chapter 4 scene, atleast allow me to go full Homelander.


But poor MC can’t kill Seeker. They are just a rookie.

Killing Seeker might be out of the question but when the MC does get on the Forlorn/Seeker level, it would be satisfying to knock Seeker down at least 30 pegs while beating him brutally enough to the point that he has to pass the Seeker title to someone else. I just don’t really like that sleazy dude, and good thing he is not interested in Lat, otherwise there’d be problems.

Thats going to take a hell lot of time.

Me too

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Seek is a pal albeit a weirdass one…my mc wouldn’t object to getting the upper hand on Forlorn sometime though as Forlorn is actually the co-worker he has the most difficulty with.


Of course, putting the matter of getting to their level aside for a second, embarking upon that sort of action against Seeker is likely to get the MC squaring off against Forlorn, Ignis, Aki, and the woman who’s considered the ‘World’s Strongest’ in Victoria.

Considering what’s coming, that’s maybe not the best decision to make, for both the MC’s health and the world’s future.

… At least, one would think. Maybe one should get Gloria’s thoughts on the matter.


Depends on MC or Seeker?

Well, the whole League, really. There’s no specific figures, though some will have a more “direct” (though not more significant, exactly) effect.

Remember, many times, what brought the empires of our world down was not only external pressure, but intense and internal disputes which caused that external pressure.

If the League is too busy cannibalizing itself… Well. Who’s going to defend us all?


Thats good to know cuz in my mind I always imagine Seeker as a centerpiece of all. I dont know why?

Seeker is pretty important, in more ways than one, and he is one of the pieces (alongside two others) that lead to the plot kicking off, but he’s not really the center of things, no.

If you’re worried about centerpieces, I’d look at Forlorn and (more importantly) Aki.

After all, you have a sack full of hints regarding Seeker already. But what do you really know about those two?

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That said I still think the only way for my mc and Forlorn to ultimately resolve their differences and learn to respect each other is to fight it out karate kid style. But for that to be possible in the first my mc needs to still get a lot stronger first as he is not a respectable opponent for Forlorn right now.

Of course that assumes the energy alien riding our mc’s flesh/using us a dimensional anchors will even let us do something like that.

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Oh, don’t worry, Other!MC is actually very invested in seeing the MC grow stronger. They’ll never stand in the way of that, so go nuts on training.

And this is kind of hinted so far, but they don’t really like Forlorn. If things ever get to a point where you might have to take a swing at the muscle man, Other!MC will be cheering you on quite a bit.

That said, I already have a few plans for the rapprochement between Forlorn and the MC. They are… surprisingly civil, although we are quite a ways off from seeing them yet.

Well, unless one has no sense of self-preservation and chooses to date Aki. Then his softer side may show up a tad sooner. :stuck_out_tongue:


So that just narrows it down to “everybody in the universe, except Aki and martial arts professor”.

Look man, if you’re going to call me out like this the least you could do was tag me.

“I didnt mean you specifical-”

The hell you didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m onto you, Jj. I’m onto you.

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Too bad in the heat of things you outed yourself to the world :joy_cat::smiling_imp::smirk_cat:


Well, you could add Seeker and Ignis to the exceptions as well. :stuck_out_tongue: Barring the few… exceptions… relating to Ignis, both Forlorn and Seeker do get along pretty well. Forlorn does consider Seeker his friend, after all.

Now now, Aki is a popular lady, she’s got plenty of other folks who are ready to brave the former Valkyria in the search for her affections.

I’ll just, uh, start preparing a mass grave.

Nooooooot related to the above at all.



Whatever happens and whoever is against them… My MC still wants Ignis :joy_cat::smiling_imp::kissing_cat:


I daresay this is a topic in which I can’t be outed, because i was never “in”.

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Attachment is a root cause of suffering

Ignis is going to bring only suffering to MC’s life