A Tale of Heroes (WIP) - 147k words. Updated 03/11/2021

Hmmm, honestly, I was thinking the Revolutionary party would be purple, yeah. The Liberation and Revolutionary parties came about rather late in comparison, after World War 2. By that point, the national consciousness of America already associated red with “the left”, courtesy of the USSR, UK’s Labour, etc. It also helped that a lot of immigrants from Europe came to America shortly after WW2, which meant that they had that natural “blue is conservatives, red is socialist”.

The purple would be a compromise, “the best of the Dems mixed with the red of the future.”

The Liberation party would likely be some sort of blue and yellow mix, honestly. They want to imply that they’re not as bad as Republicans, but they want to give a sense of familiarity to the newer citizens, who don’t all exactly… share the love of socialism and such.

For a given definition of it, to be entirely fair. It’s true that LGBTQIA+ people are less targeted (although that goes more for homosexuals and bisexual people, as it does irl), but there’s still a lot of cracks. It’s not really obvious, but Nova seems to have somewhat of a distrust towards the police in Chapter 3, Ignis has a lot of legitimate grievances against the Liberation Party, and, of course, the American people did elect Stratton. And as you can see from Nova’s depiction during the WH Correspondent’s Dinner, Stratton and his aides have some, uh… some thoughts on the irregular (read: non-white) immigrant.

If the MC spends much time with Latooni, they’ll likely see another aspect of it. As I’ve mentioned, she’s half-Japanese, and there’s a certain portion of America that thinks that Seeker made it so Japan got off too lightly.

There’s a lot of victories in this version of the US, but that just means it’s easier to concentrate on other ugly aspects. America’s foreign policy isn’t really any better than irl, and there’s not really any sort of noticeable political current that denounces America’s actions.

Natives are still just as oppressed as irl, as the King’s diary mentions, America still got involved in plenty of regime change in South/Central America and Asia, and most of the establishment doesn’t exactly care. Gloria’s personal position can more or less be summed up with “Vae victis”, and the rise of superheroes has led to a more militaristic approach in certain circles.


So, green-ish then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The main conservative party using a shade of green will be a shock to present day Americans in our universe I’m sure. Then again coming from a green party myself there has been a growing segment of tories on bikes as some call them or the tech-bro wing who preach technological and market driven/private solutions over state ones for years now in many of our European green parties.


Well, something closer to Turquoise than anything else, but… :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly, despite all the thoughts to the backgrounds and such, a decent bit of the “aesthetics” for both parties come from what I deal with irl. The DR has both the Dominican Liberation Party and the Dominican Revolutionary party, though I’ve more or less swapped their positions for AToH.

The main people of both parties are more mixed, but Governor Maya is more or less based on an early Juan Bosch that’s watered down with some Bernie Sanders, while Gloria is a mix of Teddy Roosevelt and… certain other historical figures who said something about iron, blood, and the next big blow up coming from somewhere in the damned Balkans.

You’re right that the Liberators want to let private enterprises come up with the solutions, though. I mean, they’ve done such a good job all the time.

Just look at the Coltellos, and how well they worked on those massive armored su…

Never mind…


Let’s face it, unless Nova goes private (which, lol), every other piece of private-developed tech is just gonna be “it exists, I guess?” level.

Considering that “making things” is literally half of Nova’s power set, it’d be weird if I did. It’d make me half a Nova. :laughing:

Maybe I DO have an idea.
Because I AM half a Nova.
Specifically, the first part.
I’m a No.
“Do you have any superpowers?” No.
“Do you have any non-super powers?” No.
“Are you rich?” That’s a superpower, and I already answered that. No.


Oh, you have no idea the kind of stuff that Nova will get up to making. I just started writing a certain piece of Chapter 5 where he comes in clutch, and that’s just the beginning of it.

That said, we’re gonna see a lot of new tech that isn’t from Nova eventually. It’s all gonna be beyond what we had in 2020 irl, though I’m keeping under wraps what it is, exactly.

I can confirm most of it won’t come from the US, though. You’ll see. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nova is Tony Stark is this world lol. His only power is money


No, it’s not. Nova’s super-power is two-fold:

1 - He’s basically Forge

2 - He’s ALSO Taskmaster.

Nova’s not rich (beyond the fact that he’s getting bankrolled by Ignis, like the rest of the League).

I mean, presumably he’s not rich because he doesn’t want to, otherwise he could just sell off the specs to the Wing to the US military for a gajillion dollars and be swimming in it. Unfortunately for Nova’s bank account, he has morals, so that’s unlikely to happen.


I love this!!! Dear author, you are amazing at storytelling! Please keep this up :ok_hand:


Sounds fascinating, will play!


So, I haven’t mentioned this on this thread, but I got a ton of feedback the other day regarding the start of the game. A lot of it wasn’t nice (mostly because I wasn’t meant to see it) but there were a few criticisms that were more than fair, and it spurred me on to do one of my sidegoals that I’ve been planning for at least a few months:

Rewritting the prologue and Chapter 1.

First off, I’m not going to change the story, so don’t feel a single bit of worry. The plot will remain the same, and I promise I won’t take any other ROs away from you because of this :p. All that’s happening is that I’m making it so the first two sections of the game fit better with what comes after. There’s some dialogue changes (Other You has a more stable personality and resembles their later appearances better), and I’ve reworked Lat’s introduction, so she doesn’t come as out of left field.

Chapter 1 is getting more or less the same treatment. The story will remain the same, but my writing “style” is more set in stone now, and thus things will ‘fit’ better. I’m not going to tell you all the specifics though, mainly because I want there to be at least some surprises when you play through it.

Which brings me to my question. See, I know it’s been… unbearably long since I last updated the game. Life has absolutely rolled me, and while I can say to you that I’m still on the horse, I wouldn’t fault you guys for being tired of waiting. Chapter 5 is coming along well (and in fact I’m more excited about it, because there was a section that had me pulling at my hair, and I’ve now figured out how to deal with it), but it’s still a ways off.

Meanwhile, these re-writes are almost done. They’ve been very fun to do, and a lot of the dialogue just feels like it flows much better. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out, as well as the fact that it’s being done at an insanely fast pace. I knocked out over 6000 words in just two days, or ~9 hours if only counting the time I was actually writing.

So… while I work on Chapter 5, would you guys like to get this short update of a fresh prologue and chapter 1? It’d be accompanied by some of the feedback I got for Chapter 4, including a “solo” outing that the MC can have, equal to the hang-out scenes with the rest of the cast.

I feel like you guys deserve something that’s even a tad new, if only to serve as proof that progress is being made.

I’ve set up a straw poll so I can hear your thoughts. Before I do that, though, to be clear:

This rework and the Chapter 4 additions will not come out right now. They’re about a week and a half (maybe two) away. I can promise it should all be done by the end of the month, maybe the first week of July, at worst.

If you would prefer to wait until Chapter 5 is done, so the update can be “meatier”, then that’s perfectly fine as well, but you should note that Chapter 5 is still very much a work in progress. I can assure you it will not be done by the end of this month, and I also cannot promise it will be done by the end of the next one.

Either way, here is the link, please leave a vote: What update would you all prefer? - Straw Poll

I’ll stick to whatever you guys (and those on the Tumblr blog, since I’ve posted the link there as well) decide, so feel entirely free to vote for what you’d prefer with no worries at all.


I hate when it happens but G’Luck, perfecting art/story is always a good thing.

Whaaaat?!? Did you take away any of the previous ROs before? I did not know.

I think it’d be good either way but I’d prefer it if you update it along with tbe Chapter 5.


Well, I still hold that Ignis counts as a RO despite… everything, but enough people have made their position know that “She isn’t a RO” is an actual take. It’s petered out a bit by now, but I still hear it every so often. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the good wishes and sharing your thoughts, by the way! Have missed you in the thread this past while. :smile:


I hope she is a RO. I like the unrequited love angle and the new blooming romance with someone else. Maybe have a inner conflict with herself about the feelings she has for both MC and Seeker and which is stronger then the other.


It’s Seeker bro, there’s no question lol.


Honestly, I think you should push out whatever version of the update you feel better about.

Do you feel iffy about pushing an update that’s all rewrites and no story progress? Wait for rewrites+5.

Do you feel that you’re taking too long to publish an update (YOUR opinion, not anyone else’s)? Push the rewrites on their own.

Whatever makes you feel better about your project and your progress, man.


More like she isn’t a full RO. Lol I do agree though, I want her as a proper RO.


Life is constantly trying to drag me down :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Valid. Seeker is an odd character of mystery.

I agree like I commented above. It’s your decision but at the same time I’d prefer an update along with Chapter 5


@Jjcb – Your update will be ready when it is ready.

I’d rather you release an update when you are both happy and ready to, not as “proof of progress.”


Purely your own preference, would you like feedback just on the rewritten parts first, or would you rather hold off until everything is finished and your tester’s can play through it all at once and give feedback on everything all at once?


I have to admit, it does feel rather nice to know I still have all of you guys’ trust still. :sweat_smile:

Progress is going well still, I put down another 1.3k words last night, while I was waiting to see what you all though.

That said, this was kind of what I leaning towards, and the vote is wholly unanimous from what I’m seeing, so… We’ll wait until Chapter 5 is done, and then commit to a full update then!* Perhaps we’ll even break the 200k words barrier once it’s out? :grin:

Again, thank you all for sharing your thoughts, and offering some words of reassurance! I really appreciate it, and it’s definitely motivating to remember them while I’m writing the story. :blush:

*It’s going to be even better like this, I think. It allows me to come up with more ironic statements, like this one:

lat thinks she's funny