A Tale of Heroes (WIP) - 147k words. Updated 03/11/2021

Oi @Lyle_Schiefer and @Godspeed you two can argue and debate all you want but it doesn’t matter at all… The discussion has no value cause whatever you say or do or whatever you two THINK you know doesn’t matter cause, it all comes to @Jjcb, it’s all in his hands… He can change anything at anytime and you can be wrong. @Jjcb can make Lat and MC equally powerful, MC weaker, Lat weaker. What I meant to say is everything depends on what Juan Cuevas wants to make and what he writes.

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I quote here myself I never said these are the values. Since I said maybe for one and two I already said we the readers won’t know only Jjcb will. @Empress_Nightmare

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That the mc knows of. Considering that both the mc and Lat still seem to know only the very basics of their (creepy lookalike’'s) “powers”.
Obviously with the creepy alter-ego living in our mind, a trait only shared by Lat by the way. Who is to say the mc lacks mind powers completely? Especially considering something fishy is clearly going on with their mind/consciousness right now.
By that reasoning, who is to say that the mc and Lat even truly have powers of their own, instead of playing host to alien entities?
Both mc and Lat seem to be highly atypical among the superhuman community after all and even about “regular” superhumans and their powers not much really seems to be known yet. Which is why the US government may be so desperate to experiment on and possibly vivisect the supers.

All we know for now is that the creepy alter ego’s seemingly want the mc to improve faster, along a steeper curve than Lat.


one word: MORE!!!


more words: I figured I should add that I really enjoyed this (if “MORE!!!” didn’t make that obvious), and I can’t wait till it’s finished. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the compliment! I hope the story will keep you hooked as more truths are revealed and chaos begins to reign supreme. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

On the discussion before that, I think everyone’s been making pretty good points (apologies for not jumping in earlier, I’ve been kept from my PC the last couple days due to circumstances). The level that Lat and the MC will reach in the end isn’t entirely set in stone, I’ll admit, as the scales will grow much bigger and I’d rather not give out my word and then have to contradict myself, but on the topic of Lat vs MC alone, I do have one thing to note:

When you compare growth rates, Latooni’s been advancing much faster than the MC, at least so far. She’s gone from wobbling while just lifting herself up at the start of Chapter 3, to doing inter-state travel on her own by Chapter 4.

It’s true that she began at a much lower level, but she’s progressed a lot more. I wouldn’t count her out of being the MC’s equal at some point just yet.

Especially since they do say people grow stronger in a crisis, and what I have planned is…



Lat is the best girl and I stand by that. However, Aki has the best route Forlorn wanting to beat us up makes ten times better. Also how high is Nova’s IQ Batman’s is 192 and Nova seems to be in that ball park so I am just wondering.


I’d to have the option to go punch for punch with him when he finds out, I mean I’ll probably make a save so I can use diplomacy in order to not lose friendship points with him, but a melee only mc completely humilliating forlorn sounds too appealing to me


I honestly haven’t given it much thought like that. IQ isn’t exactly… the best way to measure intelligence, so to speak, and I hadn’t looked at it that way.

But for a textual description, Nova is indeed very smart. Chances are, he’s probably the smartest man on the planet. He doesn’t quite have the encyclopedic knowledge that Seeker does, or the raw amount of life experience that Forlorn has, but in wits alone, he’s definitely got them both beat.

I wouldn’t say he compares directly to Batman and Tony Stark as they are now, but… an early, Year One Batman? Yeah, he’s definitely at that level.

He’s not going to bend reality with sheer wits just yet, but he may very well advance human technology a thousand times faster than we would in the real world.

… Assuming he has the necessary resources, of course.


Could Nova in that case have countermeasures against every hero? like batman does? tbh at first I thought that the intelligence stat would mean that our mc would get to build their own weapons/super armor/gadgets and stuff, so I was kinda dissapointed when I realized it just makes you notice a couple of certain things that you wouldn’t if the stat was too low and for fighting strategies(martial arts prowess), the charm stat I get It can influence how likable you are or would give more options/more words will appear in convos if it’s high enough, or people would be willing to reveal more to mc, that I actually like but I would like for it to not be a basic skill and more like a superpower, like empathy manipulation, for example mc being able to read the emotions of the characters having a conversation with him, or being able to alter their emotions for them to like him more, enrage them, make them feel like they’re attracted to him etc… in a fight you could enrage an opponent so they start to make mistakes and act erratic, or make them feel like they like you so they get confused and you can use that as an opening to beat them, the fighting stats are pretty self-explanatory because you either go superman or you go dragon ball, thing is those two stats FEEL SUPER, as opposed to charm and intelligence that just seem like a regular human with a somewhat higher IQ or a very attractive individual that studied diplomacy, also it’d be cool for mc’s master to be the most benefitial one for them depending on which power they developed, so yeah I know mc is supposed to be a full on powerhouse, but it’d be cool for all the stats to actually be a superpower and that they’d bring different abilities or fighting types with them, for example an empath mc could train with lat every time and they could help each other to grow their abilities together as they both would have mind-based powers, it’d be cool that mc could build technological devices, armors, and weapons with nova if he goes full intelligence, ignis for energy, and both forlorn and seeker for strength, aki’s natural charm could also be a power so she could help empath mc to further develop their powers, anyway right now intelligence and charm are kinda dissapointing in the super sense since they feel like regular abilities rather than a superpower, I know you can still use those stats to resolve fights but right now is silver tongue your enemy or beat them in martial contest, mc still relies in super strength or energy blasts to resolve the fights so it doesn’t feel like an unique way to win