A.T.U: Breaking The Law (Working Title) (WIP)

Summary: A.T.U is a unit that protects its privacy for about 10 years and is designated to handle terrorist threats. It consists of the best police in New York. You will find out they are not innocent like you think when you become one of them.

You can stay on the good side, or you can choose the dark side of it.

WARNING: This game contains violence and profanity.

Thank you for attention. You can ask any questions you want.


Kind of joining NSA lol will be watching this thread.


Yes something like that :joy:

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sounds good! Looking forward to it!

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When will demo be released?

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I don’t know yet. But I will try to finish demo as soon as I can.

No need to stress yourself, release the demo when you like :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh jeez. I love this game already!

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I like the plot of the story.


What does ATU stand for? I can ASSUME it means Anti-Terrorism Unit, but you know what they say about assuming…

Sounds good can’t wait to be dark

So the MC will be a new member of the A.T.U ?

Oh! Getting recruited into an elite police agency ala Ghost in the Shell? Count me in! Also, seems like we’ll be getting gender choice. Will that handle bias ect that service women in particular face, or trans/nonbinary individuals? What kind of focus will this have, like an office/field/training, or more of the personal development side of this story? Also, will it include any sort of relationship building and how that can tax with one or more partner being essentially ‘married’ to the job?

Never seen a game like this before… rather excited for this one.

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So I can be a dirty cop nice take bribes well its free for fall every man for him self if I join lol

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