A Sun Asunder: post-apocalyptic survival [WIP] [18K-->34K][UPDATE 28/06/24]

A Sun Asunder





❝When the sun went away, creatures of the dark came out to play. The hours between dusk and dawn are no longer safe.❞

Before you were born, the earth was overrun by behemoths; spindly, pale creatures with a loping gate.

Billowing smoke expelled from their spindly legs like gas, consuming thousands. The cover of darkness doesn’t shield humanity anymore.

Now an adult – a decade after the initial apocalypse, you are trying to steer clear of the roving giants. This life of hiding, running, and fighting are all you know. Modern comforts have never been something familiar to you.

With the looming threat of a behemoth approaching your new, broken home, you’re force to flee…again.

But for how much longer can you continue running? Can you figure where your parents went? And, most importantly –

What ever happened to the sun?


You had the privilege of being born on the island where it – the apocalypse – first happened. Luckily (or unluckily) for you, the place has been abandoned ever since. Whoever could afford to leave, left for greener pastures.

You and a handful of inhabitants now fend for yourselves, abandoned on the island.

Avoid shadow beasts, steer clear of the behemoths, scavenge whatever you can, and hopefully find a safe place to call home. Survive with companions – or be a lone wolf, utterly self sufficient. The answer lies within you.


Four romance options and four animal ‘companions’ are planned. In the demo, one animal companion (feral dog) and the little sibling are introduced (both are optional companions).
*This list is subject to change! I may hold votes on what the other animal companions will be but otherwise the RO’s are already outlined.



  • Ranger is serious and reliable, living in a cabin within The Dead Woods. They take on the mantle of the ‘wood ranger’, despite the title holding little prestige now a days. can you figure out why Ranger defends these fruitless woods, refusing to flee? And what have they got hidden away in their cabin?

  • Bite is a feral man/woman who finds their residence high in the mountain cave. They’re illusive and untrusting, thoroughly unsocialized. You don’t know why they’ve been wandering all alone, all these years, but you’re determined to find out. Can you figure out Bite’s history? And will you foster the darkness inside of them – or perhaps, show them the light?

  • Wanderer is a nomadic trader, who refuses to stay in one area too long. They wear a face mask and heavy layers of clothes, obscuring your vision of them. Wanderer enjoys teasing you, but figuring our their true intentions proves to be a challenge. Will you ever find out where they procure their expansive collection of goods from?

  • Shade lives a harsh life in the desert, finding resources – and company – rare. Often finicky and jumpy, they’ve seemed to enclose on themselves, not allowing anybody too close. Can you unearth the reason behind Shade’s self-imposed exile?


The map below scopes out all of the areas I intend to be explorable [again, subject to change – areas may be removed or added]

The map can be obtained as an in game item later on.

And that’s it! There’s a lot of alternative paths depending on your choices, so replaying and choosing different choices should give some interesting results. If you read through this fully, I can’t express my gratitude enough :heart:


Oh my God my favorite Saga and horror films the Mist except it’s your creation let’s see what you got for me

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The Fog is coming.


Despite the short demo, the story seems interesting so far! Definitely will be keeping an eye on this.


Haven’t played yet but, just after reading the summary- Bite and Wanderer have my love already Lol.

Edit: Just finished and I really enjoyed it. I crave more!! Also, don’t forget the saves (if you plan to add them).


Heya! Thanks for playing and enjoying it :gift_heart:

Saves should be up now as long as you’re signed in with Moody, thanks for that heads up! Funny that they weren’t up before even though i had the option ticked, whoops


short demo however it was interesting, the story pulled me in and grabbed my attention. I can think of a few scenes I will be thinking of for a while. My only suggestion is to add save slots so people don’t have to keep restarting each time you update (and I am seriously looking forward to seeing how this continues)


Your title really grabs my attention. Love how catchy and alluringly mysterious it sounds! Enjoyed the demo. It’s interesting and I’m curious for more :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Psst, will the MC get a chance to pet the totally-not-feral-big-shadowy-creepy-dog? Give it one or two belly rubs perhaps?


Very good start so far, I can’t really judge beyond that for now tho.

I will say I really like our younger sibling. Very cute interactions.


Super good so far can’t wait to see more.


Very interesting.

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Really good for a short demo. Can’t wait to see more

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Heya! Thank you all for the kind words, it’s really doing wonders for my motivation lol.

Tiny progress update! Im 14k words (as of right now) in on the next update. I’ll summarize everything that i added when I publish it [hopefully sometime this week].

Light spoilers: you’ll meet your first RO [Ranger] and encounter a few survival mechanics next update


Ohh this is good, I get the feel this going to be like Zombie exodus, like managing supply, doing scavenging and such, as for now it feel like have dependent child perk.

Looking forward for more


Hey this is interesting. Looking forward for more!

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I would rename the game to “aSUNder”. Feel like “A Sun Asunder” is a mouthful. Just my opinion. Take it or leave it ofc! :woozy_face:

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Popping over to announce a quick update!

18K —> 34K

The new update adds 18k more words, in which you’ll meet the first RO, Ranger, and finally leave home.

More Spoilers
  • Two unique meetings with Ranger, depending on your previous and current choices

  • New mechanics – hunger, energy, flashlight life as well as day/night cycles. This should make future encounters more interesting when i allow the PC more freedom in future updates.

  • To those of you who have the little sibling: yes, you’ll have to feed them as well

  • Bug fixes and grammar correction [thanks to whoever dmed me about them – you know who you are

That’s all! I haven’t had much luck with uploading this to Dashingdon - i swear im cursed. If anyone could help, that would be fantastic. The next update will probably come a little bit later than this one, as I’ll be spending next week fine-tuning and bug spotting this update.

Have fun! Please report any bugs you encounter and tell me how you liked it!


Glad to see an update so fast.


The demo was really interesting and I can’t wait for more!

Also, I noticed that choosing the option to boost STR and CON when deciding what to do only STR was boosted. On the stats screen my Constitution stayed at 0


Heya! Thanks, i’ll fix that asap!

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