A Sovereign Remake [Coding stuff]


Hey guys! Don’t get too excited, but I spent about 5 hours today recoding the first part of Sovereign Reality. Why? Because I didn’t have a plan when I first started coding it.

After taking some time off, I realized many of the issues of ‘coding-on-the-fly.’ I had inconsistent variable names, I had unorganized chapters, and I had combat variables that were TEMPs, so basically they didn’t actually exist in the game until the combat scene. It was a mess!

Now that I’m remaking it, I am coming up with tons of variables. I mean, I spent most of the time on the startup.txt page! But hopefully this is systematic and will help me with coming back and updating content at a much faster rate, now that the core system is down.

So I wanted to ask you guys some questions. What stats do you guys think are necessary?

As an MMO/RPG game, I wanted to incorporate the 6 ‘dnd’ stats. That means there’s at least 6 “modifiers.” Then there’s equipment. Instead of having helmets, chest, legs, arms, boots, and shields, I chose to just do armor and shields. I’m trying to simplify. I’ll come up with a list of stats right now, and show you guys just how many stats (and this is just the beginning; I bet some of you pros think this is a tiny list!)

Tell me if I’m doing too much!


Here’s the list so far:

*create first_name "Unknown"
*create last_name "Player"
*create avatar_name "Tester"
*create real_gender "male"
*create avatar_gender "female"
*create real_weight "heavy"
*create avatar_weight "buff"
*create real_hair "black"
*create real_hair_length "short"
*create real_eyes "brown"
*create real_age ""
*create avatar_age ""
*create avatar_hair "brown"
*create avatar_hair_length "long"
*create avatar_eyes "blue"
*create avatar_race "dwarf"
*create bio_available true

*comment inventory
*create gold_amount 0
*create equipped_weapon "none"
*create equipped_armor "none"
*create equipped_shield "none"
*create item_healthpotions 3
*create item_manapotions 0

*comment equipment stats
*create weapon_damage 10
*create armor_value 0
*create shield_value 0
*create armor_health_bonus 0
*create shield_health_bonus 0
*create weapon_health_bonus 0
*create armor_mana_bonus 0
*create shield_mana_bonus 0
*create weapon_mana_bonus 0
*create armor_magic_bonus 0
*create shield_magic_bonus 0
*create weapon_magic_bonus 0
*create weapon_is_ranged false
*create weapon_is_melee true

*comment stats
*create full_stats true
*create health_is_full true
*create character_class "Gamer"
*create character_level 1
*create character_health 100
*create character_max_health 100
*create character_base_health 100
*create character_mana 100
*create character_max_mana 100
*create character_base_mana 100
*create character_strength 50
*create character_dexterity 50
*create character_intelligence 50
*create character_wisdom 50
*create character_charisma 50
*create character_constitution 50
*create character_strength_bonus 5
*create character_dexterity_bonus 5
*create character_intelligence_bonus 5
*create character_constitution_bonus 50
*create character_charisma_bonus 50
*create character_wisdom_bonus 5
*create character_total_armor 0
*create character_damage_reduction 0
*create character_health_bonus 0
*create character_mana_bonus 0
*create character_magic_bonus 0
*create character_damage 0

*comment traits
*create trait_honesty 50
*create trait_ambition 50
*create trait_fame 0
*create trait_brutal 50
*create trait_loner 50

*comment companion
*create companion_exists false
*create companion_name ""
*create companion_gender "male"
*create companion_heshe "he"
*create companion_hisher "his"
*create companion_hishers "his"
*create companion_hellshell "he'll" 
*create companion_strength 50
*create companion_dexterity 50
*create companion_intelligence 50
*create companion_health 100
*create companion_damage 10
*create companion_weapon "sword"

*comment relationships
*create companion_relationship 50
*create yamada_relationship 50
*create aurelius_relationship 50
*create cory_relationship 50
*create lorana_relationship 50
*create talia_relationship 50
*create flurry_relationship 50
*create zarzax_relationship 50
*create elmanel_relationship 50
*create tolkien_relationship 50
*create silverwind_relationship 50
*create metaldog_relationship 50
*create anastasia_relationship 50

*comment combat/enemy
*create enemy_name "goblin"
*create enemy_health "25"
*create enemy_damage "10"
*create enemy_weapon "rusty sword"
*create enemy_damage_reduction 0 
*comment damage reduction
*create enemy_strength 50
*create enemy_dexterity 50
*create enemy_intelligence 50
*create enemy_type "monster" 
*comment (types: monster, AI, Player)

*comment spells
*create has_spell_book true
*create knows_earth false
*create knows_fire false
*create knows_air false
*create knows_water false
*create knows_lightning false
*create knows_heal false
*create knows_light false
*create knows_dark false
*create knows_shield false
*create earth_cost 10
*create fire_cost 10
*create air_cost 10
*create water_cost 10
*create lightning_cost 20
*create light_cost 10
*create dark_cost 0
*create shield_cost 10
*create earth_damage 15
*create fire_damage 15
*create water_damage 15
*create air_damage 15
*create lightning_damage 30
*create heal_cost 20
*create heal_amount 10
*create spell_cost_multiplier 1
*create spell_damage_multiplier 1

*comment feats/abilities
*create feat_spell_cost false
*comment 20% decrease mana costs
*create feat_spell_damage false
*comment 20% increase spell damage

*comment story/plot
*create chapter_title "Prologue"
*create tutorialskipped false
*create name_others "players"
*create name_other "player"
*create name_game "Reign"
*create hints_on "off"
*create met_alphas false
*create met_yamada false
*create met_cory false
*create met_lorana false
*create met_talia false
*create met_aurelius false
*create cory_adjective ""
*create self_adjective "handsome"
*create self_flaw "a violent temper"
*create self_goal "win the prize money"
*create self_specialty ""
*create character_is_rich false
*create has_quest_journal true
*create current_quest "Win the game."


This many variables seems excessive. It sounds like you’re trying to make an RPG, not an adventure game. It’s not really what Choice Script is designed for.

My opinion is that you could do with some simplifying. Roll all the spells into one, get rid of the companion stats and make it *if ((companion = A) or (companion = B)).

You will probably want a block of grammar variables. {he} = he if MC is male, {he} = she if MC is female. This makes it a lot easier to correct the grammar and still include gender choice.


when i try to code, anything that’s repetitive like for you “real” “avatar” “equipped” “weapon” I trim it down to one or two letters.
avatar_name “Tester” = a_name “Tester” or a_n “Tester”

weapon_is_melee true = w_is_me true

character_mana_bonus 0 = ch_mana_b 0

companion_heshe “he” = c_heshe “he”

less time spent to write and less possibility of writing it wrong. But that just my preference.
If you are afraid of forgetting what is what of thous you use less write a comment.

I think it is lot easier writing {c_heshe} then {companion_heshe}


That’s the way I originally had it and for writing it’s cetainly easier.
The original was che, chis, cus, etc. But it also got confusing because
theres his and her and his and hers, for example. But I agree the whole
companion_heshe is really long. Part of the reason I did it was so I could
control F the script and change all the variables, so I will probably do
that for at least the pronouns.

But yeah, it is an RPG [as opposed to pure adventure game] and I thought it
would be interesting if you could have any of the 11 alpha testers on your
team as opposed to just one, or have no companion at all. I am trying to
make as many different ways as possible to play through the game.

The combat/imventory/magic item system is something I could do without but
it feels like the story would be too narrative once you had to fight
something. the only thing from traditional RPGs I’m not including I’d
random generators for attacking, simply because I think it could seriously
unbalance the game.


Sounds coolio (+ 20 characters)


this is the only thing i think you should quit since it will be more interesting if they betray us or we betray them and then we dont know how powerfull they are xD

Also id be nice to have an Age stat (like age in the game is different to reality, you know , kinda like dragon ball training chamber :smile:)


Actually I did add an age stat! It transfers over as more of a
teeenager/young adult/adult/middle age thing, so you’ll be able to change
your age once you get in game.

And I guess that’s a reason you should choose your companion wisely! :wink:


I think I know what you are up to and to @Crotale : remember that variables are tracking things that will change during the game it also gives you insight to the author’s planning. I see a well thought out and planned game here.
I am going to show some of my create code here also, to show that a large create is necessary for some games, also if you look at codes from some of the larger games you will see that their lists are quite expansive too.

*create encounter false
*create spell2_1 false
*create spell2_2 false
*create spell2_3 false
*create spell2_4 false
*create spell3_1 false
*create spell3_2 false
*create spell3_3 false
*create spell3_4 false
*create spell4_1 false
*create spell4_2 false
*create spell4_3 false
*create spell4_4 false
*create spell5_1 false
*create spell5_2 false
*create spell5_3 false
*create spell5_4 false
*create spell5_5 false
*create mp_cap 0
*create mp_cur 0
*create staff false
*create daggers false
*create longsword false
*create status " "
*create st 5
*create title " "
*create level 0
*create map true
*create cat false
*create ismu false
*create abc 0
*create gender "unknown"
*create sex 0
*create temp_ro "unknown"
*create temp_ro_r "unknow"
*create hhr "unknown"
*create hh "unknown"
*create hs "unknown"
*create dual 0
*create color "unknown"
*create boygirl "unknown"
*create npc_ro_one 0
*create npc_ro_one_name "unknown"
*create npc_ro_two 0
*create npc_ro_two_name "unknown"
*create willpower 50
*create name "Not Given"
*create hair "unknown"
*create eye "unknown"
*create job "unknown"
*create charisma 50
*create cunning 50
*create luck 50
*create classs "unknown"
*create dexterity 50
*create intelligence 50
*create honor 0
*create morality 50
*create depravity 1
*create notoriety 0
*create chaste true
*create sexpref "unknown"
*create himher "unknown"
*create heshe "unknown"
*create leadership 50
*create strength 50
*create clan 60
*create favor 20
*create mu "unknown"
*create temp_ro_dead "false"
*create weapon "unknown"
*create special "false"
*create melee 0
*create bow 0
*create magic 0
*create skill 0
*create cc 0

I can tell you why and what each create is used for and the reason it is needed, and its been a few months since I touched my wip. Trust me when I say if I could go with less I would, and I bet the same can be said with @CitizenShawn .


There are a few of the pronoun ones you don’t need. You don’t need hishers, or hellshell.

Since hellshell is basicly just he/she with a 'll after it, so just use that one instead.

In the rare case that you’ll need to add an s to her, just use *if hisher = her, ${hisher}s. I would include himher though, as well as manwoman, menwomen, and depending on where you go with the story, boygirl, husbandwife, brothersister, fathermother etc. And you really ought to change every instance of character/companion to mc/c1 or something shorter, as has been mentioned. Having to type companion/character all the time will be a real drag.


Thanks muton, and good to see you again! Yeah typing can get pretty
repetitive but I can type like 80 words per minute so it doesn’t really
bother me. Having it spelled out helps me understand what is going on as
far as character stats go, but I will shorten companion stats to something
easier for sure :slight_smile:


Good to see you as well! :slight_smile: I hope your studies are going well and that you’ll have time for your games of course.


after seeing those stats i feel like checking your game, and it seems good, i mean is too short to make an honest opinión so far but the writing is good, are you still working in it? :smile:


Off and on, have it all mapped out, the only thing I’ve actually have to do is write it, lol sometimes I need a swift poke (I tend to be a procrastinator if epic proportions XD)


Yes, I’m still working on it, but it’s slow going haha. Hopefully it’ll be
easier with the new stat system


@CitizenShawn that reply was for pace675 i forget to flag him xD, but to you i can honestly give you my opinión about your game… to say that it reminds me of Sword Art Online games & series, or even Dot Hack games too is pretty much the best compliment someone can give you, you should be proud :smile: dunno if u have played any of those but if u like rpgs… those games may be in the top 10 best rpgs ever … atleast from my pov of course, id be exciting to see how you develop this game :wink: