A Simple Compromise on Save Points

After so many times I have to restart the game, I started to buy two visions for every game I owned, one on my phone, on in steam, so that I can peek the code whilst playing non-stop…and yeah I prefer to play on my phone :sweat_smile:

And because of I didn’t know how to reach the results I wanted back then I even made a simple walkthrough for Fallen Hero because I’d seen somebody made one but they haven’t updated for awhile, I guess when the new game release I’ll make another.


Or like, just add them and people can use them if they want to

Or at the beginning of every chapter like in the Infinity games

I too always get annoyed by failing one obscure stat check because I picked from 4 unclear choices and hour ago and got a different stat boost than what I needed

Also make it so we know what stats influence decisions/what decisions will improve or degrade stats


When I had two phones, I used to play on both of them at the same time, just to try different dialogue options. Now that one of then finally decided to stop working it’s a struggle to play the whole game again just for that :laughing:


I’m not certain, but I think one of the potential worries is that unlimited saves/back buttons will show up the rails that are present in all IF more clearly and possibly decrease reader enjoyment? There’s also a bit of a tricky aspect that if you’re using delayed impact choices or accumulative stats that some options/paths can get locked out without a complete replay and may never be seen if most people are using back buttons for their replays.

Personally I’d like chapter saves on long games though, especially if they have fail states or worse can get killed and need to restart, but ultimately the choice is COG’s on how they implement the CS options.


I’m really new here but this thing with the save system is so weird for me because i just don’t understand what the big deal is.

If I want to save a game thats my problem, why does it cheapen the way I’m playing? Who gives anyone the right to tell me “you’re playing that the wrong way?”. I play a game to have fun, and sometimes I pick an option that i didn’t like. Sometimes i simply want to see the diferences in the text depending on the choice i pick, and then go back to the choice my MC would make and move on.

No ofense to anyone but how is that my problem? That sounds a lot like that “we need to censor content cause kids may see it” thing going on right now, even tho that content is properly tagged and they’re the one chosing to view it. If a save option is there and you use it thats on you not me, I’m not anyones keeper, why should I and everyone else be punished because of people that can’t control themselves. Also If you feel so tempted to go back maybe you need to think about why that may be.


For those interested, I’ve put the tool on air. Here’s the post.


I’m one of those people who has been trained by other games to try and min-max my options, so I love the lack of saves because if there were saves I’d definitely be one of the people who couldn’t help themselves from spending huge amounts of unproductive time picking options and then checking the stats screen afterwards. So I personally appreciate the lack of a traditional save system, and would have a worse experience with the games if one existed. I also don’t tend to play games more than twice, and I don’t feel the need to go through every variation. So I’m happy with the way saves aren’t built in.

Despite that, I think some games though are just too long to do without some sort of save system, especially if a single misclick can completely mess up your playthrough. So I think there should definitely be something built in by default in ChoiceScript - chapter checkpoints, or a one-step undo, or even a traditional save system.


Same here, the only difference is i restart books when i make a mistake, so i would really like a save system.



I already do multiple saves on PC, makes no sense to not allow players the ability to save their games and save-scum. It’s incredibly annoying and nobody cares how you choose to play the game or think it should be played.

Ironic that “choice” games lack this choice though, still find it funny.


I honestly would pay more for like a version of a game that stays on dashingdon (even though we shouldn’t have to pay for a basic feature like saving). Seriously though, being able to save and read different small responses on choices has made me appreciate the work writers put into games here like Wayhaven, things I most likely would have never read otherwise since I’m not doing a whole playthrough over again just to see a small change in flavor text.

Also I think they also don’t want to add a save system cause it would more easily expose alot of the fake choices, not all, but alot of the games here have and you would see how pointless some of the “big epic choices” really are in the end.

There are just so many good reasons to have a save system from multiple standpoints and it wouldn’t take away anything from anyone cause saving would be a player choice. Some people say they don’t want one cause they would be tempted to use it…and I don’t get it. If saving would make the experience not fun for you, then just don’t. When I play a video game and say want to play and finish it on hard mode, I don’t go switch it to easy mode ever cause that’s not what I want to do nor would be fun for me in that situation. I wouldn’t say ask for there not to be an easy mode at all either. My words are a jumbled mess but I hope I’m making sense.


I’m new and also don’t understand the dev’s decision to not have a save system based on how they want it to be immersive (from their own viewpoint) and that players won’t be able to resist redoing if there were saves. To be honest, I’m shocked.

This dev seems very progressive and open-minded, which I really appreciate, but this logic behind the lack of save system just seems so… how should I put it? stereotypical and narrow-minded? Condescending? I hope my post won’t get deleted because of this.

It’s feel very jarring to see a nice company opens their hands wide for various people of any race and gender, but at the same time stereotyping every gamers like they were children that needs disclipline, and limiting the ways people should enjoys their purchased games based on their own visions.

Not everyone has an irresistible urge to abuse the system. If this was the case, every single gamers in the world would be playing games on God Mode (which many dev include it in their games for anyone to toggle pretty easily). And I think even though there are some people who really can’t resist, everyone should not be punished based on only a few people. I mean, if the forum allow me to use extreme example, it’s as nonsensical as covering every men’s eyes, stopping every men on earth from seeing women in order to prevent that heinous crime, even though not every one of them are monsters.


You can see the example of it uses in a WIP called Guenevere


Ohh right! I remember that save function :+1:
Do you know if it is allowed to use the password method when it is published also? :slight_smile:

I think it would be wise to turn down the rhetorical temperature here. The examples and argument in this post is approaching, if not reaching, the highly inappropriate.


Thank you for the polite warning.

I think the fact the I don’t feel my examples are too much means that I probably should stay away from this forum, or any forum in general.

I’m glad that I found this out early on. I think I will go away permanently, so please feel free to edit or delete my offending post. If needed, you can delete this account too.

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@TeaRex I hope you don’t feel like you have to leave this forum. I think, maybe, it was mostly the last examples that could veer into some other directions than discussing save points.

It’s a really nice corner of the internet if you feel alright with staying :orange_heart:


It’s honestly silly to me to not want to implement a save system for the sake of immersion. If a make a misclick that messes with my game, I will literally restart and go through every option I already made to get me back to the point I was at. And that’s a far more jarring break from my immersion then a reload would be.

I think it’s less to do with the company being strangely paternalistic or even a stylistic decision and more so that implementing it would cost them money and time.


I see a lot of mention of misclicking in discussions of save points. One thing that both sides of this issue can agree on, is that reducing misclicks would be a really good thing, and it would likely seriously reduce the amount of moments when a save system would be sorely missed.

Granted this is a tangent, but I wonder what the reasonable options would be for misclick-reduction? I don’t think an “are you sure?” after every choice would be welcome!–but I’m sure there’s got to be something.


If this is really about the integrity of immersion, I would say an autosave feature is the most time saving one. It saves on every choice but the last one you made. So, if I misclick and go onto the next scene I can reload to that one but everything else is set in. They could also make the choice more apparent visually, so if you select the option you want and have sausage fingers that mash another one as you scroll down, you would see that better before moving onwards.

But really, it would just be so much simpler to allow saves or at least autosaves that are done every 15 minutes maybe.


I’m more interested on being able to delete my end game saves that I’m done with, than I am being able to save mid game.

Though, I think instead locking the save feature to a second playthrough, just provide an option to disable saves if you want to avoid the temptation of save scumming. That restriction should be on the player though, not the author.