A SHRIEK OF ASH AND FIRE (WIP) [87k UPDATE, 153k TOTAL- 5th July 2024]


I am of the same school as you, although it is good to know how others think about this. Purely cosmetic changes are easy- just plop them in and forget about it. But then, most will want a payoff from the majority of their customization choices.

Generally speaking, I do not intend to add purely cosmetic choices or to force fit in new customization choices. I have to keep within my scope, as this game will become larger anyway without constantly adding new ‘features.’ But something which is optional and easy to implement is not beyond my consideration.

If we think about it, BG3 lets you customize a lot about your character’s appearance, most of this (beyond race) goes uncommented on by the NPCs.

Something I may do later, as you suggested, is to add an optional customization choice, for appearance, and then display the result on the stats screen. This will be purely ‘textually cosmetic’ though. This can be added much, much later. Or I might do it on a whim, on a day when I can’t see myself doing something demanding due to the turbulence of life.


Thanks Valixon!

I do not want to give too much away, but the fort’s arrival will mark a significant boiling over of tensions.

Whatever happens, your crawler will still have its mission to reach the far side of Zthullu- though the crew may, or may not, be structured the same way it was before.

Also, in this update or the next (probably)- we might find out what has happened to the Dark Elves.

Cheers to both of you!

EDIT: 13th July 2024

Krog Pile Can Have Patrons Now!

With a tentative start to our Krog Pile Patreon, I’ve added a few things. I’m new to all this so consider it a bit of an experiment!!!

Several ancient manuscripts exploring the history of Krog Pile are free for all members. We have musings on magic, orc romance and the Big Bellies. These have all been reworked from Tumblr posts and put in their proper context,

For members, we have the first Basilisk File, an official document painting a profile of the leader of the Roachpedes, Father Roach.

We also have a map detailing very ancient Behatland, showing the original expanse of the Netherwood, when the world persisted in peace. Here, you can see the original locations of all the major races, Most are mere blips upon the landscape, yet to make their mark upon the history of the world.

We also have a sneak peek developer update on what I’ve been working on this past week.

As for uploads for those on the Krog Tier (none at the time of writing), I will initially hope to place a working build of A Shriek of Ash and Fire at the end of every week, or so.

This will mean the update will build up over the month. At present, I plan to release the whole end-of-month (or so) build on the Choice of Games Forum. Once we have some Krog Tier patrons, the monthly build will be held here to ensure these patrons get month-long, exclusive, access before it is released on the forums.

Check it out if you want.

Krog Pile | Writing Interactive Fiction | Patreon


Just asking is it possible to have harem here


Not from what ive seen so far.

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Harem when

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@Adai_Ahmad @Neelm

By ‘harem,’ do you mean gathering up a load of romantic admirers?

Though there will be a smattering of both love and lust in this game, it is mostly focused on adventure and revolution. No lusty hordes pining over the MC here :frowning:


I think it’s about poly romance option not just harem.

Will this like the Green adventure having HP and Stats management?

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Hi Kagara,

Hmm, I haven’t really thought about that too much. You will have a few ROs woven into the story BUT…

The focus of this game is not romance. There might be a clash of potential love interests and there might be options to have romantic encounters with more than one person but there won’t be a specified poly route.

As to stats- these do exist. However, I do not intend for the player to excessively check them. As well as stats, players attain ‘skills’ which automatically pass certain stat checks (for example, ‘sleight of hand’ and ‘sneak’ can pass lots of the dexterity-related checks, even if your dexterity is low).

I hope that this way if you know your MC well, you won’t really have to check your stats at all unless you want to :smiley: