A SHRIEK OF ASH AND FIRE (WIP) [66k- 9th June 2024]

Best of luck and godspeed🤗.


Finished the first playthrough, of many, and I can tell already that I’m gonna enjoy being a dwarfy dwarf, also question, were the cog guys, the ones that aren’t the dwarf council, the start of the cult mechanicus and the Omnissiah? I got a feeling that they were similar like


Could be…

In all honesty, W40K is so full of everything, and the kitchen sink, it is hard not to think of something which doesn’t have a parallel.

EDIT: Added something which may be too spoilery for some- just so you know…

But, my thinking with the Basilisk is where the cogs tie in. Ever since I first heard of it, I found the idea of Roko’s Basilisk horrifying and fascinating. The idea that a yet-to-be-imposed ‘ruler’ is judging our actions now and will punish us if we do anything not seen as conducive to its rise is the basis for the cog worship stuff.

If you are interested- here’s the wiki on Roko’s Basilisk: Roko’s basilisk - Wikipedia


Well it’s time to get to my favorite hobby looking up criminal organizations our group reminds me of the London criminal organizations because of you things the old mentality if you walked into someone’s territory and threatened and started fighting you get threatened back with extra Force It Feels Like Father didn’t start this fight but it was escalated so he had to retaliate and defend until the kingdom got involved and I feel like our character in a few other individuals who were named or lieutenants pretty much


Okay I read it and I really like it! Already know that my charmer MC will be a useful pet to the lady. My MC will probably not really be liked by the other Roachies cause she lives a relative luxurious lifestyle. No matter what I will keep my position even if I have to be a traitor to my dear Roachies! :smiling_imp:

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Did the orc empire we made in an unexpected green journey not last? Sad dakka noises

Also I just signed the contract to then escape from the train lol


Crawled through sewage to escape. I wasn’t signing a damned thing. Didn’t speak to Miss Peppy, either. Complete non-cooperation from a little half-halfling girl and took my beatings for it. Now we’re going to look for the snake worshippers to tell some tales.


It’s been 1000 years since then, the only empire I can think of that lasted that far was the Byzantine Empire so if it made it through 500, 750 years before collapsing, that’s an achievement on its own

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You’re story will make a fine addition to my collection



I agree. Father played the game of the back-alleys for all of his life. Due to paths crossed and enemies made, the life of the Roachpedes was never going to be a heaven but he has his turf. That turf is his life achievement. All he has to show for it. Having it grants reputation and respect.

However, there is a new approach to law and, especially, order rising in the city. An order which has little room to tolerate the rookeries of poorer quarters.


Your comment made me laugh! It also reminds me to lean into some of the less ‘heroic’ but possibly more interesting choices. It’s also great that you enjoyed this, despite not finding Green Journey to your liking. I know not every game can tickle our fancies but I always enjoy hearing about people enjoying my little creations.

@ZipZoop @Sujan_Dhakal

Very cunning ZipZoop!

You can get a rough idea of the history post-Green Journey in the world info choice, on the stats screen. Granted, there is quite a lot there. The orc empire lasted 400 years- the world of A Shriek of Ash and Fire is set 800 years after the fall of that empire.

The Green Empire was a pivotal point in the history of Arbit/Behatland. Though it was always unlikely for an orc empire to last, its repercussions are still being felt. Even now, everyone on the continent has heard of the Green Emperor. Though his empire fell, his legacy is so great that it permeates the zeitgeist!


Thanks for adventuring out here in Zthullu! Your halfling girl sounds formidable. Perhaps she’ll make a fine asset for the Viper Empress…


Thanks for reading my story. It is very proud to join your shelves. We have a long way to go but I am excited to hear from those who have enjoyed it so far!

Cheers to all of you!


Just played through once.

Managed to break my way out of the train, with some brute force. I’m usually not someone to rock the boat, but whatever :rofl:. I’m interested to see what happens next.

Typos (not super important, but anyway…)

“I saw them, a bunch of Dreadfuls creeping into the alleys Good pickings.” Malice glints in Vin’s eyes as he slips on his knuckle dusters. “Just shake them up is all,” he says, leading the charge into a narrow street away from the hustle and bustle. Muttering under her breath, Sera reluctantly follows as you slip on your own knuckle dusters and guard the rear.

Non too subtle, Vin stumbles to a stop in a small yard full of broken wooden packing cases. You and Sera bundle in behind him, confronting three surprised youths counting their collection of pilfered gold grandes. Like the rest of the Dreadfuls, they wear a dandy motley of tartan waistcoats, trousers and black bowler hats.

Paul’s voice is just a whisper. “There’s problems outside the Castle. An argument with one of the gadget-lamp-men. Shiv got angry…”

After the floundering constables have cleared the entrance of the Castle, you and the Roacpedes keep an anxious watch as someone else approaches. This new figure, one of the ‘special constables’ in mirrored armour glows radiantly with the reflected aura of searchlights. He wears no helmet and his head is completely shaven to the bone. There is something off about his movements, a bizarre jerkiness accompanied by a constant clicking. With a snap, he snags the collar of one of the battered, fleeing constables and pulls the man towards him.

You wake to an overcast, bleak sky as the Lancer Director travels through the Rump Enterprise Zone. You watch distant homesteads and fields of mooing cows. You pass through a rugged hamlet, filled with hardy humans, dwarves and the odd orc. Ethergraph poles and cables, topped with nests of receiver wands, accompany the railway along every inch of the journey, ensuring power and communications with Granadrdgard even this far away.

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I like playing a cowardish and egoistical MC from time to time. Hope there will be choices that will be good for us and bad for our fellow thiefs. I also hope there will be some mental anguish about our choices for us. Not really liking what we do but see it as necassary to survive. I really liked the children of the Lord of the big machine too. Especially the Lady. I really like possessive ROs(?) that call me pet. :3

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Big, big thanks! I need all the help I can get catching typos. I find it so hard to find them when I reread my own stuff. How do you deal with them- any good tips?

There’s problems outside the Castle…" Grammatically incorrect, but purposeful here, due to speech patterns. Does it come across as off-putting?

Thanks for playing and I hope I can weave an exciting tale to hold your interest!


It is very interesting to hear your perspective. My instincts are always leaning towards making the MC heroic but I want to have valid, interesting paths for many types of players.

This is something I want to aim for. Please keep me updated on your thoughts, if you have time, as future updates gradually roll out.

EDIT: Yes, Lord and Lady Evagrey Junior are quite an entitled pair. Very demanding…

Cheers Roachpedes!


I would really appreciate a good amount of choices that lean more into cowardice. Of course I will keep reading your updates and tell you how I liked em. This is already one of my favorite stories on the forums. Like the world building too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tough. I usually try changing the font to trick my brain into thinking it’s reading something new, but that only goes so far. Otherwise, beta testers might pick some up here and there.

It’s fine, especially if that’s what you were trying to convey. You’re the boss.


@NumberedEntity got to say i didnt really play much of your other game when it was demo but i do like this one. :smiley:

I think most the typos have mentioned allready so not really worried about them and didnt encounter any game breaking bugs so all good there.

Now in intial play through all i can say these people have no idea what they have started messing with our found family killing some forcing us to join or die if we cant excape. Barring something changing im going to learn my magics then take that knowledge and wreck this crawler kill me who needs killing. Then take my happy self back to the kingdom and its capital kill me a baslik person and everyone else needs killing. Revoltution or not it shall happen or i will die in the attempt lol well done with the demo.

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Awesome to give this game a try! I’m glad you enjoyed your time here. Though I think everyone should rise to the challenge of being an orc in my first game (for Krog, Valixon), I am not making that a requirement to play this game. Green was a life simulator thing first and an adventure second and I know that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, though I think it can guarantee a fun time:) And I am not biased at all!!!

It is good to know that you didn’t find it jarring to dive in without playing the first game. The necessary lore is mostly written in the ‘See the political map’ choice on the stats screen while everything else is bit-fed to the player as they make their way through the game.

The poor Roachpedes do deserve some good fortune and who better to deal this out than a boggart-wielding chancermancer!

The revolution will not be televised but it will be on Hosted Games!!!

EDIT: Something I really appreciate with the recent feedback is the variety of paths people have undertaken, showing how adventurous the testers have been and how prized individuality is for those who like choice games. So far, we’ve got escape artists fleeing the train, a pet Deck Dispatch for Lady Evagrey, a dwarven master of gadgets joining the engine mates and an ether user with revenge on their mind.

The tricky part is validating all these choices and I will do my best to allow freedom, within the bounds of the narrative.

Also, I ALWAYS need help finding typos :frowning: The bad luck boggarts are always mashing on my keyboard.


Being sent to prison isn’t so bad, my MC has better life now then she has before and with the right choices who knows how high she can raise.


You are right. Embracing life in the crawler has its own benefits. Also, the mission to reach Drekiana’s Wish, if completed, will make the entire crew legends.

If it all goes to plan…


WOOOOOO long live the tales of Krog!