A Shinobi's Tale(WIP)

How far along has this story gotten? I’ve never watched Naruto but this story has me interested.


Oi there @ghedovic40 change saves please, they’re overlapping with other games that also go with default :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Now that’s embarrassing :sob: ( please don’t tell anyone I used default for my saves)


Dozens of others do this, that’s common, not embarrassing, what’s embarrassing here is that on top of default that overlaps with dozens of other games there always will the the default amount of saves too, 3 (rarely 5) :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

It wont let me continue after i talk to my father with the akuma clan

well that is the end of the demo

Hoping more comes soon, love Naruto-like games. Although I wish the family jutsu was based off our affinity. Dojutsu and fireball is exactly like saske. I chose water. Water gun jutsu!!


@UnknownKing I hadn’t written past that yet, luckily for you I have updated a bit of it now

@Elemental :slightly_smiling_face: updated a bit

@Shadyaddams hi, your family just is based on what’s most common in your family and your affinity doesn’t really change much as I plan to give players a way to learn other natures anyways.

To everyone, thanks for the continued support for my game, I’m still working on it🙏 but if you could give story feedback or “filler” missions or story elements that would be a great help, also if you notice lots of typos you can just tell me if you noticed it so I can know what priority I’ll give to correctional


Well Heres some ideas

Filler Missions
•Getting your first kill along with your yeam mates
•A few D Rank missions that have you run into the other teams (Painting a fence and you run into another team or Walking some dogs and you run into another team)
•Training Missios that give you small increases in your stats like (i:e pretending to escort an emissary from another village boosting your charisma or info gathering skills, Talking to academy students to build your leadership skills, Delivery Missions that increase your speed or stealth and so on)

As for Story Elements this is just a suggestion but why not make the smaller villages the main antagonists of the story itd be a nice change of paste also if you want any suggestion for ninja clans for any of the villages feel free to ask


Thank you these are all good suggestions
1.) The mission bit for your team is already planned and I like the idea of this

2.)I hadn’t thought of missions in this way, I suppose it would make sense that you occasionally run into other teams

3.) Planned for implementation, naturally you have to get stronger somehow so missions will play a huge part of that and obviously tie into the lore and story as well

4.)for the antagonists of the story: I plan for it to be something similar to the akatsuki, then ember village being something like America ( obviously this isn’t supposed to be political commentary , but America is often regarded as the bad guy to alot of smaller nations, especially when they leave destruction in such nations, so I’m basing ember on that if it makes sense), smaller skirmishes with other nations trying to take over your village, a potential civil war, an all out war but your village is used as mercenaries, then towards the ending, i have planned for different outcomes, such as you being the final villain, or you allying with the final villain, or being the hero, and I also plan to allow players have a pacifist run, you can probably complete the game without killing anyone…

So there’s that


There is a bug right when father is teaching me the fire technique

That’s the end of the demo

What’s it say?

Fixed it :slightly_smiling_face: I accidentally left a command after that, it should let you continue now my bad

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That’s good that you’re still around I hope you keep ongoing with your ambitions on writing.

Oh hey i just saw a new story u made, and i can say is a good one,but how about Shinobi tale? Will u still update this? Just curious


:+1: yup

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