A Shinobi's Tale(WIP)

That’s weird, I’m also slightly confused on this, give me some time to sort it out

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Fixed it


I wanna confirm the demo ends after the class introductions correct?

I also noticed if you pick brother as a sibling he gets referred to as her/hers instead of him/his. Happens quite a lot during the fight/training.


i am not able to go to next chapter after the class scene

That end of the demo

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Akuma/Uchiha should get two natures right or nah. Be like sasuke!


I hope so

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I wanna be a medical-nin

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It’s planned to be possible


I’m curious, do you have plans to include puppet jutsu as an option for the MC’s abilities? You don’t have to, of course, it’s just an idea (I’m a big fan of Kankuro).


What’s the demon slayer inspired game called? i wanna check it out

I’ll think about it

Ok so i was thinking you could maybe throw in a few filler (that I’ll suggest below) so that you wont immediately have to brainstorm on the main story and it’s lore and i once saw something in a COG game the menu with lots of choices and activities and it read ‘‘12days until ???’’ in this case we could say before chuunin exams it would let us perofrm like 3 more activities a day also sorry for the last suggestion that I’ll leave at the end it’s a drag but if you add it it’ll be fire


  1. Delivery Missions: Players could take on missions to deliver important messages or packages between villages or to specific individuals within their village. These missions could involve navigating dangerous terrain or evading enemy shinobi.
  2. Training Exercises: Players could participate in training exercises organized by their village’s ninja academy or by experienced shinobi. These exercises could focus on improving specific skills,chakra control,kekkei genkai or mastering new jutsu.
  3. Bounty Hunts: Players could track down and capture or eliminate dangerous criminals or rogue shinobi who are causing trouble in the region. These missions could involve gathering intelligence, planning ambushes, and engaging in intense battles.
  4. Village Defense: Players could defend their village from attacks by enemy shinobi or other threats. These missions could involve fortifying defenses, coordinating with fellow shinobi, and repelling enemy forces.
  5. Exploration: Players could explore remote regions of the shinobi world in search of valuable resources, ancient artifacts, or hidden secrets. These missions could involve overcoming obstacles, getting ambushed, and uncovering clues about the world’s history.
  6. Diplomatic Missions: Players could be tasked with representing their village in diplomatic negotiations with other villages or factions. These missions could involve building alliances, resolving conflicts, and gathering intelligence on rival villages.
  7. Character Development Quests: Players could embark on personal quests to overcome their own weaknesses or go seeking more power (lil sasuke lookin’ ass)
  8. Special Events: Players could participate in seasonal festivals, tournaments, or other special events held in their village or neighboring villages. These events could mean a chance to get closer to RO, making allies ,enemies or rivals, competitions, and opportunities to interact with other characters in a more relaxed setting.

personal Jutsu Creation :

  1. Jutsu Classification: players would first choose the type of jutsu they want to create: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, or Kenjutsu. This choice would define the nature and mechanics of the jutsu.
  2. Purpose/Effect: Next, players would need to define the purpose or effect of their jutsu. This could include offensive techniques for dealing damage to enemies, defensive techniques for protecting themselves or allies, support techniques for enhancing abilities or providing buffs, or hybrid techniques that combine offensive and defensive elements (hyuuga clans rotation technique), some techs have bonus effect like genjutsu has a stun effect so does high damage techiques idk
  3. Elemental Affinity: players could choose an elemental affinity for their jutsu. This could affect the properties and effectiveness of the jutsu.genjutsu and tai cannot add affinity
  4. Chakra Cost: Each jutsu would have a corresponding chakra cost associated with its use. More powerful or complex jutsu would require higher chakra costs and chakra control balancing their effectiveness with the player’s available resources.
  5. Execution Method: Players could specify how their jutsu is executed, whether it’s through hand seals, physical movements(not necessary), weapon techniques, or other means. This could add variety to the gameplay and allow players to tailor their jutsu to their preferred playstyle.
  6. Range and Area of Effect: Players would need to define the range and area of effect of their jutsu. This could range from single-target attacks to wide-area blasts, adding strategic depth to combat encounters.
  7. Technique Usage: you could offer additional customization detail such as duration (which would require more chakra), cooldown period (basically the time it would take them to recover enough chakra to redo the technique), secondary effects (like status ailments or debuffs could be positive or negative like sharingan eye strain, fatigue ,chakra exhaustion or temp speed increase,berserk or whatever idk lol), and prerequisites (such as requiring specific abilities or conditions to activate the jutsu again) which again idk its 3am on my side im just tryna finish this and go to sleep lol lemme know if you need help i dont know coding but i can help with details and mechanics whether of the game or naruto world power mechanics and logic

Thanks for the suggestions! You’ll be pleased to find that everything in your first half has already been planned, it’s almost eerie how similar it is to my idea :joy: for the second bit, I’ll address each carefully

  1. Personal jutsu creation is already planned and I have classified it already into offensive, support and defensive jutsu, my problem is the extra mile of code to implement it in a more substantial way at the moment tho I’ve only really settled on ninjutsu and genjutsu for creation. Affinity is also included

  2. You mentioned buffs, you won’t need to create a new technique for that as I have already devised one which players will be able to learn during their tale.
    I plan for my fights to be mostly choreographed, for example if you hit an opponent with fireball jutsu, if they can’t defend against it it is likely they will die unless in training situations or controlled ones

3.Naturally jutsus cost chakra and techniques will cost you less chakra the higher your chakra control

  1. Execution methods don’t really seem necessary ( I’m too lazy to write all that), the higher your chakra control is you’ll realise the change in script, for example early on you’ll weave signs but if you have higher chakra control, it would play out like you just locking hands and your jutsu manifesting

  2. Range and area effect are already in the game, it’s just about players picking the right jutsu for the right scenario

  3. For technique usage some of what you’ve suggested is already planned or in the game and I should be able to add ailments and status debuffs if you use too many high level jutsus especially when you are either too young, or do no possess enough chakra, chakra control, health…


I think it’s rise of the hashira

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awesome good to know , you should also leave dates on the here so that we can know everytime you update , goodluck

Rise of the hashira is like 3 clicks long lol finished it in 3mins i found a jujutsu kaisen game though ‘‘sorcerer combat’’


Great suggestion

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:eyes::eyes: hehe that’s definitely got nothing to do with me…hehehe…no *Ahem “sorcerer fight”