A Series Of Unfortunate Events


Greetings I thought I would discuss these strange and endearing books and Netflix show. I love the books and thought they did a fabulous job! What did everyone else think I also loved the twist at the end of it!


The book series is one of my favorites of all time, the movie was great, and the show was fantastic. I love the dark humour and the powerful characters.


I’m still at episode 5…or was it 6? Anyway, love it so far. I thought that it would be so-so, like the movie , but I was wrong. Although I’m not done yet, I have very high expectations that it would finish as awesomely as it began. I only finished the books last year so everything’s still fresh in my mind.

On another note, I’m also watching HIMYM, and everything about the two shows just got funnier, knowing who played who…


Wait theres a Netflix series?! How did I not know about this Those were my favorite books as a kid!

edit: and its stars NPH ive got to watch this