A Sensei's Story

The beta is now over.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with finding bugs and typos, giving feedback, and kind words of praise.

I will try to submit this game through Hosted Games and see how things go.

Again, thanks everyone…take care!



Good so far from what I read

Found this while trying to walk home with Ai

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Personally, I found it pretty fun and engaging but hard to get through since there’s a lot of text that while being humorous don’t add anything to the story so I mostly skipped over it. I admit that I am a serious person so it’s probably not a story suited for me. The choices were diverse and some were truly hilarious. I was at my grandma’s place and I had to stiffle a few giggles. It was a wacky ride and I’ll probably try it again later.

But please tell me there’s a way to get Chiharu to pass…I need it.


Thanks, I’ll go and sort that out.

Thanks for the help! Yeah, it can be pretty rambling (like myself).

As for Chiharu, to help her pass you just need to give her the correct answers to her Eiken questions.

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[There’s a bug when I choosw the “Me too” option. My MC came from france, this happened when MC was introduced to the french lady

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I agree. In some parts there are way too many jokes, which take away from the story. Imagine each joke being a slight pause in the story, when there are too many it feels like a tv show with too many commercials. It also makes it harder for the reader to focus on the story.

However, this seems to happen only at the intro? The rest flows really nicely :+1:

Also, Anally :joy:


I can see where you’re coming from. To tell you the truth, I originally was writing a serious story about being a medieval mercenary (a small part of which is still in this story somewhere).

However; after realizing that the research alone was taking far too long I decided to write a quick 50,000 game just to see if there would be any problems getting it hosted on this site.

Originally this game was just meant to be very short and full with as much stupid things I could think of. Since then it has ballooned in size no matter how much I tried to keep it sort. So, I can definitely see where you’re coming from, but I’ve grown used to it so I doubt I’ll change it. But, who knows, maybe I will.

Thanks for the feedback!


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Probably on of the most hilarious IF I’ve ever read! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard :rofl:


Thank you. You’re too kind.

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There is one continuity issue: towards the end, if I romanced Anne-Lise and chose to return to my country, it says she eventually became one of those social media contacts that we no longer talk to. However, I still got the ending where I wake up next to Anne-Lise, and I watch the snow and everything because I apparently stayed in Japan. I can tell you what particular choices I made or my stats if you require.

Apart from that, this was seriously one of the most hilarious interactive games I’ve ever played. Laughed out loud too many times, and the characters are all so endearing in their own quirky ways. I look forward to doing more playthroughs, and shall report more issues/typos if I find any.

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I loved Anne-Lise way to much to leave even got married. The game is hilarious, but still had some amazing romance.


I agree, the Anne-Lise romance was quite nice. I did two playthroughs (romanced her both times), one where I married her and the second time I returned home.


I really like this game!
I’m not really sure if it’s a bug, but I can’t get past the event after choosing a drink at the New Year’s party, because of an else element? I think it said it was illegal to use else.
I’m sorry for not attaching a screenshot, but I clicked away from it and I was pretty far into the game -_-


Hi. Actually that one isn’t actually a bug. After you get the prologue page that tells you a little about your future you, you go back to the present scene on New Years Day. It’s sort of like a small bonus scene.

Thanks very much for the feedback!

No worries, I know the part you mean. I should be able to find it. I’ve been making far too many of those types of bugs.

Thanks very much!

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Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

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This one of the funniest things I’ve read on here. There’s so many funny things I could point out, but I’m just going to say that TEGR’s homepage is wonderful. The student testimonials, the countless email confirmations, the insistent newsletter question, the gibberish Terms and Conditions – it’s exactly how a website like that would be.

I will say that, even though I found it funny, I would remove the spider intro. It’s a stumbling block to the rest of the story and really feels like empty fluff.

Also, the greatest relationship in this story is the one between a verbose MC, our boss who pretends they know more English than they actually know, and their shared love of old movies. I’m actually a bit disappointed I didn’t get an ending with the two of them even if it’s just a platonic one. :laughing:

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