A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 26/01/19) (With Discord Server! post 180)


What a refreshing take on urban fantasy! I liked the demo a lot, the writing style is chaotic, lively and absolutely hilarious. I felt half-lost at the beginning but it fits perfectly with my MC’s confusion at having just woken up and suddenly there’s this spectacled dragon asking very personal questions :smile:

You have a large cast of characters but I didn’t feel overwhelmed because their introductions are paced and rememberable. I still can’t pick a favorite yet, but I really liked HyperLink! I’m not sure why, but she stuck with me.

I also love how we can flirt with pretty much every character we came across :grin: I usually play as shy when it comes to romance, but I couldn’t resist some of those dialogues. My suggestion - especially at the beginning - is that you include more shy flirt options? For the more flustered MCs out there.

One thing I always like is when there are pre-determined names to choose from. It’s not a big thing, of course, but the names the author chooses usually fit the narrative, and it gives me a sense of the vibe the world is set into (plus, most of the time I’m lazy and don’t feel like typing lol). I know New York is pretty self-explanatory, however.

Looking at the paths you have planned, I can see this is a very ambitious project! Best of luck, and I’m looking forward to future updates :slight_smile:



So here’s just a general update both on where we currently are at in the prologue and the detective update:

The Prologue: Yep! The prologue is long as hell :joy: But where are we truly at in the prologue and when will we get to a ‘true’ chapter?

Now in my honest opinion, I expect the prologue to be at least 120k words from when I finish it, it’s a rough estimate, but from what I currently have, it’s heading that direction. Now story-wise, the prologue is nearing 50% completion, with it reaching 50% after the detective update is done. The sections left before reaching ‘January’ (chapter one) are: The Assassins, The Gang, The Drivers and the Big Social Update

The Detective Update: Currently, I’m 80% done with the ‘Test’ portion of the update and am soon approaching the ‘exploration’ section. Yes, there is 60 choices in that test in total, it was really painful to think of but I managed through :joy:

Also thanks @Anathema for enjoying my stuff and suggesting some stuff! :grin: Will see if I can get my writing brain going and implement some default names.

But while y’all wait for the update: play @Anathema’s WiP ‘The Golden Rose’, @peaches WiP ‘Roots’ and @SmolPirate WiP ‘The Vanishing Project’! They’re all fantastic authors and deserve recognition!

Also here’s a reminder play @Rebelgirl’s “Supernatural in New York” because it’s still on of the greatest WiPs I’ve ever played

P.S. the release of the ‘A Regular Life in New York’ discord server may come… oooh spooky ominous noises



Wow, just wow. Sweet baby Jesus. Wow. That’s amazing. :exploding_head:
Looking forward to this.

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Thank you! :heart_eyes:

I’ve been taking screenshots of typos (mostly switches between present and past tense) but I’ll post them when I finish. It’s a slow read because exams started.

I’m enjoying the game so far, it’s really funny. I like playing as quarter animal, especially quarter fox.

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Happy 20 days late anniversary to 'A Regular Life in New York"!

In celebration of this very late (XD) celebration, I have finally uploaded the ‘detective update’ after this long period of waiting! And it didn’t take me more than two months :laughing: This actually the longest update wordwise with a total of around 30k words with code, bringing the whole game to a whopping 90k in total (with code) :tada:

Anyways, just another reminder to visit my tumblr for posts about me messing and joking around with authors, I’m always open to questions!

Anyways, enjoy this update and thank y’all for being patient :smile:

(The next update will be a minor update, including more options when interacting with Jumaz, Nii and Wulff, some extra shy options in the beginning as recommended by @Anathema and an added ‘Deers’ option for the species, I wonder who may have inspired this cough @peaches cough)

  • Added some preset names for those who don’t wanna write their own names

  • Added the detective test

  • Added the detective exploration scene

  • Added a bit of the opening for the Assassins update

  • There’s currently two out of eight moments where you can unlock a secret date for ROs characters in the future chapters, can you find them?



I am honored :heart:


A small oversight after the interrogation

If you’re horrible at this job and end up with a negative score the game skips reactions which cause a weird jump between scenes:



Problem should be fixed, would recommend and appreciate if someone could check that out :grin:

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I like how we get the options to explore. Sucks that we can’t romance Yomiel, but wouldn’t that make him… MC’s other dad? Since MC is Dragon-Scientist’s creation, that’s make him as MC’s dad.


different pronoun, she/her MC.

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Yep! If you decide to view Drago and Yomiel as parents instead of just random creators or friends or even enemies. Ain’t gonna stop people from wanting to romance them XD

Thanks for finding those! Should be fixed now!

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Oh lookie lookie! That new update came out a few weeks ago and there’s new characters! Y’know what that means…

Favourite Character Poll!:

  • Dragon Scientist
  • Yomiel Tzar
  • Troy Moonlight
  • HyperLink
  • Romancia Giovanni
  • Nii Chania
  • Jumaz Torres
  • Wulff Bronzell
  • Redn Devoni
  • Kino Venti
  • Graves Ferninad
  • Yanziel Tiger

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On another note:
So I haven’t been able to make much progress recently, and that’s mainly due to school, I’m trying to find time whenever I can to slowly build up the next minor update. so don’t worry! Thank you all for being patient.



Hyperlink ftw!



Hey, im just wondering can mc romance kino please…??? Cuz I love him at the first read(?) Bout him

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Glad to know you love that wholesome lil wolf lupinethrope detective :laughing:

Unfortunately, Kino is not a planned RO route, he already has a boyfriend I’m afraid :pensive: However, there are still planned ‘mini-romantic’ moments with the non-ROs though!

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Just a small little update regarding my work:

Yeahhhhhh… I haven’t been able to work on aRLiNY for a while, sorry!

Now as I said before, the main reason for this is because of school and stuff, I’ve been focusing mainly on that and I’ve been getting majorly tired from doing it as well so I unfortunately didn’t find much time to work.

However! I’m trying to start my work up again and I hope to get at least a minor update up!

Also… my birthday is in 10 days and I’m slightly worried! Now I will be officially 15! :birthday:



I want to punch that grabby fucker Jumaz in the balls.



This is a little suggestion about the crude detail of the game. Why dont just make a little choice at the start of the game for playing a “censored” version of the game. I can understand some people beeing a little troubled by the detail, but take this example lightly. The Griffin or even better the South Park series is quite provocative and crude on some topics, but that what make the show hilarious.

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I’m sorry if somebody already mentioned this, I promise I tried looking through the comments to see if I could find it. On the first page, you spelled what I assume to be khaki as kakhie.

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I’m enjoying the anime-ish humour and pacing. This was unexpectedly fun to play.

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Hey hey! Great news, that discord server is up and running!

If you wanna join, here’s the link (I will be also putting it in the main post as well!): https://discord.gg/e936Rag (please read the rules of course and have fun!)

Anyways, lets respond to some stuff!:

There’s a main reason I don’t really censor the crude nature of the game, it’s mainly due to the fact that this is my main type of humour, I’m brash and out-there with this type of humour. As said in your post, this is what makes the overall humour of the game, making it ‘funny’. Also, trying to censor the plethora of tongue-in-cheek jokes in the game right now would be a giant pain! Though, once again, there are parts I’m considering allowing choices for ‘skipping’ or ‘lowering in bad taste’, such as the beginning, the section.

Whoops! Thanks for that! Will get it fixed when I’m on my writing computer!

Thanks so much! Glad my anime influence paid off XD. Also glad it exceeded your expectations!