A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 26/01/19) (With Discord Server! post 180)


I’m not the best with grammar so sorry if that was not a grammar mistake I’ve just never seen it said like that.

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Oh yeah and random thing, it is sort of immersion breaking when DS mentioned that Avians are restricted of flying since well, not all birds fly. I guess its cause I’m one of the few that felt like playing a Chicken lupinethrope cause why not haha.

Regarding animal species though that I thought would be great to roleplay as, including those that I requested above:

Amphibians (salamanders, newts, frogs, etc. Personally I’d love to play as an Axoltol, no idea if I spelledthat right)
Sea Creatures (including other fishes, marine mammals, mollusks, etc. I thought it’ll be easier to code if you encompassed it like that)
Insects and Arcahnids (Maybe with a joke about how creepy looking you are haha)
Mammals (Other than canines and felines, who here wants to play as a Werebat? Or a Werekangaroo? Cause why not?! Lol)
Fowls? (I might want to play as a penguin, cause like I said, not all birds fly, but eh maybe this’ll be way too much simillar to Avians)

I might be forgetting some species but those are all that’s on the top of my head. Though, this is a lot so I don’t expect you to add everything since personally I just like playing silly characters.



New York City? Thank God, I was worried you meant a ‘regular’ life in up-state New York, and I don’t think the world could handle that much boredom.

I have one actual question about the game though, is “Dense” really the best contrast for “Flirty”? Usually when I hear people get called dense it’s more along the lines of dumb, and I don’t think it’s particularly fair to call people dumb because they don’t try to get in the pants of everyone they meet.



When choosing this option a error pops up

Well I at least have someone to depend on," you smile widely.

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Honestly, it’s because of the “insert text” option for the cats that I decided to not have my character be a quarter domestic cat… I just don’t know some of (most of) their breed names, so I ended up choosing a fox :sweat_smile:.

That’s actually a Digimon! :joy:

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Found an error:

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This was really good! A few MINOR grammar errors but I am really looking forward to more!



I love seeing lgbtq representation in stories



It’s interesting can’t wait for more

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Can’t wait for the next update.



Time to edit that DS statement! Totally forgot people would become a chicken species, so time to fix the immersion. :sweat_smile:

Amphibians, sea creatures and insects/arachnids will be added in the next update. Mammals is kind of too broad, I can’t really predict what people might pick so I can’t really add them (as I have to put reactionary and extra choices for each species, requiring me to get a general gist of an animal). Fowls is similar to avians but I’ll make avians into Avians/Fowls. Thanks for the suggestions regardless! :grin:

If I ever decide to include up-state New York, I’ll try to make it as crazy as possible just to make the area sound interesting. :sunglasses: About the dense statement, I was watching a comedy sketch about a dense anime character and a flirty demon, so I must’ve messed-up and thought they were opposites. :sweat_smile: Thanks for pointing that out though, Modest was my 2nd choice to be the opposite to flirty so I’ll change the stat to show this!

I really don’t have the time and effort to write a billion breeds of cats, even if I did, I would probably miss one anyways! :laughing: So I just decided to let the player have freedom, they can even go rogue and call a cat a ‘dog’.

Hope you’re ready for more, as there is a two other gay couples in this as well, won’t spoil who though :zipper_mouth_face:

@Terrell_Williams @eiffergoth Thanks for the bug reports! Will get those fixed soon. EDIT: Bugs should be fixed now.

@Nomad33810 @Harley_Robin_Evans @FutbolDude21586 Thanks for playing and supporting the demo!

Stay tuned! Update most likely coming in 1 to 3 days



Hmmm… Well, the idea seems really cool and I am intrigued to play!!

However! I got bored just by talking to the scientist. A little too many clicks and I kinda didn’t like the fact that you had to go through every single choice before you got to go to the next scene. I also noticed that when I wanted to re-ask what a Quarter-Animal was… I could not go back to that choice and re-read the description. I think that should be implemented to the important questions like that, and the choice to skip over some unnecessarity choices like, “You’re crazy or you’re so interesting and cool!” Anyway, that is just my opinion :slight_smile:

Also! If you have the ability to name your character, I also think that character should have a last name? Or would this be a choice later on in the story?

One last thing… the relationship setting seems cool, but also maybe list your RO’s in your description- that way letting players know which characters they can romance or not?

Just some friendly suggestions :slight_smile: Good story idea, though!! xD

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Actually, it’s not required to go through every option in the talking scenes, if you pick the last choice in the choice table, you’ll be able to skip that scene.

e.g. choices like:
09%20pm and 19%20pm

If the game isn’t letting you pass the scene, then it must be a bug or something, I’ll have to check the code. Though, I can understand why choices in those scenes look ‘necessary’ to select. The dialogue from Dragon Scientist makes it look like he wants you to ask questions (which is more of a recommendation, as some information is needed and some help improve relationships), but you can skip them entirely. You can straight-up not even know about lupinethropes and you’ll still be able to continue the game clueless. :sweat_smile: Thanks for suggesting that the important questions to be accessible! I’ll change that as soon as possible to allow people to re-read vital info. :grin:

At the end of the prologue (the current demo is the pre-prologue), you’ll be able to pick your last name, as it marks the shift of the mc being independent.

I was on-the-fence on whether to include the descriptions now or later (considering no RO’s have been introduced) but I came up with a compromise, once I’m done with 1/4th of the prologue introductions, I’ll write descriptions of the current characters introduced. Mainly because I don’t want people to be disappointed when the demo ends and they don’t get to meet the characters that have been described. :sweat_smile: But the demo might be updated soon, so I’ll get to writing! :grin: Edit: Decided to do the characters that are currently in the playable demo

Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate it! :grin:



Hello! Sorry if I keep suggesting species since I am way too into zoology at times, and thanks for finding my suggestions interesting! :smiley:

Sorry if I am once again going to add to the pile since I do understane the word count and the choices is getting way too broad and I honestly don’t believe more of my suggestions should be prioritize in the next update. I just thought it was just worth suggesting since I believe some other people are interested in playing certain species, and its just good to let some of my ideas out there.

So if mammals cannot be implemented, maybe just seperate them into subsets of mammals? Pretty broad ones like maybe, Equine (Horses, Zebras, and… are Camels and Lammas/Alpaccas equine? I forgot) and BEARS! (This I believe people would WANT implemented, who wants to play as a a panda?), and Rodents? (Is there one for Rats and Hamsters yet?), Primates (Be a friggin Saiyan literally), Farm animals? (Maybe just have a comment about farms since this is very broad, but its the only way i thought of to be able to play as a Ram and a Bull), and um… Marsupials? (Kangaroos and Koalas)

Well as for me, really the only animals that I personally would like is a Bat amd a Platypus, but that’s just my own personal taste and I really don’t think you should add ALL OF THIS! I do believe having this many choices could affect your word count badly so please take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Plus it does call to question whether you’d prefer that the species creation have more variety or more depth, so literally spelling out broad categories of mammals could be too much and I see that. So yeah, once again I apologize for the bother.



Don’t apologise! :laughing: I’m honestly kind of amazed by the fact of how much potential animal types I left out :dizzy_face: , but before I do any ‘this is what I’m doing in the demo’ I’ll just give my opinions on the animals.

Equine - has potential, not personally interested in equines though.
Bears - I love bears, could be a huge advantage for the ‘strength’ players.
Rodents - Hamsters and rats are cute, but the cats, foxes and dogs are (ability-wise) superior.
Primates - Made a joke about them in the demo, they’ll cause a black hole if mentioned in-universe.
Farm animals - we’ve got dem dogs, birbs, cats (they count right?), bunnies and foxes. Cows/Bulls and Rams don’t have anything ability-wise that’s interesting to me.
Marsupials - It hits me hard as I’m Australian, but their abilities kind of suck.

Alright time to answer questions. When I started the idea, the main point of having the extra customisations was mainly for cosmetic purposes and reactionary extra. So in a way, the species creation is mainly variety then depth (if it was depth, I would die from all the options). :dizzy_face: Additionally, I also take animal abilities to account as well. I accepted insects and arachnids as their abilities could be interesting (multiple limbs and maybe a poison/venom factor). So that’s my thought process.

Does that mean I don’t consider more options? Of course not! If I’m in a good mood or am fine with the extra word count, I’ll add another species for the sake of it. :grin:

Also: If you input “Bat” on the input text for the Avian/Fowl option next update, you might get a small gag joke.

Anyways, thanks for the large amount of suggestions! :grin:



I’m not sure if this has been asked or not but will we be able to stay and be his lab assistant?



One of the main routes is the ‘Scientist’ route, so yes!

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What would be the other routes?

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There are 6 planned routes: The Scientist Route, The Detective Route, The Gang/Mobster Route (also known as the Criminal Route), The Driver Route (Street Races and Getaway), The Assassin Route and most importantly… the Chef Route



Wait… I can just cook and let all the rest there? I love it! Jus seeing what I’m going to make… :heart_eyes: