A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 25/12/18) (Minor Update Post 152)



What a refreshing take on urban fantasy! I liked the demo a lot, the writing style is chaotic, lively and absolutely hilarious. I felt half-lost at the beginning but it fits perfectly with my MC’s confusion at having just woken up and suddenly there’s this spectacled dragon asking very personal questions :smile:

You have a large cast of characters but I didn’t feel overwhelmed because their introductions are paced and rememberable. I still can’t pick a favorite yet, but I really liked HyperLink! I’m not sure why, but she stuck with me.

I also love how we can flirt with pretty much every character we came across :grin: I usually play as shy when it comes to romance, but I couldn’t resist some of those dialogues. My suggestion - especially at the beginning - is that you include more shy flirt options? For the more flustered MCs out there.

One thing I always like is when there are pre-determined names to choose from. It’s not a big thing, of course, but the names the author chooses usually fit the narrative, and it gives me a sense of the vibe the world is set into (plus, most of the time I’m lazy and don’t feel like typing lol). I know New York is pretty self-explanatory, however.

Looking at the paths you have planned, I can see this is a very ambitious project! Best of luck, and I’m looking forward to future updates :slight_smile:


So here’s just a general update both on where we currently are at in the prologue and the detective update:

The Prologue: Yep! The prologue is long as hell :joy: But where are we truly at in the prologue and when will we get to a ‘true’ chapter?

Now in my honest opinion, I expect the prologue to be at least 120k words from when I finish it, it’s a rough estimate, but from what I currently have, it’s heading that direction. Now story-wise, the prologue is nearing 50% completion, with it reaching 50% after the detective update is done. The sections left before reaching ‘January’ (chapter one) are: The Assassins, The Gang, The Drivers and the Big Social Update

The Detective Update: Currently, I’m 80% done with the ‘Test’ portion of the update and am soon approaching the ‘exploration’ section. Yes, there is 60 choices in that test in total, it was really painful to think of but I managed through :joy:

Also thanks @Anathema for enjoying my stuff and suggesting some stuff! :grin: Will see if I can get my writing brain going and implement some default names.

But while y’all wait for the update: play @Anathema’s WiP ‘The Golden Rose’, @peaches WiP ‘Roots’ and @SmolPirate WiP ‘The Vanishing Project’! They’re all fantastic authors and deserve recognition!

Also here’s a reminder play @Rebelgirl’s “Supernatural in New York” because it’s still on of the greatest WiPs I’ve ever played

P.S. the release of the ‘A Regular Life in New York’ discord server may come… oooh spooky ominous noises


Wow, just wow. Sweet baby Jesus. Wow. That’s amazing. :exploding_head:
Looking forward to this.


Thank you! :heart_eyes:

I’ve been taking screenshots of typos (mostly switches between present and past tense) but I’ll post them when I finish. It’s a slow read because exams started.

I’m enjoying the game so far, it’s really funny. I like playing as quarter animal, especially quarter fox.