A quick question about ChoiceScript

Ok so am new to all this so this has probably been asked before. Anyway I was wondering if there are rules for making money by making games out of choice script. Do we have to sell our creations on the choice of games website or can we try and sell the game our self’s.
And yes I looked on the hosted games page contracts thing on the main site but all that says is if I want to become a writer for them. Anyway,

Am just curious because I am new so any answers on this would be great as me and a friend or working on a project.


The page you’re looking for is the ‘We’re looking for writers’ one, which you can find here:

In your case, just skip straight ahead to the bit below Writing for Hosted Games.

The ChoiceScript programming language is property of Choice of Games, so you’re not allowed to make money with it in any way without the company’s permission.


If you sell the game yourself you have to pay Choice of Games 25%
If they sell it for you they pay you 25%
Either way I believe you need to sign a contract.

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Ok thanks guys! Thought you coudnt so thanks for the help. All I saw was the become a writer for them. Thought they might have been other ways to do things. Anyway thanks again.

The “if you sell it yourself you pay them 25%” option isn’t actually on the “we’re looking for writers” page, but it is in the FAQ:

Look for “Q) How can I publish my game on my own and make money? Can I release directly on the iOS App Store, for example?”

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