A question about saves


I just recently bought Waywalkers pt. 2 for my iPhone.I wanted to save a character I’d created and port over to the second part.It asked for my email address and a save file name.I did both of these things and when I loaded up the game my save wasn’t there at all.So what happened?Please help.


Please help



That sounds like a bug. There should be a support e-mail mentioned in the app if you e-mail them and they should be able to help better.


I didn’t se any sort of email so where would it be normally in a Choice of games app?


its normally at the bottom of the page.


try sending an e-mail to that address (I’ve replaced @ and . with the words sp bots can’t pick it up.


It could be that your email was spelled incorrectly. Or you could play through and save it.


But I tried to do that.At the end of the first game it asked me for a save name and I’m sure I typed in my email address right.But when I got to the second game,it didn’t show up at all.


I’ll try that Nocturnal.Do you mean at the main menu?


It didn’t work.I just when through a round of Waywalkers 1,named my save Arien,and sent my email address.Went I went to Waywalkers 2,I tried to download my saves and the only one I saw was named Misha.