A Prophecy Undone (WIP) (10/May: new scene added, 90k words)

It might not work because I don’t know ChoiceScript and the way your check works but it seems the roll and result are executed together so first making the roll and then going to a separate passage could solve it? By that I mean something like:

# make the roll
*label outcome or *goto outcome
    *if roll = sucess

In Breach: The Archangel there is a system for rolls but not sure if it would be comparable or if there are available resources for roll checks

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Unfortunately, it’s a known issue and not something you can do a lot about, maybe aside from putting a page between a roll and matching it to the outcome (I saw that solution somewhere). As for Maxim’s system, I had a thread somewhere where he laid down how to make (a somewhat complicated) dice roll system. But I don’t think it’s an issue if people cheat.

EDIT: Dice roll mechanics? - #4 by MichaelMaxwell found it

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Adding a *page break after the *rand before the result is shown is a good way to prevent people from going to the show stats page and going back to reroll the dice, because the dice is already rolled when it turns to the next page to show the results.

That being said… I specifically added a cheat code into my game where you can reroll cheats by doing that exact same thing, so… yeah, honestly, it’s up to you as a writer and coder.

EDIT: Also… good luck!


@dawn @saggittarius @MichaelMaxwell Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I tried the page_break method but it seems that it is not working. But I guess that is fine, because I don’t really mind people going to stat page and cheat.

I appended my edited codes below just in case.

*label roll
*rand dice_roll 0 10
*if (display_roll = true) and (use_roll = true)
    [You rolled a ${dice_roll}.]
*if use_roll = true
    *if (dice_roll >= target)
        *set state false
    *if dice_roll < target
        *set state true
*if use_roll = false
    *if (difficulty > target )
        *set state false
    *if difficulty <= target
        *set state true

I’m not quite sure how the *page_break works, but it works often when there’s text prior to the page break, so that it doesn’t skip to the next page it reaches that point.

If that doesn’t work then, well, I guess I don’t quite know how else it would work, sorry :sweat_smile:

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Ah, that should explain it! Thank you again for the help :smiley:

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Hmm, could you maybe add an explanation at the beginning for each of the stats (before we make our character), please?

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Done :smiley: Thanks for the reminder, and let me know if the stat explanation is unclear!

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No problem :smiling_face:

Your explanations seem fairly clear for the most part, though I did notice some slight spelling mistakes

Intelligence : A measure of your brilliance. It is the main casting attribute for Arcane Sigils, and it affects checks that test you intuition and logic.”

Willpower : A measure of your common sense. It is the main casting attribute for Divine Sigils, and it affects checks that test you perception and resolve.”

Charm : A measure of your glibness. It is the main casting attribute for some of the Arcane Sigils, and it affects checks that test you ability to persuade and deceive.”

The words in bold should say ‘your’ not ‘you’.


OK, fixed! Should not have worked at mid-night … XD

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Angst, romance, supernatural, royalty, and more! What else could a reader ask for?! On a serious note, I am loving the book so far. It’s well-written, has intriguing characters, and really let’s you get absorbed into the story.


beautifully put :sunny::wolf:


Thank you! I’m glad that you like it. I have a perchance of making the plotline convoluted (for fun). Happy that the plot does what I intend instead of tanking the readability of the story. And I am happy that you find my WIP well-written - for a non-native speaker, that’s probably the highest praise I can receive!


So, I just updated chapter 5, adding about 20k words to the story. There might be some bugs in the code, and I will fix them gradually during the next few days.

In this chapter, you can:

  • Meet Mori, the mysterious envoy from the North.
  • Tell Ateus to bugger off (basically, a chance to switch your allegiance).
  • Ally with Ulfric (finally!)
  • Annoy the Hand and learn their secrets (Hint: it is pretty counter-intuitive)
  • Two kiss scenes from 2 different ROs!

I will post a poll below. It is a spoiler but I need that to see which route I should focus on first. This chapter creates a major branching point that exponentially increases the complexity of future chapters.


Here’s the poll:

  • Mori Lives
  • Mori Dies

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Thanks, should be fixed. But the old saves are probably broken in this update.


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I am not able to play the new demo


Okay, the chapter ends after the mercenary runs out from the tavern, i havnt met Wolfy (Ulfric):confused: :wolf: Whether the meeting is to take place before or after the tavern scene ?