A place to talk about your day/anything else


Hey, this is just here so that people can come together to help each other, talk, give advice if needed, and have fun.


Sounds kind of like the “Why are you feeling” thread but I’ll bite. Just spent five hours discussing philosophy with my flatmates who were all high as the sky and I think I might have a contact high but it was really relaxing and now I just feel super sleepy and may or may not be about to have an existential crisis.


Its been about a day, how did that go?


Sitting here on break from work, wondering when ill finally start writing my own CoG. Seems lately that I cant bring myself to start and its starting to cut into what I think about regardless of where I am.


Had a minor existential crisis about whether or not I exist but better now. If I get this bad off a contact high remind me to never actually smoke weed.


Well, honestly just give it a shot! I’m sure you would be great!


I mean I know I wouldnt again. I’ve experienced… a lot of seizures and a lot of the symptoms i had right before passing out, I experiemced when high. So you can probably understamd my confusion on the topic of it making you “relaxed”

Im glad your crisis is averted though.


Honestly? Thank you. It’s great to hear a motivational piece, regardless of size, come from something that isn’t a big text post to the public saying “you can do it!”. Saying it person to person is a lot more effective because its personal, in my opinion. Needless to say I appreciate it, GamerDude.


I’ve seen so many people give up just because they don’t think they can do it. :sweat:
I would rather not have what I think will be good not even be started.