A Place for Everyone New


I also used to be like that on the forum. :slight_smile:


but why? if you like a forum post in it give your opinion and know that people what sense have lurk without opine. give your opinion make friends learn languages.

So lurkers please post here talk with Mara and the triple post killer owl here.
We love knew people and I don’t want poison I promise


What type of nickname is this (triple post killer owl). This forum is loaded with creepy nicknames.


sorry if I offended you @SmartKid737 it’s really difficult remember or write nick with capitals and numbers in my iPhone so I tent to write bad or put nicks but never like an insult sorry I’ll try to remember yours I promise.


That’s not what I meant. You did not offend me but I am only saying that there a lot of nicknames here. Where do you come up with them. But call me the (wise owl).


oh is easy put nicks :-)) I only see what people write or picture or part of the name
Wise owl :-? looks more a sleppy owl to me :slight_smile: so you are the wise sleepy owl


Wise Sleepy Owl has an idea. I know a friend who is new here. I will tell him about this thread. His name is @blaze007 . I will tell him (TOMORROW). We go to the same school.


ok cool this way we could welcome him to the forum family.


We’re quite a tight-knit community.


Kinda. There’s no cliques yet, though when there are I’m sure I’ll leave. I really can’t enjoy communities with mini pack groups.


We do give titles to regular members, like Mara with her posion!


The void assassin



and niyat cat who wants be a pc maybe to eat a mouse? :-))


1 problem, how do we get this thread at the top so people can easily find it. We would need a lot of comments to do that… :frowning:


yeah that’s the problem wise sleepy owl people new is shy so don’t post so this don’t have future except moderators do something or a new post fixed but I don’t think so…


Im on it






Lol, Spam blocked.