A New World: Adventure Awaits! Beta Testers Needed

Lol it’s more the question of how it got to level 4 in the first place, and I imagine having enhanced taste in that situation is :cold_face:

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Alright found two more typos. I played as a girl this play through, so on the second image there is a pronoun error.

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Ohhhh…Yeah good point. I guess I have to add that later to explain what exactly caused it.

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Ok I love this story, the first time I read it, it makes me kinda confused so I don’t have any opinion. But after I read it the 2nd time I LOVED it.
I love the humor, it makes me laugh out loud, I really love my MC haha, the flow is good and literally everything is perfect in my opinion :revolving_hearts:

I can’t wait for your next update, good work and stay healthy :clap:

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I’m sorry but is it cool if you tell me why you didn’t understand it the first time? I wanna fic any issues it may have so going forward the read could be more enjoyable for everyone (=v=;)


You know what that means, right?


Cya in a couple days :wink:


Congrats :clap:

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Nah, it’s not about how you wrote it haha sorry, it’s me who kinda distracted when read it at first

The first time I read this, I think, it’s before you add the conversation between MC and that unknown person like the way now(?)
I kinda forgot :sweat_smile: I’m sorry :sob:

But now I REALLY enjoy it so don’t worry about it :laughing:
OH and my favorite interaction is between Leo and MC :cupid: they’re look like siblings already haha

(Sorry about my English, It’s not my first)
GOOD WORK and stay healthy please :clap:

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Thank you!

I’m glad that you’re trying the game

Also you’re english is good so you dont have anything to apologize about. :>

Thanks again! :orange_heart:

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Oi @AJ_Hammada I just started this and I found lots and lots of spelling errors, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors and especially wrong pronouns which are a bother and lol even though I’m feeling too lazy right now to report them, I’m gonna report this cause by now I can’t figure out if the MC is a male or a female (or any other gender :joy_cat::smile_cat::roll_eyes:)…
Most times I’m seeing male pronouns despite playing as a female…
(for example)

I know that this just a work in progress, but please try to fix these, cause like I said I can’t even say what gender I’m playing as at this point…

Eh after a while in female route most time I pronouns I see male pronouns than female pronouns… Tbh, it kinda feels like I’m playing a male gender-locked WiP…

And lol this is a very damn interesting one, especially the sarcasm and the characters are incredible…


Well you see, my friend, that is exactly why I posted this here.

As someone who’s first language isn’t English, I sometimes make mistakes, and in something that is 52K words long, as well as the fact that I’m trying my best to find all those small mistakes, and trying to keep up with college work, looking for a job, dealing with depression, dealing with chores, and just dealing with the world in general as it slowly descends into chaos, I can’t help but make a few mistakes along the way.

So, as this is only a WIP I try my best to, you know, fix what I can while still working on the main story as well as additional options that I didn’t even completely finish so I decided to close them off until I get sometime to work on the little things.

You think you’re the only one who’s lazy, pal? My laziness knows no bounds.

And yet, I’ve been trying to search every nook and cranny of the game to fix any problems with it.

I get that you’re frustrated, and if you can’t enjoy the uncomplete project with all it flaws, then please just wait until I finish the entire thing sometime in the future.

Again, 52K words is A LOT. And not only do I need to read it and make edits along the way, but also try my best to find the best possible flow for these words. Even started playing the game on my free time to try and find any problems.


I’m trying my best. I get that you’re frustrated but give me a break! This is my FIRST work.

If you’re wondering why this issue is persisting, I don’t mind explaining.

Am I always gonna deliver something good? Hell no. But am I working on fixing these issues and dish out the best I can possibly do? Heck yes!

So yeah. Help me find the errors, and I’ll fix them and release the fixed product by next update. Or just…you know…wait.

Either way, I appreciate that you read my work. Believe me no one is more bothered by this than me. My entire point of this game is trying to make a game immersive enough to take you away from the real world if just for a few moments. Hell, I even tried to convey that in the speech the voice gives you in the prologue.

Again, I really do apologize. Not just to you, but anyone trynna play as female and keeps getting these things.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “It’s the tiny things that matter the most.”

Also this is completely random and just a rant from me but I SWEAR TO GOD IM GONNA BURN MY FUCKING BED OR SOAK IT IN INSECTACIDE BECAUSE FUCK BED BUGS!!!



Yeah lol like I mentioned somewhere before…
We’re a new and improved and better evolved species of human, too lazy yet can’t sit still

Try putting it in mid-day sun (lol if it’s possible in your area​:smirk_cat::roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Oi, don’t need to apologise at all, artists of any form and of any calibre (small or big, well-known or not) are great, this was a weirdly interesting one so far…


Lol can’t you sleep literally anywhere other than that bed?!?
:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: I can sleep even while sitting if I have to (but unfortunately only at day times)



I have tried. The best sleep I got was upside down in a fucking car and that honestly the saddest thing I was willing to admit on this thread

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Also, I read your status/biography/whatever its called. Ummmm…yes wtf?

Jesus christ I already found 3 and I’ve only looked for a minute.


:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: that’s hilarious (sorry that this is at your expense)

:roll_eyes::smirk_cat::smiling_imp: what?!?


I am just…a little confused. Are you in a ploy…poli…idk what it’s called. The kind of relationship where there is more than 2 people?

Wrong pronouns?!?
I’ll be brutally honest, at first this WiP was WAY too weird for even a crazy weirdo like me, but this is weirdly entertaining except for those irritating mistakes (exactly like your pet bugs :joy_cat::smirk_cat::smile_cat: sorry bed bugs)

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This thing started as a joke. I just wanted to get more familiar with ChoiceScript. Fast forward a couple of month and here we are. The fire just keeps getting bigger.

But hey. Some are enjoying. Some love the characters. And I love everything about this so I just say lets add in more fuel and see how many more moths we can attract to this dumpster fire XD