A New Guild Master (WIP) Updated 01/07/18 [On Hiatus]



A blacksmith, carpenter, armorer, fletcher, and some other crafts people would be very helpful to a warrior guild


@kingzug Indeed! You’re but a single person, so you’d need to recruit other people. I will be redoing the skills and stats, so the classes will be affected as well


A diety of some kind also when I voted other humans I meant warring with other guilds and institutions


Forgot about higher beings, so that might be interesting. Warring guilds and institutions… Possible.


No update today. Got sick so wasn’t able to write all that much.


No problems, real life trumps games. Even if this was your full time job, health trumps work to an extent.


The demo got me really interested. You kept a light atmosphere to the game while making the characters interesting. That takes some skill. Definitely going to keep an eye on this.


@2xs Thanks! I’ve mostly recovered and back to writing.

@HGoltara Also thanks! Glad to know that my writing style works well, despite it being mostly dialogue.


Late. Night. UPDATE!

New things:

  • Quest branch is out

That’s really it. Unfortunately, it’s not finished yet, even at 5,900 words. I’m surprised. A lot of it still needs to be written, but it’s about a third of the way there (I think). I just wanted to give you all something 'cause it’s been a while since I updated.

Things to do still:

  • The Reidan Quest Path
  • The actual quests
  • More quest options
  • The other paths (Improvement and Recruitment)
  • Start Chapter 1+

Send me all the bugs, suggestions, and comments here or on discord. K thanks. It’s midnight. I’m going to sleep now. Bye.


Really like the new update, it is nice to get more of your great writing!


Who i become crafter? I tried every option but i dont gain the skill to be a crafter.


@Natman1025 Thanks! I fixed the error you typed up. It was a typo in the startup XD

@Reinaldo_Pimentel Right now, the skill system is a little iffy. So I’ve just unlocked all the classes for anyone to choose from. At this point they don’t do a lot for the story.


I have fairy tail feel :heart_eyes:


I have read your work to me love it hope see more


Wow this game seems awesome. Can’t wait to see more


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