A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



It does! And leave me even more excited! I’m going to enjoy seeing what you do with it! Offers a lot or replayability! (Also it has two of my fave weapon choices of a healing staff and a gun so yay!)

Also thank you! Got my fingers crossed.


Progress Update (05/07)

Hello all! Hope you’ve had a good week!

I’m currently almost finished with the Halloween memory rewrites! Once I finish it I’ll probably go back and edit to try and catch any big glaring errors before moving my attention to focus fully on the godly Limbo scenes; after that I’ll be focusing on the MC waking up from Limbo!

Hope you all have a great week!


Progress Update (05/13)

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week and are as excited for the summer as I am!

After getting over the stomach flu, finishing my finals, and handling some other personal business I can honestly say I’m back to writing as much as I’m used to! I’ve been trying to get out at least 500 words a day, including edits and rewrites but not including coding, and so far it’s been a success! I’m finished with the rewriting first draft of the Halloween memory, edited the stats screen, added the height option to the prologue, and added some important coding aspects that are going to come into play later in the story!

I can’t say when the next update is coming, but if I manage to keep up this momentum through the summer it should be coming sooner rather than later!

Thank you all so much for your support! As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and I promise to try to get to them as soon as possible!


Hi o/ first time on this thread. And damm stomach flus, glad you’re better :smiley:

really excited for this game based on what’s been shown in the demo and on tumblr !! (cause scenario asks are :100:emphasized text:+1: hehe)

In regards to the shield though, would we be weilding something else with it? Or just deadly with a shield like a certain marvel character hahaha ? ;D


Progress Update (05/21) + News on an Update

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week!

Because I’m a perfectionist, I’ve gone through and edited and written some new content into the Babysitter Memory! While I haven’t finished the Godly Limbo scenes rewrites, since the Babysitter Memory and the Halloween Memory rewrites and finished I’m going to be updating the demo with them sometime this week! Probably Tuesday, just so I can thoroughly test through each one and make sure that everything runs the way it’s supposed to. I’ve also added in the height options I promised!

See you all later this week!

I was waiting for somebody to make this comparison :sweat_smile: The shield is actually the most versatile of weapon choices without specializing in any particular field offensively. Your character will be learning some complimentary hand-to-hand combat if they pick a shield as their weapon but you’ll also have some broader options during battles. For instance; you’ll be able to pick up discarded weapons on larger battlefields when using a shield and on smaller battlefields you’ll be able to zone your combatants more easily because of how the shield allows the character to take hits the other weapons wouldn’t.

Along with that, each weapons has some pretty cool combos with your Guardians and Patron that I’ve been itching to write. I hope this answered your question!


I’ve already thought of a combo with hemera using the shield like a mirror and blinding your enemy’s with her light .

But I also wanted to ask would the weapons look different based on who our patron god or goddess is ?


First thing I thought of was using the shield like a spring board a la Wonder Woman.

Antiope jump


That or have them be customizable in some way. The patron idea is pretty cool though, and it’d make sense assuming that’s who we get the badge from.


Update (05/28)

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week!

The update of the Halloween and Babysitter memories are live! There’s some new content in each, so be sure to check it out if you have the time! The height options have been added, the stats page has been tweaked just a bit, and I’m still playing around with how to distribute variables for personality in the prologue so please let me know if anything seems off balance!


Had this pop up when I clicked on the Brother option


Fixed! Than you for letting me know!


Both flashbacks were very well done, they do a great job introducing and setting the tone for MC’s relationship with both parents even though you only focus on one. I think the Halloween one is my favorite though, I feel like you get a few more (obvious, at least) tidbits of plot.

Spoilers for update and potential spoilers from Tumblr. Mostly just spitballing theories but better safe than sorry.

So is MC’s mother somehow involved in the more magic side of the world? As someone fully aware of it and capable of using magic, I mean. The tattoo seems pretty magic, at least. It might also be why Caleb seems to see all kinds of fae creatures and maybe how we were able to end up defying fate (though Caleb is kinda the instigator there, too). Because I got the impression from Tumblr that we kinda hijacked Zeus’s artifact.

I’d also be willing to bet that the interest Luis has in the MC’s family comes from mom’s side… I wonder if Luis is somehow related to all the weirdness going on, knowing that.

Anyway I’m very excited to see more and super happy this is going to be a series. :hugs:


i’ve only had caleb for a day and a half but if anything happened to him i would kill everyone in this room and then myself

also some typos


“and you so you” seems strange
shoudn’t it be “you’re attacking”?
“…a bright envelops your senses” i believe a noun is missing
the ice batters
i thought caleb was five during the babysitter flashback?
maybe it’s just me, but “some three weeks ago” sounds strange


Hard same tbh.

And for some reason I keep imagining Caleb as that kid from Up which totally isn’t helping.


AGGHH I was just getting really invested and then it ended! T.T I can’t wait for more


Since you had brought up mother dearest (who I can now say with even more certainty is not getting any parents’ day gift just like the father):

The mother’s mark and overall reaction to Caleb’s claim to seeing a hobgoblin has actually raised great number of suspicions on her from my end…since it seems she may be a lot more aware of the mythological world than she wants to let at the moment.

There was something odd about the way she kept adamantly denying the idea that Caleb. It wasn’t like how a parent dents the existence of the Easter Bunny or Santa: it was as though she wanted to do everything she could to deny the idea of something mythological was at play, to the point of being willing to blaming Caleb. She claims it’s because she truly believes Caleb had caused that action, but I currently don’t buy that (Feels like she has a little more awareness than the father in a sense).

And the whole affair thing seems to be heavily implied at this point even on the mother’s end, so it seems there is a good of truth on the father’s end on that matter. Playing River (who leans heavily on the Stoic side) they actually took note of a lacy unmentionable that was trying to be hidden amongst their mother’s work blouses. And that clearly is something of significance for the mother, since she seemed kind of reactive to the fact that her child clearly took note of that. But here’s the thing: we have yet to figure out why she’s having a affair in the first place. Heck, that magic mark of hers has honestly made me wonder if she’s actually doing this affair to gain some magic related benefit…one that harbors more of cost than a crumbling marriage and disintegrating relationship with her children…if she even has any actual care toward them anymore (Gotta admit, I LOVE how little River could coldly remark that their mother had no right to play the parent card when she was barely around to be a parent to begin with; loved the way the mother was actually stunned silent. Though Duran having the guts to declare that he knew Caleb better than his own mother at that point was an equally great steam release). Again though, that currently makes her actions even worse: because that mean she’s VERY much willing to sacrifice a number of things in her life to gain something she feels is completely worth those losses (if that’s even the reason she’s having a affair to begin with).

Also just putting this out there but…in number of fantasies, runes are often etched on to the skin in a way that seems similar to that of a tattoo. And we know that Luis apparently has a good amount of knowledge of runes himself. Just something to think about.

Best WIP's of 2018

This was pretty good. I’m not all that great being SUPER descriptive in feedback I provide. But nothing really stuck out to me spelling wise that bothered me and the pacing felt okay.

I only have one major issue. Why are chocolate and vanilla the only two flavors of Ice Cream? This is a crime. I demand Strawberry! :strawberry: :rage:


Yep, a lot of the same thoughts crossed my mind, ( including Luis and mom’s mysterious magic tat, 'cause, you know, he really needed to be even creepier)


I don’t know why but I feel like their should be a option in the Halloween flashback to outright claim your mother doesn’t care about you. I know you can insult her as a parent or just be quite but their really isn’t a response to make her feel bad. When I say feel bad I mean like she tears up or tries to comfort you telling you that she loves you or something like that.She just gets angry pretty much no matter what you do which I felt was kind of strange when you stay quite. She just yells at you for no reason pretty much.


How do you get to the Halloween flashback? I haven’t encountered the mother yet.


Go left instead of right.