A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



like this?
very short= shorter tahn everyone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
short=shorter tahn most but one(two?) of the gods is shorter than you :hugs:
average= some are shorter and some are taller than you :slightly_smiling_face:
tall= you’re taller tahn most still shorter than some :face_with_monocle:
very tal= yore taller than all of em youdaretobetallerthangods?:thinking:



Ah damn. I always thought I was average. :frowning:


Then I am “Very Tall” (6’2) even though I’m average height of everyone I know. LOL


I’m on the cusp of being y’all but the tallest average. (5’9 over here)


cries in 1.56 cm




No problem
I had a friend in college that is about your height (and she was older tahn me)
I affectionately called her Imp (she would occasionally claw me out of happiness.)

i guess its 6?
Among my friends im average.



Small suggestion about the title. The Hero has a godly patron, he/she is not a patron of the gods, right?


It’s okay. My friend is 4’7.

I think the heights work fine, although I guess it’s mostly just subjective?


i’m 5’2 which is short for most of the world but tall enough in my country. that could an example of subjectivity in heights.


Are there any restrictions on who we can romance?


Progress Update 04/22

Hello all! Progress has been slow going this weekend as finals approach, but I have started rewrites for the Halloween memory and rewrites for Mercury. Currently only about 1,500 words in, total, for both of these things but I’m making progress.

Slow progress.


But now replies!

I’m not sure if you mean gender restrictions or alignment restrictions, but I’ll answer both! There’s currently no gender restrictions for any of the romances, but there are alignment restrictions for some of them.

The word Patron, in this case, is being used as in “Patronage of the Gods.” Meaning patronage that is being done to the MC.

Have a good week all!


Oh I haven’t been in this thread for a while, what did I miss?
Are there new Hemera scenes?
You throw your trailblazer in park, cursing as some jerk in a mustang comes zipping down the road beside your car and near takes your partially open door off its hinges.
It should be nearly I think


@Frogs Mhm, assuming you’ve not played the updated demo yet, there is a new scene with the actual light of my MC’s life. :heart: :wink:

It takes place in limbo, after the initial Hemera meeting via the amulet. Happy playing!


If you don’t mind can you tell me about the alignment restriction ?


I enjoyed this and I like the writing. Certainly interested. It be nice to see how parent’s divorce affects MC too.
And I would like to be able to change patron later on if possible.
Looking forward to more.


So, first of all, let me say that the character peaks and future scene sneak peaks you give on your tumbler destroy me every time and love it. XD It helped me in my task of procrastinating on studying for exams.

First off, I need to gush and tell you how much I love your writing style it’s very fun and descriptive. Like when you were describing the shop and I quote, the Sinnaroll. I could actually picture them but I didn’t get bored halfway through the read. So that’s to say I greatly enjoy your writing style and keep it up.

Second, your verity of personal choices is fantastic. I’m really hoping when it comes to romantic options in the future you keep this verity relevant. If for nothing else for me to do a run through as an MC who blushes at the drop of a hat. Doesn’t even have to be in the romantic sense. Getting the chance to blush while being the center of attention or getting praised would be great.

I know we haven’t gotten to see whole lot of character growth or establishment yet for most of the cast, but it it’s like anything you do for the scenarios on your Tumbler I’m going to enjoy it greatly. (and I love like all of them, choosing a favorite is going to be HARD)

So in all I love this and I can’t wait to see where you are going to take this story! LIke I’m so curious. And I have a question for you!

If it isn’t a spoiler I know since the MC is human they are going to need Guardians to help them out (and the fact that there is a big red target on Hero’s backs) But will they learn to defend themselves and if so how. LIke are they going to get magic? are they going to learn how to fight with weapons? Are they going to have to got buy curses off Desmond? LIke I’m really curious about how that might work out?

Also good luck on your finals! I feel your pain mine is the week after next and I am not ready.


Hello everyone! I managed to pull myself away from Immanuel Kant’s ethics theories to post a few responses!

Restriction may have been too strong word; it’s more like certain romances will play out differently depending on how the MC reacts to certain situations. For instance, if the MC is dislikes the Gods and the Divine Council then romancing the Godly ROs will be different than if an MC with that same dislike of the Gods romanced Desmond. So it isn’t a restriction so much as it is a complication.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to change your Patron, sorry!

Firstly thank you so much for all your kind words (and good luck on your own finals)!

The MC is definitely going to be learning how to defend themselves; after being sworn in as a Hero they’ll be receiving their badges and choosing the weapon linked to said badges. There’s five choices for weapons; a duel edged sword, a double edged spear, a shield, a pistol, and a staff. All of these weapons have different strengths and playstyles! For instance, the staff is a blunt weapon with healing properties and the pistol is a long ranged weapon that can shoot through magical barriers. They aren’t going to be learning magic in the same sense that Rania learns magic because they’re purely mortal. Hope this helps!


Oye vei! I remember reading that stuff… headaches return with force


Well then…gotta say…I like this very much…can’t wait to hang with the gods and bestest buddy Ares…kek


What kind of magic powers does Hemera have? She didn’t seem to be able to stop the lightning of Zeus