A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



By all accounts, it seems we’re pure mortal.

Mind you, it HAS been mentionned, for example, that at the very least, some of the Patrons and/Guardians might or will put in for us to receive combat training lessons.
So us potentially ACQUIRING the skills/tools/whatnot to be “more” than a “simple” mortal is certainly within the realm of possibility.


coughs uhm…we are the patrons



“I am Horus; and I am your Patron.”

My name is Hemera, Greek Goddess of the Dawn. And your Patron, for as long as I Iive.

Pretty sure the Gods are the ones Patroning( does this word exist?) us.


Wait so “Patron of Gods” is that a collective noun or what?


No but in the title’s case, it’s Patron as in, the Patronage of the Gods. That the Gods are doing to US.
It’s as if you’re saying: I am enjoying the Patron of a local art appreciator for my work.


Ahh…OK… Thanks for clarifying :sweat_smile:
And apologies to Anathema sorry for bugging you unnecessarily :disappointed_relieved:


Does the mc go to college and/or works? How about the other demigods? How old are the demigods?



The new update got me like:


I always like to play the detached, ruthless, apathetic, intimidating type whenever I can. With that in mind:

  • I’d like to be able to choose how I feel about my brother. What if I don’t like him, and never liked him? What if we don’t get along?

  • When we go to the antique store, we’re automatically creeped out by it. I’d like to be able not to be creeped out. Maybe I’m as enthusiastic about creepy stuff as Caleb is?

  • When we meet Desmond, we’re automatically intimidated by him. If it’s not because of his magical/godlike powers (meaning we can’t help how he makes us feel), I’d like to be able to choose how my character feels about him. This is a great chance at stat building, especially the will stat. Maybe I don’t look away when he makes eye contact. What if I’m just as intimidating as he is? We could even have a stare down!


I don’t know, I know the author wrote snippets of the RO’s reactions to an MC who can sing, so now I headcanon my MC as a small time musician personally.


Hello everyone! Thank you all for the feedback you’ve been giving on the update! I’m going to try to address some of the questions I’ve noticed and just giving a general overview of the update and why it is the way it is.

This is going to be addressed more in depth in the game but the short answer is yes! MC goes to college and, as of right now, you’ll be able to select the MC’s job from a few careers.

Demigods that don’t live in the mortal realm are usually given an education from the Pantheon their parent comes from. Demigods who live in the mortal realm are pretty much the same except for the fact that they have the option to get mortal schooling.

I’m going to be making an in-depth character description that includes things like the characters’ ages, looks, parent, and abilities. That will be posted on the official tumblr and I’ll link it here once it’s up!

You’ll be able to choose how you feel about Caleb and you’ll be able to be extremely harsh with him, kind of like the antique shop scene or the scene where the MC and Caleb are talking in the car, and the first flashback scene where Caleb is confiding to the MC at the carnival. But for story purposes Caleb plays an integral role in adding some humanity and being a grounding aspect when the MC is faced with a lot of supernatural mumbo-jumbo. Caleb also plays a larger role in this story than just “Younger sibling.” I hinted at it a bit in the new sibling flashbacks, and in the antique shop. So, while you’ll be able to be harsh and cruel to Caleb on some level a ruthless MC is always going to have to care for some reason; whether it’s they actually for him at some degree or they just don’t want to deal with the trouble that would come with Caleb going missing.

I was saving this for an in story reveal but some many people have asked about it, so I’ll just give a very brief explanation. I’ve talked a little bit about the Weavers and Fate; the reason the MC is so…uncomfortable at the antique shop is that them being there is defying their predetermined fate. All the foreboding, the tension, that’s all a side-effect from a person’s destiny being radically altered. This is going to be explained and explored more in story!

This is partially because of the above, about fate, and partially because of Desmond’s magic and something that will be revealed about the MC later in the story! You’ll be able to choose how you feel about him the next time you meet.

The stats that you’re probably referring, the Physical Traits, all only have four levels. Well, five if you count zero. After this update there’s going to be predetermined “training sessions” where the MC will pick two of their guardians and work on raising two stats. I’ll give a brief rundown of them:
0 = Untrained. Picking options that are tied to stats with this are going to fail.
1 = Below average. After this update, you should have two stats with this ranking when you complete the game. For the beginning, and up until the next training session these will be the highest.
2 = Average. Pretty self explanatory.
3 = Above average.
4 = Godlike.

However, this game won’t be just relying on these stats when it comes to combat. There’s going to be the choice of five possible weapons and your stats don’t play into which weapon you can choose or how effective your are with it; that’s determined by a “weapon proficiency” stat. So, if you choose a gun as your weapon and don’t have high dexterity but you do have high weapon proficiency you’ll still succeed.

That was changed to adapt to the “Compassionate, Ruthless, Apathy” stats that were added and moved to the newest flashbacks!


I like the update a lot, and the new prologue does a great job of keeping the creepiness while also fitting the place.

You have two slightly different versions of looking for the necklace in the antique store, one right after the other. It looks like you were intending to delete one, but didn’t.


Thank you for pointing that out! It was a coding error that I needed to address, it’s fixed now!


That poke on the forehead scene gave me a flashback of Sasuke and Itachi so massive bonus there to my opinion of this WIP, but that aside this project is really good. I can really connect to my MC and feel how he feels which is a rarity, so really well done on this. :blush:


Where is this?? I wanna see it! :open_mouth:



So,it possible to thwart fate? CAn we, later, try to oppose our own ?



Beware the sorrow that comes when challenging fate.

looks gravely at Oedipus


Well, CANON Oedipus anyway.

(Smirks at @Jacic )


You know what…

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Real talk, I want more, definitely something I’ll watch for, the game got me hooked.You did a job at me not desiring/focusing for romance (which is rare). Good job! Really like it!


flies away