A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 05/28)



Best reason to vote for a character.

It actually sounds like Mercury himself may also have a bit of a possessive nature (though it seems to be partly triggered due to how aware he is of the fact that his little hero is a mortal).

It’s certainly sounds like it’d be interesting, especially if someone’s Mortal Hero MC has Raphael as their Patron (much like how some possible interesting reactions could get triggered with Anthony and a MC who has Mercury as their Patron).


Wait, so we can romance Hemera? that’s good to know, veery good.


I picked Nadia to bring back.


Hey all! I’m glad to see so many of you casting votes for one of the ROs to bring back! I’m here with a slight request:

For those of you who haven’t already done it, would you mind telling me a bit about why you chose the possible RO option that you did and why they stood out among the others? You can post it on here or send me an ask via Tumblr! This info can remain completely confidential if you’d like it to, but ultimately I’m going to be using it to determine what attracts people to cetrain characters and what makes people shy away from other characters. Thanks for your time and have a great day!


I went with Nadia simply because I’m a straight guy, a devout Christian, and I find the idea of being able to romance Lucifer’s daughter intriguing. Just another reason why I had wondered if she and Nero would become interchangeable since I’m sure there are plenty of straight girls and gay guys who would like Nero, and lesbian girls for Nadia as well.


Chose Nadia because I really like the idea of courageous, strong women. Plus, she’s Lucifer’s kid yet she has a lot of traits that aren’t commonly associated with Lucifer. It just makes her really interesting and I think it would be amazing to get to know her more.


There were two things that stood out to me about Nero, the first being that he’s one of Lucifer’s Heroes and the second being possessive. The possessive ROs get me every time so it was a no brainer for me, but I think his overall personality would be interesting to explore as an RO which was why I chose him.

Originally I was going to pick Luis, but Nero ultimately won me over.


I chose Luis because apparently I’m drawn to men who are mysterious and brooding. The melancholic personality sold me plus that secret intrigued me more because I’m a fan of enemies(can I call him that?) To lovers and of angst… what is wrong with me wtf



I apologize in advance; this is likely going to be very wordy. :sweat_smile:

Now, as I stated in a previous post, this character is the character I ended up voting for in the end.

Every one of the ROs sound great. But the ones we have at the moment all come with a connection with the mythological Gods or the Angels, hence why I originally narrowed it down to Aurora and Loren. And while I would’ve voted for both of these girls in a heartbeat due to being very curious about the interaction between the Pantheons we already know about and the Fae Court and the Werebeasts, I ended up choosing Loren in the end.

Character-wise, Loren sounds like she might be dealing with interesting dilemmas. She tries actively to live a normal life, but what consists as normal for someone who very existence might be this constant tug between the ties with their beast side and human side? She seems like a kind and serious individual, which makes me even more curious about how she behave when her beast side overpowers the human. I also like the fact she is described as straight-laced and stiff, because it sounds like she might be the type of person who can be a little clumsy when it comes to showing affection to people she cares about (if she thinks too much about it and especially if romantic feelings become involved), but her actions in the end come off as very sincere. And I wonder if she at times slips up and does something that’s considered appropriate for a werejaguar but might be odd to a human. Or if she’s the type to suppress or embrace her werejaguar origins.

There’s also the fact that I’m curious about what the dynamics for a werejaguar pack like. Are they open or closed off to those who aren’t werepanthers or a Werebeasts in general? How do they view mortals? What is her father like and what does it mean to be a leader of the pack? How do they view the Pantheons and how would the pack react to Loren befriending/growing attracted to the oddball of a hero that is the Mortal Hero MC? Also…maybe it’s just me, but right now, I can’t help but imagine that Loren might be the daughter of the Godfather of Werejaguars (it’s probably incorrect, but the very idea amuses me far too much).

And, I will admit, a little of my personal bias did influence my choice. I have a soft spot for shape-shifters, especially those from werebeast origins. I love watching them trying to find a balance between the primal side and their human side. I like how beast origins can at times effect how they how they display the emotions. And I kind of like the idea of cuddling with a giant jaguar and seeing how a werejaguar handles courtship in general.

So I guess the TLDR of this post is: I like shape-shifters, I like Loren’s personality, and she makes me wonder a lot of things.


Preach, my fellow appreciator of women with fire! ^^

However, in the process of writing a small response to your sentiments, I figured I might as well roll into explaining my own thought process, on Nadia but also my other choices. ^^

Upon reflection, I wouldn’t entirely say that Nadia’s traits are unassociable with Lucifer.
After all:

You can’t really say Ol’ Lucy didn’t do some intense stuff, or isn’t an intense dude with what he’s pulled and how. X)

Not stubborn? What else do you call someone who stuck to their guns so much he literally went against GOD, his FATHER, to do it, and is still sticking to his guns, “sinful” as they are, all for all this time later?

I can understand empathy being a bit of an odd one out, but technically, some versions posit that, at least part of his reason for rebelling was due to his belief that the system in place was flawed, and that he knew how to make it better for everyone, but his Father was to “stubborn” to listen. Granted his Pride was the largest driving force of him believing that and refusing to back down.

And again, it takes a certain amount of Courage to rebel against Heaven, His fellow Angels and GOD ALMIGHTY. Again, maybe it was more stubborn Pride than bravery, but sometimes, the difference between the two isn’t quite so cut and clear…

Actually, Lucifer’s Pride (The Sin for which he is the actual Devil) can be attributed to be the driving force behind alot of Lucifer’s actions and behavior, including these very ones. After all, excessive Pride is indeed a sin (and a bad and destructive thing in general) but if alot of important people across History and the world didn’t have SOME Pride to push them forward/keep them going, in some way, shape or form, then I’d think the world would be a very different place. And not necessarily for the better.

All this to say, that Nadia may in fact be alot more similar to her dad than we might first suspect, in that she is Prideful, but she is also much more similar, in that it is that very inkling of Pride that drives her other aspects, but on a much more “human” scale. Certainly, a very interesting angle to think about.

Then my second candidate, Aurora.
Now, I will admit, my primary initial thrust for her would be that she’s the closest thing we’ve gotten to a Celtic representation in this Pantheon-Fest, and dagnabit, I need dose of Celtic in this MythMash! XD

But more seriously, beyond the equally superficial aesthetic pull I have about her having Red hair, gold eyes and dark skin, and explicitly highlighted as being Seductive and Tactful, I’m intrigued about her being associated with the Seelie, IE the “Good” Fae, and yet still giving of the vibe of an Unseelie Femme Fatale. ^^’

Idunno, the contrast is just there for me and it strikes me and I would love to know more. Plus indeed, the fact that’s she’s half-banshee is certainly uncommon and bound to be interesting. Does this technicaly make her half ghost since most interpretations have banshees explicitly as either spirits or the souls of the wrathful dead?
At the very least, it’s bound to make arguing with her a real hoot. One wrong insult and she’ll literally shout your head off. XD

And finally, Loren. Similar to @Okami-Nora , I’m intrigued by her much, much more low-key and indirect connection to all the higher parts of what’s going on, as well as her active endeavoring to distance herself from it even further.
Plus, have to say, WereJAGUAR? Holy cow if I’ve never heard that one before. (Except maybe in Mayan/Incan/Aztec mythology, but I’m unsure)
And I have to admit, I indeed always have a distinct inclination to liking the “simple”, strong and reliable types. And the fact that she’s apparently this DESPITE, or perhaps even IN spite, of all the madness that surrounds and even IS a part of her life? ON TOP of potentially wrestling with her Inner Beast? Major Props.
If not an RO, I can definitely see her and my MC becoming very good friends. Or at least giving it their damned best try!

So, those were the ones I was really juggling to pick. For the others, well…not to be TOO much of a reductionist, but honestly, they all either strike me as either “overdone”, “we already have one/too many of these” or “oh gods please no not another one of THESE characters”. ^^’

Nero rubs me the wrong way of being the classic “dark/dick husbando” bait character that seems to always wip the fangirls and boys into a frenzy. See, at least for a partial example, Gilgamesh from the Fate series.
Pretty boy, dark and brooding, “evil/tortured” roots, can’t respond to ANYTHING simply or sincerely, always either trying to soothe his man-child ego by lording over how smart/elite/much better he is than any other form of life on the planet or burying it under a million layers of passive-aggressive snark…
…WOW I’d never realized just HOW MUCH I’m getting tired of this archetype until just now. ^^'XD
Which incidentally makes me kinda bummed that he seems poised to win this poll by a landslide…(sigh) oh well.

Anthony seems cool, but he, probably intentionally and very smartly, reminds me far too much of Mercury, and since we already HAVE Mercury…yeah, kinda redundant. X)

And Luis… see everything I said about Nero, only instead of a Tsundere Man-Child, he’s a Smug Snake who styles himself the Magnificient Bastard, despite the fact that, in all most likelyhood (unless his immortality covers physical injury as well) practically any of the Guardians, LET ALONE the Patrons, could smoke/smite him in a second the moment his scheming gets brought to light/he inevitably gets too big for his britches. Essentially, a Bishonen, less slimy version of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, or a slightly more effective version of Aizen from Bleach.
No. Thank You. X)

I may probably turn out to be completely off base about these guys, but those are my initial impressions and I’m sticking by what I said. XD

So, TL;DR, who did I end up picking?
…I’m STILL really split among the three girls, but bringing it back down to the fact that all of these characters will still feature in the story, and this is just to determine who will get turned into a full-fledged RO…
I’m going with Nadia. Maybe that’s a bit two-faced of me considering my vitriol against her brother, but hey, from what the creator herself has told us so far, she certainly SOUNDS like a pretty different character than Nero, and if nothing else, I get the impression that any potential “woobie/dark waifu”-ness that she might exhibit will at least be more subtle than a sledgehammer blow, unlike Mr. Dark McEdgeLord Troll The Thousandth over there. XD

Phew. done. Sorry for the novella, but I really wanted to throw my hat into giving you as much comprehensive and (I hope) constructive feedback as possible, and you DID ask, sooo…XD

Cheers everyone, and Good Luck Miss Oli! @Oli_C


I only want Hemera. Enough said. :joy:


Preach. Well, I’m actually firmly split between her and Amaterasu.
But yes. Bright, Strong Ladies who hide Steel Behind Their Silk?

Although, here’s an honest thought I’ve had. I genuinely think it wouldn’t be unlikely or a stretch to think that Hemera and Amaterasu could be or maybe are friends. Or at the very least friendly acquaintances.

Heck, they practically share a domain (Dawn, Sunrise, The Sun), they’re both the Deities most demonstrably empathetic and protective of mortals, barring Guanyin, and I’d be willing to bet Hemera is probably the ONE Greek Goddess Amaterasu can stand and connect with, for multiple reasons.

Idunno, am I crazy and alone in this? @Oli_C Miss Oli, any thoughts?^^


P.S. : And NO, before ANYONE makes the damn jokes, I am NOT solely asking this in the fledgling interest for a potential threesome, you lewd hooligans. Who do you take me for, Mercury?


Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a good day! First, I want to thank everyone who has given me a response for their chosen RO option! Seeing what worked in favor for some characters and what worked against them has given me a lot to think on in terms of how I’m going to be writing up the romances.

You’re quite right, actually! When I first started this project I’d had it planned that the Patrons would come in pairs rather than separately to make it easier to code and add a different element to the story. That idea actually got pretty far before I scrapped it and the pairs for Patrons were: Mercury and Raphael, Guanyin and Horus, and Hemera and Amaterasu!

Those two actually got along really well and were the least combative duo with each other.

Now, I’m here with some news and I think you all might like what it’s about!

All of the potential ROs from the poll are characters I dearly love and if I could I would turn each of them into an RO, but realistically that would just be way too much for a single book with everything else that’s going to come into play. But with that said, I can tell that a lot of you are really interested in the potential female ROs. So, I’m putting up another poll.

Since it’s looking like Nero is going to win the previous poll, and that will add on another male romance option for the story, if you could have one of the potential female ROs which would it be?

  • Aurora Montairo
  • Nadia Delmont
  • Loren Morez

0 voters

I can’t 100% guarantee that I’m going to be able to implement this RO and not get bogged down by the workload, but I’m going to do my best to try! Or, at the very least, the project will take longer to complete.

But that’s it for now, have a good rest of the day!



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- (Record Scratch, Fan Squee Mode disengaged.)

Cough …Ahem :blush:

I am positively over the moon about this!:joy:

Tsukoyomi and Artemis: HEY!
Amaterasu and Hemera: Oh hush the both of you, let them jubilate.

As for rebranding the poll to only consist of only all three of the ladies I was already juggling between…

This does not make my deciding any easier. At All. :rofl:

Note, at the original time of this posting, it seems the rest of the thread agrees with me, seeing as the three are literally neck and neck. ^^

But, I will stick to my guns, Nadia is was, and Nadia it shall remain. For now.

I get the distinct impression this Poll will probably need to be recast some time after we manage to glean a little more about each of these charaters, Miss. X)

Cheers And Warm Tidings To You And All Your Kin!


The pairs idea was scratched though.


The pairs idea yes. Not the notion of Hemera and Amaterasu being friends/friendly being completely founded. ^^


I voted for Aurora because like I said above, I like that she’s fae. I never really seen fae beings as part of a particular mythology so to speak, more like creatures spawned from legends spread throughout a lot of different European folklore. So I’m really interested in how you’ll incorporate them into the game and, by extension, Aurora herself.

As for personality itself… well, I always enjoyed a secretive character that holds their cards close to their chest. I think that makes it a challenge to get close to them - either as friends or lovers - but ultimately it’s that much more rewarding. So even tho I probably won’t play through her romance path, if only one character can be expanded upon, I would like that character to be Aurora.

I like how you wrote a perfectly eloquent and well-thought analysis of all the potential female ROs and then proceeded to completely bash the guys :laughing: Have a little faith, maybe one of them will surprise you.

@Okami-Nora So you send me a hawk to help me forget about the Birdman? You have either a dark sense of humor or just enjoy to see me suffer :cry:


As long as he doesn’t cock block we won’t have a problem.


Aha…yes it did kinda turn out that way, didn’t it…:sweat_smile:

I swear it was not my intention at the onset, but I was and am being nonetheless sincere. I fully admit that what very little we have on any of them may very well result in my being completely wrong (heck, I’d welcome it, as it means we have more awesome characters to interact with), but based purely on this (which is really all ANY of us can do at the moment), Nero and Luis’ characters simply and immediately strikes me as both ones long familiar and one I’ve LONG since grown positively sick of.

Anthony at least seems cool, but again, we already have Mercury, with indication that Hermes himself is going to appear and factor in as well at some point. Three Trickster-Flirts just strikes me as too many at this point.

But again, as you say, we shall see. ^^XD


…Who exactly are you referring in this instance?